Country Perspective’s 2014 Song of the Year Is…

Selecting just one song as the top song of a year is never an easy task. Each artist is different, and many different artists have delivered quality songs worthy of being crowned as the song of the year here at Country Perspective. There were three songs that Josh and I ultimately had this narrowed down to for song of the year. Sturgill Simpson’s “Turtles All The Way Down” defined the best country album of the year with its use of classic country sounds with some modern electronic effects to create a truly unique, and equally great, country song. Karen Jonas’ “Oklahoma Lottery” stood out with her haunting delivery of a family stricken by the hardships of a drought. A topic that’s hardly brushed upon in country music, Karen sells the story and captures the appropriate mood with an incredible blues influenced country production. However, those two songs didn’t quite measure up to the third option. Josh and I both agreed that Country Perspective’s 2014 Song of the Year winner is Tami Neilson’s “Cry Over You.”


Tami Neilson has been compared to Patsy Cline, and rightfully so. She has a strong, captivating voice that grabs your attention from the first note. Her new album, Dynamite!, was another favorite album this year, and this song is the standout of that album. On “Cry Over You,” Neilson covers a great area of vocal notes: dropping to the lower spectrum during the verses and soaring to the higher end on the chorus. More importantly, she comfortably and impressively hits every note she touches. Tami doesn’t stretch herself in an attempt to add extra, unnecessary emphasis. From the first listen, I was sold on this vocal performance.

What makes “Cry Over You” stand out the most from its counterparts is the timeless musical production behind Tami. There’s no attempt to modernize the sound here. “Cry Over You” is a simple, historical recreation of the sound that made country music great. The song could have been released 60 years ago and still not sound out of place. Patsy could have sang this song, so could Tammy Wynette, Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, the list goes on; simply put: “Cry Over You” is timeless, it’s universal, and it’s brilliant. Tami Neilson deserves every accolade she’s been awarded; she continues to release music at the best quality, and “Cry Over You” is the best example of top-notch quality music.


Congratulations to Tami Neilson for recording and releasing “Cry Over You”: Country Perspective’s 2014 Song of the Year!

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