Garth Brooks Surprises Justin Timberlake Concert, Performs “Friends In Low Places” Together

This past Friday Justin Timberlake had a concert in Nashville. Mid-way through it Timberlake and the crowd were surprisingly joined by Garth Brooks. Together Brooks and Timberlake performed Garth’s 1990 smash hit “Friends In Low Places,” much to the delight of the crowd.


As you can see Garth has embraced social media more lately, joining Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, being active on each. He realized in order to be “hip” with younger listeners he should probably be posting where they’re at. Also to remind everyone he is making music again and that him just appearing isn’t going to impress people. It’s also an interesting move to be performing with Timberlake. Some may just chalk it up to Garth surprising a friend while he was in town, which it may very well be. Or could this be the first hint of a future collaboration?


It would make perfect sense if these two performed together. Both love to entertain and both are good at making money. A Garth and Timberlake song would certainly catch people’s attention. Garth is also desperate to regain his mainstream attention like he had in the 90s and this kind of collaboration could do it. His comeback couldn’t have gone any worse. His album Man Against Machine was good (not great) and he can still sell out concerts at the drop of a hat, but he hasn’t had a lot of success in terms of sales, attention or radio play. I’m sure Garth as well as most of us expected much bigger fanfare with his return. One of the sticking points of this collaboration possibly not working is Garth’s strict anti-iTunes stance. But if I’m on Team Garth I would push for this one single to be released to iTunes because like I said there could be a lot of money made in this deal. It’s something to keep an eye on here in the next year. Remember Garth plans on releasing another album in 2015.

Here’s a video of the performance between Garth and Timberlake. Enjoy it while you can because Garth’s team usually takes these videos down quickly.