Review – Frankie Ballard’s “Young & Crazy”

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Frankie Ballard’s sophomore album put him on the map. Sunshine & Whiskey has yielded two number #1 songs on the Country Airplay chart with “Helluva Life” and “Sunshine & Whiskey.” Frankie Ballard has always kept an easy listening sort of vibe with his music while he lyrically cashed in with the bro-country trends. Now Ballard is back with a third single from the hit album. “Young & Crazy” treads away from bro-country, but keeps a rocking, pop country beat with it.

“Young & Crazy” was written by Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley, and Shane McAnally. The song talks about a young guy who expresses a desire to one day settle down, but not before he lets his wilder side come out and play. The story is actually rather positive with some self-awareness about growing up. The second verse kicks off with:

Now I might have to kiss no telling how many lips
Before I ever really figure out what love is.
Go through some heartbreaks, wake up with headaches,
Don’t learn nothing ’til you make a lot of mistakes.

At the end of the day, Frankie Ballard wants to be that old man on the porch, telling stories about his younger self to his grandchildren. He drives the chorus home with “How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise if I ain’t ever young and crazy?”

The production is a rather safe pop/rock country sound with guitars and drums ever-present. There’s no rapping/drum machine pop influence here; you can hear the modern country sound in “Young & Crazy.” However, the safe production doesn’t help the song soar, since it is a rather familiar sound.

Overall, “Young & Crazy” tries to give Frankie Ballard a bit more of a hard edge to his slick, clean-cut persona. This song is miles better than his previous single, “Sunshine & Whiskey,” but “Young & Crazy” still doesn’t raise Frankie Ballard up to anything beyond average. There’s a bit of creativity and thought put into the song, and I applaud the songwriters and producers for the effort. It’ll be interesting to see if Frankie Ballard can score a third straight number #1 with “Young & Crazy.” I wouldn’t hate it if it did top the charts, it’s better than many of the songs that have topped the chart recently. However, there are still much better songs than “Young & Crazy.” This is just an average, upbeat ode to youth song.

Grade: 6/10

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  1. Raymond March 24, 2015 / 11:18 am

    I’ve taken a warming to this song but it’s still nothing special. What I like with Frankie hands down his charisma he has a huge amount of energy. Having said that his voice tens to be rather mediocre not bad not good. The production radio-friendly material not bad not good. Like really his energy and enjoyment is what bumps this up to me a 6/10.

    You’ll never guess which 2 songs I heard on the radio The Wreckers Leave The Pieces and Brad Paisleys When I Get Where I’m Going. What’s your guys opinion on those 2 classic songs since it’ll probably be a while before a past pulse has either of those 2 songs.

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    • Derek Hudgin March 24, 2015 / 11:28 am

      I couldn’t think of what song, but the guitar riff in “Young & Crazy” reminds me of another mainstream hit of the past five years. The production is just so vanilla and familiar that it doesn’t help the song at all. Like Lorenzo said, maybe with more country elements it could be better.

      As far as those 2 songs, I love Brad’s “When I Get Where I’m Going.” I think it’s a beautiful song–one of his best. And I’m a big fan of “Leave The Pieces.” I’d love to have heard more singles from The Wreckers. The song got a bit cheesy and bland with the “Yeah Yeah Yeahs” at the end, but I think it’s a good pop-country break up tune.


      • Raymond March 24, 2015 / 11:35 am

        Oh wow I thought it was Josh that reviewed this originally. Frankie’s song is like to me like Billy Curringtons is cause while there nothing to poke out and hate. It’s way too bland too hate.

        For Brads song you should check out the video. I know that you and Josh constantly pegged down on Taylor Swift is there any song she released that was even mediocre or good to you guys.


        • Josh Schott March 24, 2015 / 1:26 pm

          Honestly I never really liked any of Swift’s country music. Even most of her early material was grating and immature to my ears, despite it being more country. I guess the only country song of hers I could listen to and not hate was “Tear Drops on My Guitar.” I find her pop album to be more palatable than all of her country records because pop is where she belongs. I’ll take “Shake It Off” over any of her country singles because at least it’s fun, catchy and honest.


      • Derek Hudgin March 24, 2015 / 11:47 am

        There’s a few Swift songs I enjoy. Mostly album cuts like “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” off her first album, or “Long Live” off Speak Now. Her single choices are always mediocre to me, but I kind of enjoyed “Fearless” and “Sparks Fly.”


      • Raymond March 24, 2015 / 1:39 pm

        Oh ok sorry for bringing that up. Um ok the other song I never thought I would hear again was Gloriana’s debut song Wild At Heart what’s your opinion on that song.


      • Raymond May 21, 2015 / 9:27 am

        Derek I got the song for the guitar riffs. Keith Urbans You Look Good In My Shirt

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  2. Lorenzo March 24, 2015 / 11:19 am

    great review Derek. I enjoy the song so I’d give it 7/10, it’s way better than the last two singles and I like its lyrics. still I’d love to hear a more country sound in his music: maybe add a fiddle, a steel guitar and a banjo.
    Why don’t you review Maddie&Tae’s new song Fly? I’m curious to know what you think about it!

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  3. bob March 24, 2015 / 4:02 pm

    The chorus:
    Yeah I’m gonna stay out all night,
    I’ve gotta do a little wrong so I know what’s right
    I’ve gotta live a lot of life if I’m gonna give good advice
    When I’m talking to my grand-babies
    How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise
    If I ain’t ever young and crazy?

    I think it’s a really dumb song. We do enough dumb things when we’re young due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Deliberately doing dumb and crazy things is really stupid. You won’t have to worry about giving advice to your grand-babies. Good chance you won’t live long enough to even see your kids grow up. I’d rather be old and crazy. I am old and my wife sometimes thinks I’m crazy.


  4. Pete Marshall March 24, 2015 / 7:46 pm

    I really like this song and I will give it 8/10.


  5. Pete Marshall March 24, 2015 / 10:30 pm

    Are you guys going to review Craig Wayne Boyd “smile” and I found out he was dropped from Dot records.


  6. NoahHibiscusEaton March 24, 2015 / 11:52 pm

    Couldn’t agree more with your review.

    The self-awareness is what makes this fairly enjoyable to my ears and kind of refreshing in comparison to the majority of his male chart rivals at the moment.

    Since September 11th, I think many have adhered to this mindset that we have to compulsively cling to our children and be as fiercely protective of them as ever………………….because we fear they’ll make mistakes. But isn’t that kind of the point of growing up and maturing? Realizing we folly and flaw?

    I appreciate the notion of this song: that we must make mistakes if we are to become wiser in the winds of experience. And if the production only had more teeth to it (though the classic rock-leaning vibe is a step up from the EDM/hip-hop beat trends plaguing the playlists lately), this might have squeezed out a low +1 score on my behalf.

    Instead, this will have to settle for a mid-range 0 score. But hey, I hated “Sunshine & Whiskey”, and this is even a little better than “Helluva Life” (I’d probably consider that song a 5/10 song and evidence that you can cut a bro-country song that is at least agreeable).

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  7. theknightswhosayni4 May 21, 2015 / 8:39 am

    I wish Frankie’s first single, Tell Me You Get Lonely, had been a bigger hit. I love that song!


  8. David September 5, 2015 / 11:38 pm

    Frankie’s voice is nice enough as he sounds somewhat like a young Brad Paisley. But this “Young and Crazy” song offends my sensibilities. The song is obviously a sound alike for Brad Paisley’s “online” They didn’t even have the sense to change the key. The tempo is slower but it is unmistakably way too similar for anyone to believe the songs were written independently. I did check to make sure that the writers of both songs were not in common. I really don’t like lazy song writers who steal other peoples work. Someone should be ashamed!


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