Billboard Top 25 Country Albums This Week [May 2]

Reba Love Somebody

  1. Reba – Love Somebody
  2. Dwight Yoakam – Second Hand Heart (Grade: 10/10)
  3. Sam Hunt – Montevallo  (Grade: 1/10)
  4. Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes (Grade: 0/10)
  5. Various Artists – NOW That’s What I Call ACM Awards: 50 Years 
  6. Darius Rucker – Southern Style (Grade: 5.5/10)
  7. Little Big Town – Pain Killer (Grade: 3/10)
  8. Eric Church – The Outsiders
  9. Luke Bryan – Spring Break…Checkin’ Out (Grade: 2.5/10)
  10. Miranda Lambert – Platinum
  11. Luke Bryan – Crash My Party
  12. Jason Aldean – Old Boots, New Dirt (Grade: 3/10)
  13. Cole Swindell – Cole Swindell
  14. Dierks Bentley – Riser
  15. Chase Rice – Ignite the Night (Grade: 2/10)
  16. Blake Shelton – Bringing Back The Sunshine (Grade: 4/10)
  17. Various Artists – 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards ZinePak
  18. Lee Brice – I Don’t Dance (Grade: 5/10)
  19. Carrie Underwood – Greatest Hits: Decade #1
  20. Garth Brooks – Man Against Machine (Grade: 7.5/10)
  21. Brantley Gilbert – Just As I Am (Grade: 5/10)
  22. Thomas Rhett – It Goes Like This
  23. Kenny Chesney – The Big Revival (Grade: 4.5/10)
  24. Zac Brown Band – Greatest Hits So Far…
  25. Tim McGraw – Sundown Heaven Town (Grade: 7.5/10)


  • Reba’s new album Love Somebody is this week’s new top album. This is a good sign for her after a slow start with her lead single from it.
  • Dwight Yoakam debuts on the chart just behind her at #2 with his excellent new album Second Hand Hearts.
  • The album that topped the chart for the last two weeks, Darius Rucker’s Southern Style, fell five spots to #6.
  • Little Big Town continues to gain big sales off the “Girl Crush” controversy, as their 2014 album Pain Killer moves up five spots from #12 to #7.
  • Luke Bryan and his spring break EP fell five spots to #9.
  • Miranda Lambert’s Platinum moved up four spots to #10 and Cole Swindell’s self-titled debut album moved up four spots to #13. The ACM Awards certainly gave them a boost and is the reason the chart is so radically different from last week.
  • Jason Aldean and his 2014 album Old Boots, New Dirt fell six spots from #6 to #12.
  • Dierks Bentley’s Riser album was this week’s biggest gainer, moving up 11 spots from #25 to #14.
  • Chase Rice’s Ignite The Night fell five spots to #15.
  • Blake Shelton’s Bringing Back The Sunshine moved up five spots to #16.
  • The 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards ZinePak fell eight spots to #17.
  • The biggest loser this week was Lee Brice and his 2014 album I Don’t Dance, which fell 11 spots from #7 to #18.
  • Carrie Underwood’s greatest hits album fell eight spots this week.
  • Thomas Rhett’s It Goes Like This re-entered the chart at #22 this week.
  • Tim McGraw’s Sundown Heaven Town fell seven spots from #18 to #25.


Source: Billboard

26 thoughts on “Billboard Top 25 Country Albums This Week [May 2]

  1. Raymond April 25, 2015 / 12:55 pm

    Well I’m still excited for the Reba review cause I do wanna see at least one song on that album will probably get beaten Down.

    Kacey Musgraves announced her new album which is scheduled for June 9th I’m pretty sure they’ll stick with it regardless of how well Biscuits is doing cause Kacey Musgraves sells really well

    Gloriana has an album coming out June 2nd but it’s not yet titled so I’m curious does the label stick with Trouble and drop it June 2nd or push it back and do a 3rd song on that album Gloriana Trouble seriously needs to pick up the pace though the release is 5 weeks. Let’s say Trouble lasts the next 5 weeks despite crappy digital sales Eeic Church will probably pass them along with Thomas Rhett and the new ZBB song the Luke Bryan song Games could Brett Eldredges new godawful song would pass them as well. Now to the other side of the spectrum Michael Ray could drop out but it’s not guaranteed Miranda will leave Eeic Paslay and Brad Paisley are both struggling in 5 weeks in the Top 10 Sam and ZBB would leave soon Dierks would drop Lee Brice would leave and I think Tyler Farr would ok this week Gloriana is at #25 next week no one is leaving and Eric & Luke will probably pass them #26 or #27 probably the following week Miranda Sam and ZBB leave so by then #24 Week 3 Eric Paslay is probably out of it so up to #23 Week 4 we’re looking ZBB new song probably catching up and passing them and well Lee Brice would leave so #23 again Week 5 Dierks would leave and I think Tyler Farr will be out of commission by then so at the most I can see them scrapping the Top 20 and that’s if Michael Ray and Brad Paisley leave in this time for 5 weeks but I just don’t know if they should but maybe this is as good as they get

    In worse news Maddie & Tae are pushing their album back to late August and I think they might pull the plug on Fly so it’s such a great day for me. (Sarcasm)


    • Josh Schott April 25, 2015 / 1:09 pm

      Great to hear about Kacey, disappointed to hear about Maddie & Tae. I doubt they’re dropping Fly though, but instead putting a bigger push behind it. It’s the perfect time because several songs are getting ready to leave the airplay chart. I think Fly is going to be just fine.


      • Raymond April 25, 2015 / 1:31 pm

        What about Gloriana and well the reason I say about Fly it suffered a nasty Mediabase update today and well I’ve been thinking last night how can Gloriana drop this album with Trouble struggling I ran thru a 5 week realistic positioning for Trouble and even best maybe Top 20 and if the label pushes it back and probably stick with Trouble by the time Trouble is in the 30s and 40s in weeks well it might get Top 15 but the sales are so bad the label would obviously be wasting money with poor digital sales plus that could also hurt Jana Kramer releasing her album and well they can’t drop Trouble cause well the new single wouldn’t do any better.

        I don’t know how Gloriana can win.

        The problem with Maddie & Tae is I don’t see Fly doing that well going into summer months they don’t yet have the star power to do a mid tempo song in summer.

        The reason why Reba’s song isn’t doing that well is their stations who refuse to play any of her music cause of her Nash Icon deal so don’t expect Reba,Martina,Ronnie or any Nash Icon person signed to do that well on the charts.


        • Josh Schott April 25, 2015 / 1:40 pm

          Well as I’ve said before Gloriana has never stood out to me. Right now there are four other albums on our radar slated to come out on June 2 along with Gloriana’s album. While we will review it, it’s fourth out of the five in terms of priority so no guarantees it gets reviewed real quick.


      • Raymond April 25, 2015 / 1:50 pm

        I’m not asking for a review I’m just stating Gloriana are screwed while they’ve never stood out even I’m willing to admit i think they’re probably the second best vocal group ZBB obviously better but which one of the bland but not bad vocal groups in mainstream would get 2nd. Would be Gloriana Little Big Town or The Band Perry Eli Young Band Rascal Flatts or Lady Antebellum cause I can’t decide if ZBB somehow got ignored by radio who would be the best group.

        My point being this Gloriana though I don’t know how they can release the album without terrible sales I checked isn’t Gloriana assuming this album gets titled and they release it isn’t it the only mainstream album though on June 2nd cause I can’t find any more information on it.


      • NoahHibiscusEaton April 25, 2015 / 3:40 pm

        “Fly” is selling poorly, though.

        It’s currently at #63 on the Country iTunes chart. Comparatively, “Girl In A Country Song” maintained a constant presence as a Top 25 single digitally throughout its chart run.

        I still maintain, from my own personal opinion, that “Fly” was the wrong call for the second single, and frankly it just bores me even more the more I hear it. But from a commercial standpoint, this just isn’t resonating with many.


      • NoahHibiscusEaton April 25, 2015 / 3:56 pm

        As for Gloriana, “Trouble” is selling even worse than “Fly”. It’s not even in the Top 100 of the iTunes Country chart.

        As much as I prefer Gloriana to Lady Antebellum as a whole, I fail to see much of the hype surrounding them either. And “Trouble” is just……………there for me. It’s basically another one of those dime-a-dozen Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood kiss-off rockers except with more country instrumentation backing the arena rock bombast. That’s just my opinion, anyway.

        It would be a shame if Gloriana got kicked off their record label in result of “Trouble” underachieving, and I hope that doesn’t happen. But I’m just not crazy about the song either and am not that kind of person that roots for any particular song for the sole purpose of rescuing an artist’s record deal unless I truly love it, sorry.

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      • Raymond April 25, 2015 / 4:00 pm

        Noah 2 things I’m not asking fan-wise just generally
        1. Do you think it’d be smart for Gloriana to push the album back and release it later or stick with June 2nd
        2. If Maddie & Tae did drop Fly right now do you think Maddie & Tae could realistically even get the album out by September or do you think Maddie & Tae basically have to stick with Fly to get the album out. Not asking for your opinion on Fly because I know if it’s in the Top 30 this week you yourself would give it a -1 because of sloppy songwriting but whatever. Curious to what you think.


      • Raymond April 25, 2015 / 4:07 pm

        Well Noah here’s the problem with Gloriana despite the fact that it’s underachieving what do they do drop Trouble move onto a third single from an not even announced third album essentially Warner Bros has to stick with Trouble but Gloriana can’t sell anything so right now I think Gloriana is screwed so they essentially stick with Trouble or release another song in the middle of a congested chart and risk not even getting an album out like despite Gloriana not standing out the fact that they might have to go 3 songs from an album too release it.


      • NoahHibiscusEaton April 25, 2015 / 5:00 pm

        Raymond: To answer your first question, I have no idea. I’d much rather have full albums see the light of day rather than be shelved indefinitely, personally, regardless of how poorly the single performs. But then again, I’m no businessman, so I can’t see from their lavel’s point of view objectively.

        It isn’t like Gloriana has ever been a huge album shifting act anyway. Perhaps they can pull a Love & Theft if it comes to that.


        As for Maddie & Tae, neither.

        I’m willing to bet the duo and Big Machine are simply going to pull the plug on “Fly”, because they have a surefire up-tempo hit in the wing they feel strongly about; probably more closer to “Sierra”.

        Why else would they abruptly push the release date of the album back to late August? The span of time between now and then is consistent with the windows of time labels allot to promote a single leading up to an album release.

        Now you can argue they’re only extending the current promotional window for “Fly”. But when it’s selling poorly as it is, I can’t imagine Big Machine has enough confidence in it sticking it out until late summer. The abrupt, nasty 500K+ decline in audience on Billboard today also bolsters that case.


        For the record, I gave “Fly” a 0.

        Yes, the lyrics are sloppy, and it also sounds too boring to my ears. But their vocals are solid and it has some pretty instrumentation.


        • Josh Schott April 25, 2015 / 5:05 pm

          BTW I don’t know if I’ve said it, but I agree with you “Sierra” would make a great single. Catchy, upbeat and country. Appeals to a wide demographic, especially younger female listeners. I still think though they will push “Fly” for a couple more weeks and then move onto the next single.


      • Raymond April 25, 2015 / 5:04 pm

        Well thanks Noah for answering I just find Gloriana in a tricky situation now that they announce the album their essentially stuck with Trouble till they can get the album out. While with Maddie & Tae if they remove Fly they essentially kill any momentum and are back to step 1 because Fly would kill all their monentum


      • NoahHibiscusEaton April 26, 2015 / 2:05 am

        “Sierra” should have been the second single to begin with.

        I understand where Big Machine and the duo may have been coming from in that they didn’t want to run the risk of getting pigeonholed as a novelty act. “Sierra” can, on the surface, be interpreted as semi-novelty because of its flirtation with profanity without actually saying it. But what works in its favor is that it stands out in its cheekiness and earworm of a chorus, which the EP’s other uptempo “Your Side Of Town” lacks (“Your Side Of Town” is just there to me, basically another one of those Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert-esque kiss-off rockers that nonetheless sounds flat and hurried.)

        And, on the other hand, when the current radio climate continues to be unfavorable to women as well as ballads/slow songs (for the most part), “Fly” can’t help but look like a real head-scratcher. Why run the risk of banking your sophomore single on surmounting both sets of biases running against their favor? Wouldn’t you want to settle on something in which your ONLY obstacle is hoping it gets played because it’s from female vocalists?


      • NoahHibiscusEaton April 26, 2015 / 2:08 am

        Raymond: I’m quite sure Maddie & Tae and Big Machine have a plan, and that’s why they decided to push the release date back to late August.

        I’m quite confident they have concluded “Fly” isn’t the single to depend on in anchoring the album. What I think we can expect to see, in the next several weeks, is an announcement like a bolt from the blue of a brand-new tempo single (probably not “Sierra”, but rather a never-before-heard one) that will be the one they are banking on to be another breakout hit for them to coincide with the album release this summer.

        I expect to see “Fly” peak by the third week of May at the latest.


      • Raymond April 26, 2015 / 9:58 am

        Well I’m hoping Gloriana can get the album out and I hope Maddie & Tae if they do debut a new son will be more like Sierra and Girl In A Country Song than Fly or Your Side Of Town. I just would find it harsh no matter what the act to not even get an album out and get dropped from their label and essentially start from square 1 in the music business in general.


  2. Raymond April 25, 2015 / 2:22 pm

    I heard theirs a preview of ZBB album I wonder how that albums gonna be I’m really looking forward to to id imagine just a country-rock album probably more on the country side I’m looking forward to buying it.


    • NoahHibiscusEaton April 25, 2015 / 3:58 pm

      It’s neither.

      You’re in for a real treat. From big band sounds to gospel to even some Avicii-esque folktronica sensibilities, this is one colorful listening experience you better prepare yourself for! 😉

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      • Josh Schott April 25, 2015 / 4:01 pm

        Don’t forget the jazz and full on rock sounds either. As I said on Twitter, this album dips it’s toe in every genre except hip hop. It’s a real melting pot of sounds.


      • Raymond April 25, 2015 / 4:02 pm

        What oh my gosh but I just what wow well I’m curious


      • Josh Schott April 25, 2015 / 5:53 pm

        I’m listening to it now (got it early) and the preview doesn’t do it justice.


    • NoahHibiscusEaton April 26, 2015 / 4:51 pm

      My main reaction, after listening to the full stream twice…………… that for a solo Zac Brown album, it’s pretty enjoyable to listen to……………..but for a Zac Brown Band album, it’s rather disappointing.

      I feared in an earlier discussion following the release of “Homegrown” and “Heavy Is The Head” that “JEKYLL + HYDE” may wind up to the Zac Brown Band what “Everyday” was for the Dave Matthews Band…………………where they sound like solo projects instead of honest-to-goodness group efforts. And, sadly, I think that’s exactly what “JEKYLL + HYDE” is: a great solo effort by Zac Brown that lacks the interplay of the band’s previous efforts.

      It’s not necessarily a knock on the album itself. I quite liked many of the songs and sounds. However, I will say my other fear leading up to the release of the album was also confirmed to an extent: the lyricism is rather light. For all the time and effort Zac Brown spends to expand the group’s soundscape and appeal to other demographics, the lyricism remains comparatively stagnant. “Heavy Is The Head” is the only one of the three singles that have some ambiguity to the lyrics that draw you in, while the lead two country singles are both lyrical fluff. Then you have “Castaway”, “One Day”, “Tomorrow Never Comes”, and so forth which are in the exact same vein as the pseudo-inspirational fluff from “You Get What You Give” in particular.

      Some of this album might grow on me yet, but right now I’m tentatively thinking a 7/10. This is more of an album I can respect, but not so much love. It just doesn’t sound like a genuine band effort to me. It sounds more like Zac Brown the ambitious businessman.

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      • Zack April 26, 2015 / 9:43 pm

        So this is basically for ZBB what “Tusk” was for Fleetwood Mac?


  3. NoahHibiscusEaton April 25, 2015 / 3:49 pm

    Yep, I’m not surprised Reba McEntire is back at #1. And like I predicted when I bashed its lead single, I nonetheless was optimistic that it would be an outlier and the rest of the album would be more true to what she does, and I certainly believe “Love Somebody” hits more than misses.


    Dwight Yoakam’s debut is impressive too. Glad to hear he still has a loyal passionate following commercially. I think exposure on “The Outsiders” tour has helped him a lot too. Needless to say, “Second Hand Heart” is a fantastic album.


    Jason Aldean’s slide honestly caught my eye.

    He has been right there with Florida Georgia Line week after week after week, and so to see Florida Georgia Line hold steady but him slide out of the Top Ten (for now) is curious. I mean, it wasn’t like he didn’t benefit at all from the ACMs. He got “Male Vocalist of the Year” after all.


    Lee Brice’s slide is obviously not surprising at all. It was discounted at $2.99 for the previous week at some digital retailers.


    This is the first full week since the Sandy Hook Promise controversy, so I guess we’ll find out in time how much Tim McGraw’s decision to headline a benefit concert for them has hurt him from a commercial standpoint. My personal guess is very little, but “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools” has coincidentally hit a possible wall this past week and has its work cut out for it in making the Top Ten with some fierce chart competition behind it.

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    • Raymond April 25, 2015 / 4:11 pm

      What competition Easton is the only one could pass him Carrie Kelsea are way too far behind of course I can request Kelsea enough for her to be a force behind Tim which I’d have no problem putting Kelsea in the Top 10 sooner than later just for you to see her in the Top 10 Noah. I’m kidding I wish all four of those songs the best as each one has grown on me significantly hopefully Tim & Carrie can get #1s and hopefully Kelsea and Easton Corbin can get their full albums out.


  4. Pete Marshall April 25, 2015 / 5:48 pm

    Kip Moore has been struggling lately like his past 2 singles has flopped, but I hope I’m to Blame would do well so he could release his second cd. I will buy both Reba and Dwight’s new cd next week. What happen to Clay Walker and Craig Morgan?


    • Raymond April 25, 2015 / 6:00 pm

      Don’t worry I’m To Blame should start gaining traction and expect an album probably late summer early fall. Reba’s album I heard is good so color me intrigued Clay Walker is on Curb Records all that needs to be said Craig Morgan is just way too old to be relevant.


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