Watch: Matt Woods Debuts New Music Video for “Ain’t No Living”

Matt Woods released one of the best country albums of 2014 in With Love From Brushy Mountain, which I gave a high recommendation to last year. He’s just released a music video for one of the highlight songs of the album, “Ain’t No Living.” It’s the first music video he’s released since “Deadman’s Blues” in 2013, which received plenty of praise from critics and fans. It was directed by Chris Metts for Goldstream Productions and filmed in Orlando, Florida.

“I truly had a blast working on the video with the Goldstream Productions folks. I want to thank director Chris Metts for taking such care to bring this all to life,” said Woods of the music video.

It’s certainly another great music video from Woods, proving he has an acumen for making videos that bring his songs to life. I thought this really captured the mood of “Ain’t No Living” and enhanced the story of the song. It shows that when Woods releases a music video, you should definitely pay attention.

Woods is now heading out with fellow Southern-rocker Fifth on the Floor for their farewell tour. It kicked off this past week in Birmingham, Alabama. The “Dead Men and Angels Tour” will take place across the east coast and midwest, including major markets Atlanta, New York City and Chicago. For more information, check out his website here.