Review – Josey Milner Covers Patsy Cline Classic “Walkin’ After Midnight”

Josey Milner - Walkin' After Midnight

A day after reviewing Ruthie Collins’ new take on a Hank Williams classic, I look at another up and coming artist covering a classic song. Josey Milner just released a cover of the Patsy Cline classic “Walkin’ After Midnight.” Milner is a 19-year-old artist who just began her music career two years ago. Her debut single “Not Pretty Enough” garnered lots of attention and launched her anti-bullying campaign with Angels and Doves. She was also recently named a Top 20 artist by and her second single “Cowgirls” reached #1 on New Music Weekly.

Milner chose to cover this song because she considers Patsy Cline one of her all-time favorites. She not only wanted to pay homage to the icon, but also bring her own twist to “Walkin’ After Midnight.” It’s certainly a tall task to cover such a popular song. These younger country artists are certainly showing no fear tackling songs from legends. So does Milner do the song justice?

Well she certainly gives her own unique twist on it. While the original version by Cline was slower and more subdued, Milner’s cover is more upbeat and rocking. The instrumentation choice is certainly interesting. I wouldn’t have sped it up so much because one of the appeals of this song is how it has an almost seductive vibe to it. By speeding it up so much it kind of takes this aspect away. However I will say this cover does make the song more dance-able, therefore more appealing to younger listeners. And hey if makes people check out Patsy Cline that’s a great thing. Milner’s voice is good enough and think she has just enough twang in her voice for it to not be annoying. It’s important to keep in mind she’s still young, so it will only get better with age.

This is a good cover of a song that is hard to cover. It’s really difficult to cover these type of songs because the originals are so good. Milner though did a good job not messing with the integrity of the song like Collins did with “Ramblin’ Man.” At the same time she also gave it her own twist and made it unique compared to the original. I’m sure this is just a one time thing for Milner and her next single will be an original song, but I advise to young artists to tread lightly when covering classic songs. More times than not it’s best just to leave the originals be and not cover them. Milner shows good promise though and she pays homage to Patsy in a respectable manner.

Grade: 7/10