What To Expect From Country Perspective in 2015

Dear Readers of Country Perspective,

First off Happy New Year to you! I can’t believe it’s 2015 already. Time surely flies. As the founder and owner of this site I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about what you can expect from Country Perspective this upcoming year. When I established this site in May of 2014 a lot of people probably didn’t expect much from it. This was just another independent country blog trying to “cash in” on the popularity of country music. Hell I didn’t even think this blog would last this long. I had started blogs before (non-country blogs) and I never really stuck with them. But this blog felt different to me from the beginning. I started this blog out of my love for real country music and I wanted to help spread the word of it alongside the prominent independent country outlets.

As I soon found out after starting this blog, country music journalism isn’t exactly a beacon of honest writing and thoughts. In fact there is a lot of fluff and bullshit articles posted everyday on country music. When I started this blog my mission was to just give an honest fan perspective and I never thought anyone would bother to read my thoughts. In other words my expectations were quite low. I didn’t want to be called a critic because I felt this word had a negative connotation. Over time and realizing people actually care about my thoughts, I guess I’ve become a critic. I also realized this isn’t a negative thing. I’m simply being honest in giving my thoughts on country music and everyone out there is entitled to this whether they have a blog or not. We’re really all critics.

So I’ve come to the realization that Country Perspective is more than just a fan blog, but an honest and true site. This place is being run as an honest and true site now. We’ve expanded beyond just reviews. We’ve done unique features, op-ed pieces, interviews and news pieces in addition to our always honest reviews. 2014 was a great start. Country Perspective is here to stay and I don’t plan on going anywhere. Neither does Derek. We hope in 2015 that we can take this site to the next level.

As for what to expect from Country Perspective in 2015, expect more honest reviews. Expect to see more features, interviews and other unique pieces. Expect some new writers, as I hope to expand this operation. This means even more content in addition to the content you’ve been getting from Derek and me. There might be content from Country Perspective on YouTube in 2015. I might start a weekly podcast. There might be a way you can help support Country Perspective in the future. We don’t make any money off this site and I never really had this intention with it. It won’t be ads I know that! Most importantly you can expect a lot of fantastic country music. By the way you have no idea how much great music we might potentially get over this coming year. I’ll have a post on this soon.

Thank you to everyone who reads and follows Country Perspective. We truly appreciate your support.

Let’s have a great 2015!

– Josh Schott, Founder of Country Perspective

2 thoughts on “What To Expect From Country Perspective in 2015

  1. Zack January 1, 2015 / 1:47 pm

    Wow i can’t believe this only started in April! I enjoy reading this site, there are a ton of sites out there but honestly this site, as well as Saving Country Music (which is how i found you guys), have become sites i vist daily. Thanks to you and Derek for helping to introduce me to the world of underground country! Hope both of you have a Happy New Year, can’t wait to see what 2015 brings

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  2. Cobra January 1, 2015 / 8:33 pm

    Josh, if you and Derek keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Keep it up!
    Happy New Year to you both!

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