Billboard Top 25 Country Albums This Week [April 4]


  1. Luke Bryan – Spring Break…Checkin’ Out (Grade: 2.5/10)
  2. Sam Hunt – Montevallo  (Grade: 1/10)
  3. Jason Aldean – Old Boots, New Dirt (Grade: 3/10)
  4. Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes (Grade: 0/10)
  5. Chase Rice – Ignite the Night (Grade: 2/10)
  6. Eric Church – The Outsiders
  7. Carrie Underwood – Greatest Hits: Decade #1
  8. Miranda Lambert – Platinum
  9. Luke Bryan – Crash My Party
  10. Shania Twain – Shania: Still The One: Live From Las Vegas
  11. Asleep At The Wheel – Still The King: Celebrating The Music of Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys 
  12. Luke Bryan – Spring Break…The Set List: The Complete Spring Break Collection ZinePak
  13. Zac Brown Band – Greatest Hits So Far…
  14. Cole Swindell – Cole Swindell
  15. Little Big Town – Pain Killer (Grade: 3/10)
  16. Garth Brooks – Man Against Machine (Grade: 7.5/10)
  17. Brantley Gilbert – Just As I Am (Grade: 5/10)
  18. Blake Shelton – Bringing Back The Sunshine (Grade: 4/10)
  19. Kenny Chesney – The Big Revival (Grade: 4.5/10)
  20. Lee Brice – I Don’t Dance (Grade: 5/10)
  21. Aaron Watson – The Underdog (Grade: 8/10)
  22. Tim McGraw – Sundown Heaven Town (Grade: 7.5/10)
  23. George Strait – The Cowboy Rides Away: Live From AT&T Stadium
  24. Dierks Bentley – Riser
  25. Thomas Rhett – It Goes Like This


  • Luke Bryan and Sam Hunt stay at #1 and #2 respectively this week.
  • Shania Twain’s Shania: Still The One: Live From Vegas album was this week’s biggest loser, which fell seven spots from #3 to #10.
  • Luke Bryan’s complete spring break albums collection was also this week’s biggest losers, falling seven spots to #12.
  • This week’s biggest gainer is the Bob Wills tribute album, Still The King: Celebrating The Music of Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys, which moved up 19 spots from #30 to #11.
  • Sturgill Simpson fell out of the top 25 this week with his 2014 album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music album. While it fell out this week, it could re-emerge in the top 25 next week thanks to an endorsement on national television this past week. American Idol judge and fellow country artist Keith Urban, a noted big fan of Sturgill, wore a Simpson shirt on the show this past week:

Source: Billboard

8 thoughts on “Billboard Top 25 Country Albums This Week [April 4]

  1. Zack March 28, 2015 / 2:15 pm

    Good lord the top 5 is awful….

    Anyway I give props to Keith Urban for wearing Sturgill’s shirt. Hopefully it can help him.

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    • Josh Schott March 28, 2015 / 2:25 pm

      The top five is like the ultimate nightmare playlist. Haha


      • Zack March 28, 2015 / 3:08 pm

        You’re right, and what’s sad is that Aldean’s is like the best one…. and that’s only because it has like 2-3 songs that are decent


      • NoahHibiscusEaton March 28, 2015 / 9:30 pm

        Eh, we can still do significantly worse than Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line to my ears! 😉

        Here’s my Top Five Ultimate Nightmare Playlist! 😉


        1: Sam Hunt: “Montevallo” (52nd Week At #1) =X =X =X
        2: Various Artists: “The Average Joes DJ’s Present: Mud In The Club, Volume 1”
        3: Cole Swindell: “Cole Swindell”
        4: RaeLynn: “Me” (EP)
        5: Chase Rice: “Ignite The Night”


        Might as well throw any Colt Ford record, any Jawga Boyz record, any Big Smo record, Justin Moore’s “Outlaws Like Me” and a mixtape of Craig Morgan’s most embarrassing cowpoke pun songs into the mix to add insult to injury! =P

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  2. Pete Marshall March 28, 2015 / 3:05 pm

    I don’t like the top 5 at all pure garbage! We need help this is nerve damaging.


  3. NoahHibiscusEaton March 28, 2015 / 9:10 pm

    Even though Luke Bryan’s final “Spring Break” album failed to outsell “Spring Break…………Here To Party” in its opening week………………thus underscoring my earlier point that its commercial performance will underscore exactly how bad the damage is concerning the exodus of more youthful demographics from the country radio format is…………………..I have to say that I’m impressed “Spring Break…….Checkin’ Out” was able to hold off Sam Hunt and enjoy multiple weeks at #1.

    It’s less surprising that “Games” is essentially being treated by many stations as a new single by proxy. I had assumed his label already had “Kickin’ Up The Dust” primed up as the lead single for his forthcoming full-length studio album, but I can’t see why they can just push this as a straight-up single. Especially since “Games” is hardly a hunky-dory, sun-shining kind of Spring Break song and has subject matter that more reflects his actual studio albums. I’m still surprised “Buzzkill” appeared on a “Spring Break” album as opposed to a regular studio project because it just doesn’t fit alongside all the devil-may-care beach anthems, and would have been very successful as an official single.


    The fact Aldean’s album is still holding up solid at #3 despite his latest #1 single “Just Gettin’ Started” selling mediocre-to-slightly poor relative to chart rivals, is a testament to exactly how established he has become as a reliable album artist to the ears of many.

    For the record, while I’ve rated all three of the album’s singles to date a -1 score, I consider “Old Boots, New Dirt” a 6/10 album. It doesn’t make any sense straight up, but think of it this way: the first half of the album (minus the +1 track “Tryin’ To Love Me”) is a -1 affair, while the latter half (minus the -1 “Gonna Know We Were Here” and several 0 tracks in “I Took It With Me”, “Miss That Girl” and the title track) is a +1 affair.

    “Old Boots, New Dirt” is a Jekyll & Hyde kind of album to my ears: spelling out both Aldean’s potential as someone more as an entertainer as well as showcasing his absolute worst tendencies. But if you took “Tryin’ To Love Me”, “Too Fast”, “Don’t Change Gone”, “Two Night Town”, “If My Truck Could Talk” and the title track and released it as an EP instead, it’d get a 7.5/10 score from me and I wouldn’t wince once.


    “Like A Wrecking Ball” is already proving to be a commercial godsend for Eric Church and his current album “The Outsiders”.

    It was already holding up well thanks to “Talladega” and a successful tour, but it seems to be gaining more steam now that “Like A Wrecking Ball” is smashing on the digital charts. It’s already in the Top 50 of the all-genre chart and at #7 on the Country chart: all despite not having reached the Top Thirty of the Airplay Chart yet.

    I’m not crazy about the song, surely, but we can do a hell of a lot worse as far as sex songs are concerned and I appreciate the sparser, slow-rolling groove.


    Finally, I have to say the remarkably impressive longevity of Chase Rice’s “Ignite The Night” proves that you don’t need a smash #1 radio single to sell albums. Sometimes, a particular song’s buzz (“Ride”) just kind of works on its own.

    Now I hate “Ride” just as I do almost the entire rest of the album minus the somewhat tolerable “Jack Daniels Jesus” (like the song well enough but can’t stand his vocals) and “Carolina Can” (agreeable ideas ruined by bad production)……………..but it’s pretty clear when you have the best Sales-Per-Spin Ratio track on the entire country chart currently, “Ride” is achieving beyond its wildest dreams. Frankly, I don’t get why his label even continues to bother with “Gonna Wanna Tonight”. Granted “Ride” will surely be met with at least some initial resistance by radio programmers, but they might as well aspire to milk that cult hit for all its worth. Couldn’t say I’d blame them at this point. =P


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  4. Zack March 29, 2015 / 9:39 am

    Good Lord no, if “Ride” went to radio, I’d join Rascal Flatts in their “Riot”. 😉

    And yeah Aldeans album is like a 4.5/10 to my ears. Tbh, I loved his first two albums and still do, but he has lost me ever since.

    And yeah Noah, that is a pretty bad top 5, although I would definently substitute Swindell’s. It was certainly not a great album (in fact its like a 1.5 to my ears) but at least it didn’t have that one atrocious song that all the other bro albums had. Swindell’s was just a very dry, bland work.


    • NoahHibiscusEaton March 30, 2015 / 5:53 am

      You mean you don’t consider “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” an atrocious song in its misogynistic ways? Or “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” an atrocious song in guilt-tripping a subject into having shameless sex with him again? Or “Get Up” an atrocious song for basically treating a female subject as nothing more but a prop that is a “country song sing-along beer holder”? 😉 😉 😉

      I will say there were moments he potentially could have gotten it right. “Chillin’ It” was honestly not worth hating on as a lead single and is basically just the textbook synonym of milquetoast more than anything. And he at least had a good idea with “A Dozen Roses & A Six-Pack” and “The Back Roads & The Back Row”. But both are hurt by cliched, formulaic songwriting and sterile (though not obnoxious) production.

      While some of the criticisms surrounding Aldean are surely fair and warranted, I nonetheless would hands down prefer him over Swindell any day, at least based on what the two artists have released so far. Aldean’s best (“Church Pew or Bar Stool”, “Don’t Change Gone”, “The Truth”, “On My Highway”) mops the floor with Swindell’s best (………………well, guess the aforementioned two tracks of his aren’t terrible! 😉 ). Heck, even if they rival Swindell at their worst, Florida Georgia Line also easily outdoes him at their best in that they at least have “Dirt” and “Confession” and are better technical songwriters.


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