Review – Rachel Timberlake’s “Whiskey Bent Wings”

Rachel Timberlake

The path Rachel Timberlake took up to this point has certainly been interesting. In college she was a basketball player until injuries forced her to give up the sport. She then moved onto teaching, something she still loves until this day. Despite her love for teaching, her ultimate love is to make music.

“I’ve really enjoyed teaching. It’s been a stable, though certainly demanding job, but it’s helped me professionally and personally,” Timberlake said. “When the children in my class have heard about me singing, they’ve been very supportive. While music is something I feel ready for and a challenge that excites me, I’m not just going to toss aside teaching and overlook what it’s done for me.”

Timberlake said her life hasn’t gone has she planned, but she realizes that’s just how it goes. She has a strong faith in God and the full support of her husband as she looks to make it in the world of country music. She’s been touring for over four years with her band on the road playing several hundred shows. But she almost lost it all a few years ago. In late 2013, while heading back from a show in Savannah, Georgia she and her band were hit by a drunk driver. Thankfully nobody was killed or seriously injured, but it forced her and the band to take several months off to not only recover physically, but to replace all of their equipment.

After a tumultuous 2014, they are now back in 2015 with new music. The band is made up of Luke Powers on lead guitar, Jesse Bates on rhythm guitar, Tyler Shaver on drums and Don Coleman on bass guitar. Today I’m taking a look at the first single from Timberlake’s upcoming EP American Made, titled “Whiskey Bent Wings.” This song is actually based on their life-changing accident in 2013.

The song starts off with some smooth guitar licks. Later throughout the song fiddles weave themselves in-between some impressive electric guitar play. Timberlake says she is a blend of southern rock and country and this song certainly proves this to be true. The instrumentation is solid throughout and I have no complaints in this department. Lyrically the song starts out somber and melancholy, then later becomes more uplifting and hopeful. As Timberlake says, the song is “a story dealing with loss, and the potential hope for a brighter day.” She does a good job expressing the two emotions playing at-hand in this song with her vocals and the instrumentation reflects this too.

Another thing I would like to point out that I thought was a good choice by Timberlake and her band is the title of the song, which was written by her and lead guitarist Powers. After reading about Timberlake and her band’s story, this title is so spot-on and shows how personal this song is to them. Great choice of a lead single that powerfully tells their story. Isn’t it nice to know there are country groups out there that sing about alcohol in a non-party manner? You would think there are no ill side effects of it based on mainstream country’s portrayal of alcohol, but as Timberlake reminds us it can definitely have a negative impact.

“Whiskey Bent Wings” is an all-around good song with solid instrumentation that flows nicely with the well-written lyrics. The blending of rock and country elements works well too. I definitely recommend checking out Rachel Timberlake’s “Whiskey Bent Wings.”

Grade: 7.5/10

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