Review – George Strait’s “Let It Go”

George Strait Let It Go

Throughout country music history, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many artists with a better career than the iconic George Strait. The legendary country artist has impressed and entertained country music fans across the world for multiple decades. What’s more impressive is the fact that he stayed true to himself and the roots of country music throughout his illustrious career. Over the past decade while many were selling out in country music, King George just kept making the music he wanted to make and still maintained a high level of success. So when he retired from major touring last year, pretty much everyone agreed that it was well-deserved and paid homage to him. Many though misinterpreted it as him retiring from music, which isn’t the case. He’s simply done touring, which is expected after spending decades on the road. Strait is still making music and just came out with the lead single from his new upcoming album, “Let It Go.”

First off it’s not a cover of the popular Frozen song. Although if Strait wanted to he would probably do a good job covering it because he’s just that good. No, Strait’s new single “Let It Go” is the opposite of anything frozen. It’s sunny and happy. He co-wrote the song with his son Bubba Strait and Keith Gattis (also co-wrote Strait’s “I Got A Car”). The song is about how tough life can be, but you shouldn’t let that get you down and just let your problems go. Instead move past them and be sure to enjoy the truly good times and let them roll. It’s a pretty simple theme, as that is the intention. This song is intended to be a carefree and easygoing summer song.

The instrumentation is decidedly country and beach-y. The acoustic guitar is present throughout the album and it’s funny how jarring it is to hear this in a mainstream country song. Imagine that? A country song that actually sounds country. The steel drums are also peppered throughout the song to give it a tropical feeling. Now some will point out that the steel drums aren’t really necessary and I agree. Then again I don’t feel like they’re hurting the song either. I understand why they’re in the song too, as Strait wants this to be a hot song throughout the summer. The steel drums will catch the attentions of younger listeners and will make for a great song to play on the beach. At the same time it’s decidedly country, so I think Strait did a great job balancing the traditional aspect and radio appeal to make it a song everyone can enjoy.

When it comes to beach songs, I’m now quite picky on them. There’s a fine line between dumb/annoying and fun/carefree. Examples of dumb and annoying beach songs are Luke Bryan’s entire beach song catalog and Jake Owen’s “Beachin’.” On the other hand I find Strait’s “Let It Go” to be fun and carefree. Obviously this isn’t Strait’s best and it’s not intended to be his best. Some may not like the fact that this single isn’t a deep ballad from Strait. To them I say wait for his album, as it will surely have some. This is just a fun and relaxing song meant to be played as you’re driving down an open road with the windows down. Not every song has to be serious. I say enjoy this song for what it is and appreciate the fact that it’s another actual country song that will be played on the radio (that makes five now, right?). I definitely recommend checking out “Let It Go” and I hope radio plays it all summer long. Strait delivers once again.

Grade: 8/10

7 thoughts on “Review – George Strait’s “Let It Go”

  1. Raymond April 14, 2015 / 1:17 pm

    5 what other 4. I still haven’t got around too listening too it I still can’t find it on YouTube but I’m looking forward to hearing it

    What other 4 songs on radio. I’m gonna guess these 4 on the charts
    I Got The Boy
    She Don’t Love You
    Stay A Little Longer
    Homegrown or Say You Do.

    I think those are it? Did I get it right?


    • Josh Schott April 14, 2015 / 1:23 pm

      Haha that comment about only five country songs on the radio was just sarcastic commentary on the state of country radio. I didn’t mean there were literally only five.


      • Raymond April 14, 2015 / 1:28 pm

        Well if you had to list songs on the charts that have some notice the word some country in their songs what songs will they be.

        Sorry I’m not in a good mood um did you notice on the Top 30 besides the One recurrent what other song was the biggest loser. (Hint: I like the song a lot.)


  2. Cobra April 14, 2015 / 9:13 pm

    I like the song. It’s a breezy song that is easy-going Strait. Nice sound that Kenny Chesney probably would have overproduced (like he did with “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven” – just listen to Strait’s far superior version).

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  3. Don April 17, 2015 / 2:49 pm

    Nice laid back Ol’ George! Sounds good to me!

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