Predictions for Country & American Roots Categories at the 57th Grammy Awards



The biggest music awards show of the year is almost here. The 57th Grammy Awards airs tomorrow night at 8 pm ET on CBS. While I don’t put a lot of weight behind awards validating artists, being recognized by the Grammys for your music is considered one of the highest honors an artist can receive. Unlike country awards shows, the Grammys actually feel like a serious affair instead of just bro country tool bags dancing around and doing hilariously bad sketches. The nominations for the country and American roots categories this year is certainly interesting. These aren’t the worst nominations possible, but they certainly aren’t the best either. Regardless there are some talented artists nominated that are certainly deserving of winning. But will they win? Let’s take a look at the nominations and I’ll let you know who I think will win each. Keep in mind my predictions will probably be more off than on. Predicting these aren’t as easy as the country awards shows.


Best Country Solo Performance 

  • “Give Me Back My Hometown” – Eric Church
  • “Invisible” – Hunter Hayes
  • “Automatic” – Miranda Lambert
  • “Something in the Water” – Carrie Underwood
  • “Cop Car” – Keith Urban


Who I Think Wins: “Something in the Water” because the Grammys seem to like Carrie and this song has been on fire as of late. This song is also most deserving and the Grammys usually award the most deserving of the nominations.

Who I Would Pick to Win: “Something in the Water”

Best Country Duo/Group Performance

  • “Gentle On My Mind” – The Band Perry
  • “Somethin’ Bad” – Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert
  • “Day Drinking” – Little Big Town
  • “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” – Tim McGraw with Faith Hill
  • “Raise ‘Em Up” – Keith Urban with Eric Church

Who I Think Wins: “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” because I’m not sure. I have no idea who wins this one really and I’m just taking a guess. I don’t see Little Big Town or The Band Perry winning. But the other three could all win.

Who I Would Pick to Win: “Gentle On My Mind” because it’s fantastic and so much better than the rest. This is without a doubt my favorite performance ever from The Band Perry. They proved to me on this song that they can make great country music. It’s doubtful to win, but I highly recommend getting this song if you haven’t got it yet.

Best Country Song

  • “American Kids” – Kenny Chesney
  • “Automatic” – Miranda Lambert
  • “Give Me Back My Hometown” – Eric Church
  • “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” – Glen Campbell
  • “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” – Tim McGraw with Faith Hill

Who I Think Wins: “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” because this is not only the clear best of the bunch, but it also has the sentimental vote. Campbell is 100% deserving of the award and the Grammys I’m sure will recognize this.

Who I Would Pick to Win: “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”

Best Country Album

  • Riser – Dierks Bentley
  • The Outsiders – Eric Church
  • 12 Stories – Brandy Clark
  • Platinum – Miranda Lambert
  • The Way I’m Livin’ – Lee Ann Womack

Who I Think Wins: Miranda Lambert’s Platinum because this is the third time she has been nominated for this award and she lost the previous two times to Lady Antebellum and Zac Brown Band. I just don’t see her losing for a third time. The critics have praised this album profusely, it’s had good sales and I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t win.

Who I Would Pick to Win: Lee Ann Womack’s The Way I’m Livin’ because it’s clearly the best album amongst the five. It was one of the top albums across country music in 2014. It was an amazing comeback for an artist that hadn’t made a new record in several years. If there’s one category in country I’m cheering the hardest for an upset, it would be this one.

American Roots

Normally I wouldn’t cover this genre because I’m not familiar enough with it to give a fair prediction and analysis. However if you’re a country music fan that follows the industry closely, you know I exactly why I’m covering the category below. I’m of course referring to Sturgill Simpson being nominated for Best Americana Album when his album was clearly country. Yet last year Jason Isbell should have won this award for Southeastern and he wasn’t even nominated. I digress.

Best Americana Album

  • The River & The Thread – Rosanne Cash
  • Terms of My Surrender – John Hiatt
  • Bluesamericana – Keb’ Mo’
  • A Dotted Line – Nickel Creek
  • Metamodern Sounds in Country Music – Sturgill Simpson

Does Sturgill Simpson Win? 

Well he’s going against a tough field of Americana artists. These are some of the best in that genre and are definitely not slouches. Conventional wisdom says Rosanne Cash wins this award because of the universal praise it has received and the stature of her name. But she’s nominated in other categories and I could easily see her winning those awards (Best American Roots Performance and Best American Roots Song). So I don’t think Cash would win this one too if she wins any of those other awards. Nickel Creek is one of the biggest names in Americana and folk, so they’re another favorite. A Dotted Line however wasn’t as well received from critics as previous albums.

Sturgill Simpson up to this point has defied the odds. Nobody ever dreamed Simpson would make it this far, including Simpson himself. He thought Metamodern Sounds in Country Music had a better chance of bombing than succeeding! Yet the album not only sits in the top ten of the iTunes chart currently (after being released in May 2014), it has also reached top ten status on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart ahead of several marquee names. Simpson has had numerous upsets already, so why not another upset? We’re almost trained now to expect the upset. I think he has a much better chance than we all think. I’m going to say he does the unthinkable again and wins his first Grammy.

Who do you think comes away with gold on Sunday? Be sure to give your predictions below!

2 thoughts on “Predictions for Country & American Roots Categories at the 57th Grammy Awards

  1. Cobra February 8, 2015 / 9:45 am

    I agree with most of your predictions and picks.

    “Something in the Water” will likely win, and I hope that it does. However, I wouldn’t be disappointed if “Give Me Back My Hometown” won.

    “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s will also win, and that would be my personal pick. I think it’s a great song and was a great performance. I hope “Something Bad” doesn’t win, but something tells me of the other four, it’s the only one that has any real chance. “Gentle on My Mind” would also be a very strong choice.

    “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” It’s the only choice for its category. Pure and simple.

    I’m with you in hoping “The Way I’m Livin’” wins the award, but I actually think it’s going to go to “The Outsiders.”

    The “American Roots” one is a bit more difficult for me to predict. Personally, I wish Simpson were nominated up in the “Best Country Album” category, but I do hope it wins in the category it’s in.

    One “American Roots” album I’m a bit disappointed to not see nominated is Dave & Phil Alvin’s “Common Ground.”

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