Album Review – Darrell Goldman’s The Bed I’ve Made

Goldman Cover

The country music scene in Texas is continuously producing artist after artist and one great song after another. It’s really hard to keep up with everything happening there and you have to stand out in order to be noticed. Today I look at another Texas country artist, Darrell Goldman. He grew up in Houston and is currently playing gigs all across the state. He was also nominated as a November 2014 finalist in the Texas Songwriter U competition by the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Association. On top of this he just released a new album titled The Bed I’ve Made. Let’s take at this decidedly country album.

The album starts off with the song “Hold My Heart.” This song has a 90s country vibe to it. It’s a love song where a man expresses how much he loves his woman. The instrumentation and lyrics are solid all-round. “In This Together” is another love song, except this one isn’t as solid. The lyrics are too light for my taste. The instrumentation is solid again though and I like the inclusion of the harmonica in this song. Goldman’s vocals are good too in this song.

“Lookin’ For Love” is about a man looking for love and he thinks he has found it with one woman. The lyrics are okay and the instrumentation reminds me of the 90s again. I wanted a little bit more of a story with this song that would give it more depth and “meat” for the listener to sink their teeth into. “Gypsy Rose” is about a man who’s in love with a woman he describes as his gypsy rose. The woman isn’t really meant to be loved, but he loves her anyway and believes the best is yet to come. The instrumentation is certainly rock influenced in this song.

Goldman’s best song on the album is “Tears and Loneliness.” This is a heartbreak song about a man whose wife left him for another man and now he’s left to drown in his tears and loneliness. He misses her dearly and doesn’t want to start over. I like the choice of stripped down acoustics on this song because it really sets a somber tone that fits the theme of this song. Another breakup song follows this titled “Point of No Return.” It’s a heartbreak song, but both sides have realized that they’re never getting back together and that they’re both over each other. Neither holds ill will or regret. In fact both seem happy it’s over. The steel guitar and violin go together well on this song.

Following this is the album’s title track. “The Bed I’ve Made” seems to be about a depressed man who doesn’t want to see anybody or anything. He’s a prisoner in his own house, as well as his mind. The lyrics do a good job painting a picture of the situation in the listeners’ heads. The album’s final song, “Between the Lines,” is about a woman who tries to walk the straight and narrow, but she has trouble staying between the lines. The song is basically a story of the woman’s tough life. Goldman’s lyrics do a good job telling a story and describing this woman. It’s a solid, yet unspectacular song.

The Bed I’ve Made is a good album, but not a great album. There isn’t any major problems with it though. What holds it back from being better is there isn’t one standout track on the album and too many songs with a similar theme. The songwriting could be a tad better on a few songs to really drive the story and theme of it. The instrumentation is quite good throughout and I really don’t have any complaints about it. Goldman is obviously a talented artist and showed at times his true potential as a singer-songwriter. If you like Texas country music, you’ll like this album.

Grade: 7.5/10

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