Review – Dustin Lynch’s “Where It’s At”

Do I hate this song? Yep, yep. Is this a laundry list song full of bro country clichés? Yep, yep. Have you figured out what’s the most annoying part of this song yet? In between singing something about ball caps and his girl, Dustin Lynch utters “yep, yep.” This happens throughout the song and you will inevitably get it stuck in your head making you beg for mercy that the ear worm leaves your thoughts.

Dustin Lynch came onto the country scene two years ago with his self-titled album release. The biggest single from that album was “Cowboys and Angels” and probably the only time you’ve ever heard of this guy. It was a pretty big hit for him and it was truly a breakout song. It peaked at #2 on the U.S. Billboard Country chart and at #40 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single was also nominated for CMA’s New Artist Single of the Year and CMA’s New Artist Music Video of the Year. He released another single titled “She Cranks My Tractor” which only peaked at #29 on U.S. Billboard Country chart (thankfully because this song is terrible and the remix of it is even worse). The album was certified platinum.

So to keep up his momentum and to stay in the mainstream country spotlight, he released the single “Where It’s At.” The song starts off with a bizarre sound. This bizarre sound is the sound of the guitars being put through a machine and distorting it. Or as the mainstream country artists will tell you, “evolving country music.” Everyone is doing it, including Brad Paisley on his upcoming album. Lynch then begins to sing some of the most forgettable lyrics you will ever hear. To summarize them, it’s a bunch of bro country phrases you probably heard on the previous song you just heard on the radio and will probably hear on the song following this one. The lyrics are boring, dull and overdone. I can see why they added the “yep, yep” to this song because that’s the only way you’ll remember it.

In terms of what the song is about, I got nothing. I have no idea what it’s suppose to be about . Your guess is as good as mine. The writers of this song either forgot to add a theme to this song or they copied and pasted a bunch of lyrics from other songs together. I’m going to say they went with the latter. Throw in your generic mainstream country beat and you get “Where It’s At.” Lynch also uses auto-tune at a few points in this song because it’s an “evolution of country music.”

As far as what was good about this song? Hmm… at least there wasn’t a lot of auto-tune used. There was no dub step or EDM used either. A non-country artist didn’t make an appearance. Lynch also wasn’t wearing the trademark backward baseball cap that bro country artists are famous for wearing on the single’s cover art. So instead of going full bro country he only went 95% bro country. That’s all of the good things I have to say about this song.

“Where It’s At” is rising up both the Billboard and iTunes charts, so expect this song to be a popular hit that plays on radios throughout the summer. Why wouldn’t it since its bro country? Another thing going for Dustin Lynch is the “dreamy factor.” In other words, women and girls want to f*@# him. So that  should translate into a lot of sales for this song.

“Where It’s At” is another generic bro country song that contains one of the most irritating ear worms I have ever heard in a song. It’s bottom of the barrel garbage. I didn’t expect this song to join the Zero Club, but Jerrod Niemann just got some company.

Grade: 0/10 (If it wasn’t for the “yep, yep” this song would’ve got a 1.5)