Derek’s Top Ten Country Songs – March 2015

Derek Top 10 March

Another month, another top ten list! Several independent album releases and one fantastic new single make up my list. April’s looking at many releases, several of which I’m personally looking forward to. However, this is March and women or women in a part of groups, make up quite a bit of my list this month! Without further ado….

1. “Let It Shine” by Rick Elliot – A callback to outlaw country, Elliot has a great voice for country music and this song showcases it. And to think he’s only 18! Rick Elliot is bringing back the golden sound from country’s best era.

2. “Mama Let the Wolf In” by Allison Moorer – This is the best song off Down to Believing. “Mama Let The Wolf In” is a response to Moorer’s son’s diagnosis of autism. She sings from a perspective of blame and guilt, and her emotions fly in this song.

3. “Make A Liar Out of Me” by Striking Matches – Justin Davis’ vocals shine on a track where he rediscovers love. However, the best part of this song is the 75 second guitar solo closing the song. “Make A Liar Out of Me” rocks on all levels.

4. “By God” by Houndmouth – Great production? Check. Awesome vocals? Check. Fantastic lyrics? Check. This song has the whole package! The best song off Little Neon Limelight.

5. “The Stranger At My Door” by Brandi Carlile – This rocker is the standout off of The Firewatcher’s Daughter.” The production here is spectacular and Carlile’s vocals shine.

6. “When the Right One Comes Along” by Striking Matches – Beautiful lyrics describing love in a realistic way. A stripped-down production behind Sarah Zimmerman’s vocals are a perfect accent to the song.

7. “Down To Believing” by Allison Moorer – Touching lyrics exploring the aftermath of a heartbreak: Simply, do we or don’t we believe that we’ll be back together. Moorer’s vocal performance here are flawless.

8. “Wilder (We’re Chained)” by Brandi Carlile – I love the subdued, slow tempo of this song of life and love. From the sound effects to the vocal performance, this is one of my favorites off Carlile’s album.

9. “Sedona” by Houndmouth – I love this song tribute to “Little Hollywood.” The groove of the melody combined with the vocals are awesome on this track.

10. “Windfall” by Joe Pug – This Chicago singer-songwriter sings about taking charge in life. You’ll go nowhere if you wait around for handouts. This is my favorite off Pug’s new album of the same name.


9 thoughts on “Derek’s Top Ten Country Songs – March 2015

  1. Zack March 31, 2015 / 1:39 pm

    Great picks to both of you guys! The only new album I listened to this month was Striking Matches but I know I could find 10 great songs from there haha!

    Btw Derek, I saw on Twitter that you were going to listen to Darius Ruckers new album. How was it? I personally like the guy about as much as Josh likes Toby Keith haha. Still curious on your opinion though


    • Derek Hudgin March 31, 2015 / 1:43 pm

      It was okay. I felt it was very bland for the most part. Some songs were quite cheesy


    • Josh Schott March 31, 2015 / 7:07 pm

      Thanks Zack!


  2. Raymond March 31, 2015 / 7:44 pm

    I have decided to do my Top 10 singles that means what are my own Top 10 on the country Airplay charts.
    1. Maddie & Tae Fly
    2. Gloriana Trouble
    3. Josh Turner Lay Low
    4. Tim McGraw Diamond Rings & Old Barstools
    5. Mickey Guyton Better Than You Left Me
    6. Jana Kramer I Got The Boy
    7. Dierks Bentley Say You Do
    8. Cam My Mistake
    9. Ashley Monroe On To Something Good
    10. Kelsea Ballerini Love Me Like You Mean It (guilty pleasure sue me)
    I think I’ll do this for your guys Top 10.
    Are you guys looking forward at all to Reba or Maddie & Taes upcoming albums.


    • Zack March 31, 2015 / 8:12 pm

      I can play the airplay game. I’ll just list the only 12 songs I like right now

      1. Diamond Rings and Old Barstools- Tim McGraw & Catherine Dunn
      2. Lay Low- Josh Turner
      3. Send It On Down- Lee Ann Womack
      4. One Hell Of An Amen- Brantley Gilbert (a friend of mine recently died so this hits me harder now)
      5. Hanging On A Lie- Striking Matches
      6. She Don’t Love You- Eric Paslay
      7. Little Toy Guns- Carrie Underwood
      8. Say You Do- Dierks Bentley
      9. Homegrown- Zac Brown Band
      10. My Bed- Sunny Sweeney & Will Hoge
      11. Girl Crush- Little Big Town
      12. Wild Child- Kenny Chesney & Grace Potter

      Also just heard Dwight Yoakam’s new song “Liar” today. Damn, if that ain’t a fun a song.

      And wow I totally forgot Reba had an album coming out. Perhaps the fact that I don’t care much for her, combined with the horrid lead single and the fact that she has a Sam Hunt co-write on her new album is what’s turning me off 😉

      Definently excited for Maddie and Tae’s though.


      • Raymond March 31, 2015 / 8:21 pm

        Apparently Zach Reba has given previews for some of her songs I heard good things about them as well. I forgot about Sunny LeeAnn and Striking Matches when String Matches charts I’ll probably put em on the list. I read your review on Trouble first of all thank you have you yet to view Gloriana and their past singles in which case what do you think of their past songs. I only do songs though on the radio chart nice list I did forget about Girl Crush I think that’s in my opinion Little Big Towns best song.
        Thank you once again for reviewing Trouble.


  3. Zack March 31, 2015 / 9:32 pm

    No problem, I was happy to review it! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!

    Here’s my scale for Gloriana’s past singles

    Wild At Heart: B-
    How Far Do You Wanna Go: A (don’t know for sure but this might be a guilty pleasure)
    The World Is Ours Tonight (haven’t heard)
    Wanna Take You Home: C
    Kissed You Good Night: B
    Can’t Shake You: A-
    Best Night Ever: C
    Trouble: B-


    • Raymond April 1, 2015 / 9:48 am

      Really Kissed You Good Night that high that’s the one song from Gloriana I hate it’s just so godawful so cheesy and radio killed it. Besides that would you agree Gloriana tends to remain pretty solid with their single releases


  4. KuFan April 1, 2015 / 5:07 am

    For those who aren’t that keen on Reba’s new album, there’s a new song on both spotify and ITunes called “Enough.” It’s a duet with Jennifer Nettles. Do yourself a favor and listen to it. It’s a beautiful song and beautifully sung.


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