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If a song isn’t country, yet has a country label put on it, does it still make it a country song? Apparently to Sam Hunt the answer is yes. Normally I don’t review an EP, but when I came across this piece of work I decided to make an exception to the rule. I don’t understand what the hell is going on with Sam Hunt and his purpose in country music. His debut single, “Leave The Night On,” entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs top ten a couple of weeks ago and even climbed a spot to #9 last week, yet the song is in no shape or form country music. What is the appeal of this guy’s music? I just don’t get it. So I decided to take a look at his newly released EP, X2C, to see if I could better understand this out of nowhere “country” artist (Spoiler alert: It’s really bad). We’ll break it down by song.

(Warning: Graphic Language ahead)

“Leave The Night On” – I already covered this song and this is what I had to say about it:

There is absolutely nothing country about this song. It sounds like something Jason Mraz would sing. And just look at Hunt on the single cover. He looks more dressed to spin music for a night club than sing country music. At least the bro country artists look somewhat country in their stupid backwards baseball caps. The song will either fizzle away in a month’s time or become one of the surprise hits of the summer. Unfortunately it’s the latter. (Click here for full review)

“Ex To See” – This song is a little more country. Just kidding. This is still pop music. I guess light acoustic guitar play in the background qualifies it as country in Hunt’s eyes? This sounds like something Train would sing or some indie pop artist. No, actually this sounds like an acoustic version of a Backstreet Boys song. Nothing in it qualifies it to be country, unless you count the bro country-light lyrics that plague this horrendous song. Does the EP get any better with the third song?

“House Party” – Nope! It’s another generic, party pop song. What the hell is the point of this song or this EP? Again, Sam Hunt this is not a country song! Smash Mouth made music with more substance than this. Thankfully there’s only one more song to go…

“Break Up In A Small Town” – Is this a country song? Fuck no. “But hey he’s singing about a small town! That counts right?” No, it does not gullible bro country fan. I’m sick and tired of hearing about small towns in “country” songs. Maybe that’s why I hated Eric Church’s new album so much. “Break Up In A Small Town” features spoken word in the whole first minute of the song. When Hunt is “singing,” it’s borderline rapping (shitty rapping I may add). There are also synths and electric beats that are laden throughout this song too. I just can’t anymore. Fuck this song.

If this album was labeled as pop music instead of country music, I think I would still hate it because it’s so generic and so blatantly trying to be four hit singles that gullible music fans will eat right up. Sam Hunt’s X2C EP deserves to burn in a deep, dark pit of fire and should be kept as far away as possible from human civilization because these songs sound like they were created by cold, emotionless robots. I wish the reptile aliens made of light in Sturgill Simpson’s “Turtles All The Way Down” would show up, beam these songs up into outer space and shoot them deep into the galaxy never to be found again.

I thought Jerrod Niemann’s album High Noon was going to be the runaway favorite for Country Perspective’s Worst Country Album of 2014, but at least he had a few songs that sounded remotely country. Nothing about Sam Hunt or his music is country. But since this is an EP I guess this doesn’t qualify him for the award, however all four of the songs above are top candidates for Country Perspective’s Worst Country Song of 2014. The full length album comes out later this year and if that whole album is the same as this EP, it will supplant Niemann for worst country album of 2014. I’m not sure if I’m going to review that or not because I never want to hear another Sam Hunt “country” song ever again. X2C is a steaming pile of dog shit that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Grade: 0/10 

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