Review – Mo Pitney’s “Clean Up on Aisle Five” Is What Country Music Needs

Mo Pitney Clean Up On Aisle Five

When I first heard country newcomer Mo Pitney’s debut single, “Country” his potential immediately caught my attention. While the song is certainly nothing special, there were two aspects about him that were palatable to my ears. First was the traditional country production and instrumentation. As Derek said in his review, the fiddle and steel guitar were noticeable. It was a country sound through and through. The other aspect was Pitney’s deep, baritone voice that reminds listeners of the great Randy Travis. This song almost had the total package. So ever since I heard “Country” I’ve been intrigued and waiting to hear the next offering from Pitney. Well that’s finally here as he just recently released a new single, “Clean Up On Aisle Five.”

Does this new song deliver all the way? Yes! This is exactly what I wanted to hear from Pitney. The traditional country approach still remains from “Country” on “Clean Up On Aisle Five.” The steel guitar and fiddle return, as their featured prominently throughout the song. While the traditional approach is great, it’s really Pitney’s voice that leads the song. The instrumentation is great, but it’s kept quieter allowing his voice to shine. As I always say less is more and this is the case once again. Speaking of Pitney’s voice, the artist I thought he sounded like the most on this song was Ronnie Dunn, especially in the chorus. When your voice is being compared to Travis and Dunn, you’re doing something right.

As for the song itself, “Clean Up On Aisle Five” is a very well-written song. It begins with a man walking into the grocery store to pick some stuff up and just as he goes to get a box of Cheerios, he hears a familiar voice calling out his name. He instantly recognizes her voice and his legs get weak as he sees her smile. It was the girl who had broken his heart about a year ago. He thought that he was over her, but seeing her again brings back all of the old feelings and realizes he still loves her. It makes him wish that their relationship never ended. The following chorus line really drives his feelings home: “And if I wasn’t standing in that store I might have laid right on that floor and cried/I heard that voice, I saw that smile, clean up on aisle five.”

As the song continues, the two start to talk and she jokingly tells him that he looks like a kid with a box of Cheerios. Some people might not like the Cheerios line and may feel it is cheesy, but it really doesn’t feel like that to me. They then start to talk about old times, which the man realizes is a mistake after bringing it up. By bringing it up it just leaves him feeling empty as she walked away and ended their surprise reunion. Despite his feelings, he has to live with the fact that life goes on. The lyrics really do an excellent job of conveying the feelings of the situation. It’s a real gut punch to anyone who’s experienced this, as it’s easy to connect with.

I can see why when Pitney performed this song at the Opry last summer and he got a standing ovation. Maybe this song will be to him what “Long Black Train” was to Josh Turner. Pitney could be the next Turner type on radio and we could definitely use another artist like Turner at the moment. Pitney seems dedicated to the traditional sound and he has the chops and talent to pull it off. Keep giving him songs like this and he should be a household name in no time. In a perfect world this song gets a ton of radio play, but we live in a far from perfect world. Regardless, “Clean Up On Aisle Five” is a song that everyone should check out and give a listen. This may be one of the best songs we’ll hear from mainstream country music in 2015. I’m looking forward to what’s to come from this promising, up-and-coming artist. Mo Pitney is one to watch.

Grade: 10/10


8 thoughts on “Review – Mo Pitney’s “Clean Up on Aisle Five” Is What Country Music Needs

  1. Raymond April 8, 2015 / 11:36 am

    Well count this guy as one of the good guys in mainstream. The new artists this year I have to say they’re just so many to watch Mo Pitney Mickey Guyton Cam Kelsea Ballerini Michael Ray A Thousand Horses Waterloo Revival. It s amazing some aren’t that good Michael Waterloo but my gosh there are so many new artists this year it’s ridiculous. Hopefully Mo Pitney song Country can break out it’s not doing bad but man the chart is just clogged up with so many songs that are just there and struggling like Joe Nichols Josh Turner Mickey Guyton Gary Allan Parmalee I wish a few of these songs would leave, I mean it’s clear radio wants Mo cause I mean come on he’s on Curb those guys like to screw any artist over not named Lee Brice there’s a lot of potential breakout stars. A Thousand Horses already broke out let’s hope Mo Pitney Cam Mickey Drake White and heck if it means we have more females in the format Kelsea Ballerini. Overall this is a guy I’m looking forward too.

    Oh yeah Josh On The Verge should be coming up with their next artists. I think these artists are the possibilities
    Mickey Guyton
    Mo Pitney
    Jana Kramer
    Old Dominion
    Ashley Monroe
    Striking Matches.
    Do you think that if one of these artists got that treatment it would possibly help mainstream country.

    Awesome Review Btw.


    • Josh Schott April 8, 2015 / 11:41 am

      Thanks! I’m not sure what to think of On The Verge helping any of those artists. Honestly I would like to see it done away with because when it comes down to it it’s nothing but a dirty payola scheme by the labels. But if I had to choose out of these artists who I would like to see get pushed the most it would probably be Striking Matches, just because they’re debut album was so great and I think they would have great appeal to both mainstream and traditional country fans. Mickey and Mo are close second places. I’m fearful of Mo’s career still just because of Curb and traditional country’s recent track record at radio.


      • Raymond April 8, 2015 / 12:03 pm

        Yeah Mo could get screwed over. The last traditional song that hit number 1 was………….. wow I’m blanking on it Dierks Bentley I Hold On in if you count it Lady Antebellum Compass um wow I can’t think of one at all. Yeah On the Verge isn’t that good I mean it’s all their fault why Sam Hunt and Raelynn are popular if you have something to blame for Sam Hunts popularity it’s On The Verge. They didn’t have bad choices with Chase Bryant A Thousand Horses or Craig Campbell. Unfortunately Striking Matches still haven’t charted yet. Oh did you guys hear Cole Swindells new song off his album Let Me See Ya Girl I think that’s a front candidate for worst single of the year. Man this year in country music is dead-on ugly. You know it’s bad when some are willing to say Gloriana (sorry for bringing them on the conversation) might just be the second best Group in country music behind ZBB cause they don’t have a screw up single unlike The Band Perry Chainsaw Done Little Big Town Pontoon. Lady A Freestyle Wanted You More (that song is terrible) or well Eli Young Band and their new single. I mean Gloriana’s worse song is their song (Kissed You) Good Night and that was only meh. Like of all their single releases can you name one that would deserve a -1. See bet you can’t. Man mainstream has all the tools to be respectable and yet we get FGL clogging up the charts Sam Hunt and his awful garbage Luke Bryan being nothing more than having to perform songs that the Nashville writing club dolls out. At least Blake Shelton is at least mediocrely trying at least he seems to have a little respect.

        Sorry for that rant, Please Respond.


  2. bob April 8, 2015 / 12:08 pm

    I like this a lot better than his first single. In fact I just bought it yesterday on i-Tunes. I first heard it on you-tube about a month ago. When I first saw the title, I thought it was going to a funny song. When I worked in an A&P grocery store in the 60’s, I recall hearing the manager saying over the PA system, “we need a clean-up on aisle five” or whatever aisle it was. Mo Pitney should do real well but I’ve been wrong too many times to count on it. I thought Blaine Larsen would be big.

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  3. bob April 8, 2015 / 2:06 pm

    I meant to mention that Mo co-wrote “Clean Up on Aisle Five” with Wil Nance.


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