Top Ten Country Songs – May 2014

The month of May brought a lot of bad country songs, but a lot of great country songs too. Here is Country Perspective’s Top Ten Country Songs in May 2014 (in order):

(Note: Song must be released in May 2014 to be eligible)

Sturgill Simpson’s Metamodern Sounds in Country Music was by far the best country album and perhaps best album in all of music released in May, so it’s no surprise three of his songs made my list. This album will be one of the front-runners for Country Perspective’s Best Album of 2014. The second best country album released in May was Matt Woods’ With Love From Brushy Mountain. I haven’t had a chance to review this album yet, but expect to see a review on this soon. It also landed three songs on the list, so expect high marks for it too. Woods was kind of overshadowed because his album was released the same week as Simpson’s album, but it certainly deserves a lot of praise. With Love From Brushy Mountain will be a contender for Country Perspective’s Best Album of 2014 too.

Two songs from Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison’s new album Our Year made the top ten. This is another album I hope to review soon. It was just released this week. Two songs that round out my top ten list are Zac Brown, Vince Gill and Gregg Allman’s cover of “Midnight Rider” from All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs & Voice of Gregg Allman and Josh Kelley’s new single “Mandolin Rain.” I was hesitant to put “Midnight Rider” on the list because it sounds more rock than country, but this song is too damn good not to get attention. Gill has an amazing guitar solo at the end of the song. Kelley’s “Mandolin Rain” received a good review on here and it was the biggest surprise I found in May.

All in all, May was a pretty good month to be a real country music fan. Lots of great songs and albums worth checking out. June will be hard pressed to top this list.

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