Review – Gloriana’s “Trouble”

Entertainment will always try to chase successful trends or copy successful ideas to make money and attract audiences. Country music has been no different, especially in the past five years. Before the bro-country invasion, you could argue that Lady Antebellum briefly started a boy-girl singing group phase when they took off with hit singles “Run To You” and “Need You Now.” Whether or not they were designed by their producers to chase Lady Antebellum’s success, pop-country group Gloriana has always appeared to live in the shadow of Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, and Hilary Scott. From two albums, the trio consisting of brothers Tom and Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert (formerly a quartet before Cheyenne Kimball left) have spawned three top-20 singles: their debut single “Wild At Heart” peaked at 15, “Can’t Shake You” at 20, and “(Kissed You) Good Night” stopped at number 2, making it their only top-10 hit. Four other singles released have failed to crack the top-30, and the band has a new single out titled “Trouble.”

“Trouble” kicks off with some banjo and acoustic guitars to create an upbeat, country rock feel. There’s a slight fiddle in the production mix and definite electric guitars. I like the production here. It’s simple, and fits the nice song nicely.  It’s also not quite as polished as you’d expect in a mainstream single nowadays; it feels a little rough around the edges, and it works well with the song.  There’s nice harmony to the vocals in the verses, but Rachel Reinert is leading the way on this one. “Trouble” is a feisty song about a woman scorned. Reinert sings with some great attitude claiming she’s not one to messed with:

If you’re running around, you better run from me
Pack up your bags and get gone, get gone
You wreck my heart, I’ll wreck everything
And anything I can get my hands on
If you lie, lie, lie with those wandering eyes
Better find one hell of a place to hide
If you mess with me, you best believe
That you’re gonna be asking for trouble…. 

It’s a rather overdone topic in country music: I’m a strong woman, and you’re cheating foolishness won’t sit nicely with me. How many times has Miranda Lambert done this type of song? Even Carrie Underwood and The Band Perry have a few of these under their belts. That’s really my only complaint here: “Trouble” doesn’t offer a lot of originality. The lyrics tell a familiar story.  However, Gloriana runs with it and do the best they can with the song.

The thing I like best about this pick for their next single is the melody behind the song: It’s rooted in country with some rock influence. This is a good example of country music finding some modern relevancy in the sound while not abandoning the inherent country elements. With Lady Antebellum going pop and Little Big Town going all out glam rock, Gloriana set themselves apart and try to step out of the shadow of their counterparts by sticking to their roots with “Trouble.” It’s a great stepping-stone to find themselves a larger country audience, especially for fans (like myself) who dislike the direction of Lady A’s and LBT’s newest projects. I would love to see Gloriana expand their storytelling and lyrical content while sticking to this sound with the next album. Sonically, Gloriana have great country roots, and even a little bit of bluegrass capabilities to attract more traditional country audiences. “Trouble” is a worthy example of toeing the modern/traditional line and good lead off single for their eventual next album, but it leaves the listener wanting more.

Grade: 6.5/10

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  1. Raymond March 22, 2015 / 2:24 pm

    I’m so happy with how well this song is doing I’m surprised that it even got Top 30. This songs problem I definitely agree is the lyrics but they offer a lot of sass and energy. The harmonies work perfectly hear. The production makes it sound both traditional and modern for some reason it has some pop elements rock while still keeping to it’s rootsI’m just sad that this song is still doing bad digitally. I’m hoping that radio can welcome these guys back. When I first read the review Derek you made it sound almost like a 7 or 8 range so that’s why I’m little sad with this ranking. If these guys put Rachel in front and do this sound it should appeal critics fans possibly and hopefully radio. Here’s to hoping Gloriana can keep up after this.

    Overall Grade: 8/10. Bland lyrics Killer production harmonies and performance really this is how you represent country without abandoning it inherently I’m looking at you Lady Antebellum.

    Sorry for Late commenting just redound this so figured I’d give my 2 cents.

    Thank you for this review.


    • Derek Hudgin March 22, 2015 / 3:50 pm

      I felt like the story was so overdone with this song that it didn’t really provide anything new. “Gunpowder & Lead” “Before He Cheats” “DONE” all songs of similar theme before it. I didn’t think “Trouble” brought anything new or unique to the table


      • Raymond March 22, 2015 / 4:43 pm

        With me lyrics aren’t always in the front of my concerns. Usually for me I look into the production and vocals which for me Gloriana has always for me excelled in Rachel Reinert in my opinion one of the best singers right now in mainstream she really kills it. For me lyrics aren’t always as big of as a concern case in point with Little Big Town Sober, the lyrics while nothing new aren’t bad. The production and harmonies in that song were top-notch. Anyways back to this song when I read the review it just I feel like with that score there should be another criticism. I really hope this does well Gloriana has spent enough with the pop-country fluff good fluff but hopefully this shows them having more girth finally. You’ve probably heard they’re past material which one of the 2 Rachel or whichever guy it is should lead the group like should Rachel be front and center or I think it’s Mike Gossin


      • Derek Hudgin March 23, 2015 / 8:52 am

        I like some of their earlier stuff. I haven’t listened to it a lot, but I’ve rolled through their discography once and I enjoyed it. But like I said, I just felt like this song was missing something. It left me wanting more, and it doesn’t offer much new or unique to let it stand out, to me, among other songs about an angry woman left hurt by a jerk.

        I think Rachel sings the song well, but I think it’s missing some bite/personality, especially in the chorus. I don’t get the same sort of angry vibe from her as I do from Miranda Lambert in “Gunpowder & Lead.” Take Brandy Clark’s “Stripes.” It’s a revenge story to a cheater, but told with such a great twist of the story. It stands out because it’s fresh, new, and clever. “Trouble” is neither of those things, to me.


      • Raymond March 23, 2015 / 8:59 am

        Yeah listening again they need just a little more bite. Can we both agree that this is though a lot better than what’s right now saturating the charts I will take Gloriana over Lady A any day. Are we in agree acne there.

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  2. Raymond April 19, 2015 / 5:18 pm

    Man I’m hoping this song can hang in for a Top 20 I don’t know why but I have a feeling this will be the last Gloriana song before they’re possibily dropped from their label which stinks cause there more talented than a lot of what mainstream dolls out I mean come on but I’m just gonna keep requesting and hoping somehow this will get a Top 20.


  3. Raymond May 11, 2015 / 1:15 pm

    Man this songs on it’s last legs it’s a shame it could never truly take off looking at the chart these guys are at least like 8th in line for entering the Top 20 Luke Bryan is for sure next ZBB Chris Janson and Thomas Rhett Brett Eldredge would all get in before Gloriana Rascal Flatts is picking the pace back up and looks to pass them soon Eric Church could also as well who knows if Cole Swindell Maddie & Tae catch up with Gloriana by then or if Dustin passes them. So let’s assume their 7th and they hold off Maddie & Tae and Cole Swindell. We would need 7 to 8 Recurrents ok Eric Paslay should fall off any day Dierks will also leave the following week. After that Brad Paisley might Keith/Eric and Tyler will both probably fall off after ways and um well maybe Michael Ray Billy will take aw while Kelsea and Canaan are both in it for the long-long haul maybe Canaan just goes up to #10 soon and that’s it. LBT Brantley Frankie and Blake are clearly here to be the summer songs. Tim and Easton could go after they eventually hit the Top 5 and well Carrie is gonna stay for long while. Now this is all if Gloriana can hold on this week looks to be at #24 it should benefit from the 3 recurrents of Lee ZBB and Sam) but it’s gonna get passed by Eric and Rascal Flatts following week if Eric and Dierks go recurrent it’s only gonna stay put due to Chris Janson and ZBB passing them by then. After that we might see Brad but even then it would just be #24 or #25 depending if Thomas Rhett catches them. The next week Keith Urban and Tyler would then go recurrent and I’d imagine Brad would be done by then by then Brett will pass them so and Thomas by then is for sure gonna stay ahead of them. So maybe #22 to #23 after that well with the album will be out so maybe they’d drop Trouble and move on hard to tell.


  4. Raymond June 12, 2015 / 8:10 am

    Ha Gloriana you’re album sucked I hate it now. You released the only good song it only gets Top 25 and to be honest nothing else will do as well you guys should stop making music together Rachel has star written all over her and should go solo but like usual it will not happen.

    Ranking Mainstream given this sucky album Josh put them in D category scratch that put them in F. At least every other album had a +1 song on it this one didn’t/ They are the worst now I cant handle how much this album burned on me cause there wasn’t much of a hook with the songs the production was all over the place and while the writing wasn’t FGL level it was still awful. Way to go Gloriana I was a fan and now I could care less


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