Review – Kacey Musgraves’ “The Trailer Song”

When I first came across Kacey Musgraves last year, I didn’t even bother paying attention. I thought she was just another pop country female artist that wasn’t worth my time. But I was an idiot for doing this. I later found out she was arguably the best artist in mainstream country music and certainly one of the best female artists across the entire genre. I bought Same Trailer, Different Park and enjoyed it thoroughly. While a lot of her songs have some polarizing political messages in them, I love her no-holds barred, sassy attitude. It’s needed when female country artists are so underrepresented on the radio today, something Musgraves is quite aware of. She’s had a whirlwind experience over the last year, as she’s burst onto the scene with Same Trailer, Different Park. It netted her four Grammy nominations and she won two for Best Country Song and Best Country Album. She also won the ACM Award for Album of the Year. Now she’s released her latest single, “The Trailer Song.”

Musgraves has been playing this song at her shows for a while and for some reason was kept off of Same Trailer, Different Park. I don’t understand the reasoning behind this decision, but maybe she wanted to save it for her new album coming out. She debuted it nationally last week on The Tonight Show and was met with positivity from country fans. Musgravess sassy attitude is front and center in “The Trailer Song.” It’s about living next to a nosy, judgmental neighbor and how she should basically just mind her own damn business. I think we can all relate to this. The attitude of this song is established right off the bat with the first line: “Say you’re watching the birds out the window/Well I got a bird you can watch.” Funny and poignant! This is like Musgrave’s “Follow Your Arrow” meeting Pistol Annies’ “Hush Hush” and throwing in even more attitude.

The song is very well-written, balancing the right amount of contempt and humor showed towards the judgmental neighbor. By the end of the song Musgraves just tells the neighbor right off with the line, “Go back to your trailer, you nosy bitch.” The instrumentation in the song is perfect. This is probably the most country song Musgraves had made yet in terms of the instruments used. Many were fearful pop would start to creep into her songs after it was announced she was touring with Katy Perry for select dates this summer. But this should dispel any thoughts of this. Keep in mind she’s also touring with Willie Nelson and Allison Krauss & Union Station. Musgraves has said Krauss is one of her career role models and she appears to be good friend with Katy Perry. So things are going pretty well for Musgraves.

Pretty good first single off what should be a great upcoming album. “The Trailer Song” is another great song from a female country artist. I hope Musgraves, Lee Ann Womack, Sunny Sweeney, Ashley Morgan, Brandy Clark and other great female artists continue making great music and try to bust up the bro country bonanza on country music radio.

Grade: 9/10