Review – Drake White’s “It Feels Good”

It seems inevitable that in recent years, when looking at new or up and coming male acts, we immediately compare them to bro country and the wave of classless, misogynistic party songs. However, newcomer Drake White is not one we can group into that collective. White is signed with Big Machine’s Dot Records, and seems to be an authentic musician and country rocker. White’s first single, “Simple Life” stalled at 36 back in 2013, but he’s back now with a brand new single called “It Feels Good.”

“It Feels Good” starts off with some handclaps and a drum beat. Once the acoustic guitar kicks in, however, this song comes to life. It’s a great acoustic riff that sounds like it came out of an Arabian song. That might not be the proper description, but the guitar in this song certainly carries an original sound and melody. Drake White then adds a harmonica during the song’s solo. The instrumentation and production of this song is awesome. It took me a few listens, and admittedly I disliked it after my initial listen, but it quickly grew on me.

However, lyrically, the song falters. It’s another song about enjoying life’s simple offerings. Laying by the river with your “lady.” White is careful not to say “girl” here. It’s a hot day so they stick their toes in the water. They buy lottery tickets and win enough money to buy a 12-pack. You can kind of see a theme growing here; these lyrics are uninspired and unoriginal, borrowing from themes and scenes from many of country’s summer songs. And how does Drake White like all these simple offerings? “It feels good, good, good. Yes, it feels right, right, right. Oh it feels good, good, good. So, we’re gonna lay back and let it ride.” Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is the chorus of the song. Between the summer theme and more unique composition, I draw a lot of comparisons between this song and the Brothers Osborne “Rum.”

Overall, “It Feels Good” is rather average. I love the instrumentation and melody, but it’s not enough to cover for the tired, cliched lyrics. Drake White does indeed sing this song well, and he sounds like he’s having a blast. As he should, for this is, after all, a good-time, fun-loving country summer jam. I also get a sense that there’s more authenticity to Drake White than many of his counter parts. I like his rock and roll, blues influences on the country sound; it’s definitely something I can buy into. However, the lyrics here just don’t do it for me. I’d want to hear that same sonic creativity make it’s way into the story.

Grade: 5/10

5 thoughts on “Review – Drake White’s “It Feels Good”

  1. Josh Schott March 4, 2015 / 11:30 am

    “They buy lottery tickets and win enough money to buy a 12-pack. You can kind of see a theme growing here; these lyrics are uninspired and unoriginal…”

    As soon as I read this I immediately thought of Brad Paisley’s “River Bank” because that’s the exact theme of that song too. This song is just average and I thought “Simple Life” was better, especially the acoustic version.

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    • Derek Hudgin March 4, 2015 / 3:07 pm

      That’s the exact thought I had, Josh. I shook my head at that

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  2. Scotty J March 4, 2015 / 2:15 pm

    This trend of songs repeating the same three words in a row is one of the saddest examples of the lazy and uninspired songwriting in country music now. This may be even worse than ‘whoa,whoa,whoa’ chant that about 50% of the songs seem to have.

    C’mon how about they at least try a little bit!


  3. Derek Hudgin March 4, 2015 / 3:12 pm

    I can’t stand it either. It’s an annoying trend that’s happening “because that’s what Pop does.” In my opinion, repeated words can work with varying vocal inflections or a trade off between 2 singers or the lead/backing singers. But this monotone repetition doesn’t work


  4. Lezle Mott April 6, 2015 / 4:14 pm

    I don’t care what anyone says…it is a fun and upbeat, foot tapping song that I personally can not get enough of.


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