Review – Patrick Ballantyne & The Oh Chays’ “Someone You Should Know”

Patrick Ballantyne & The Oh Chays

As I’ve stated numerous times on the site, country music can come from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t just come from the southern portion of the United States. Today’s country music comes from the opposite direction, north of the border in Canada. It’s singer-songwriter Patrick Ballantyne’s latest single “Someone You Should Know.” This is his third single of the year. Wait, what? Yes, it’s his third single of 2015. Ballantyne just started a project sardonically called, where he aims to release a single every month of the year. The Toronto-based artist is hopeful this project “encourages creativity and dedication in the craft of songwriting.” On this April single he’s also joined by the duo, The Oh Chays. They’re a husband and wife pairing that is also from Canada that tackles many styles of music.

Does the trio tackle this country/folk single well? Yes, yes they do. It’s a rocking little tune about a man trying to convince a woman he’s someone she should know and care about. The string instrumentation and drums are really paced well, giving the song a fun and catchy beat. The piano interludes also really add another layer to the song too, giving the song a throwback feel. The harmonica solo in the bridge followed by another brilliant piano interlude is one of my favorite moments in the song. It really harkens back to the past days of country music and folk. Ballantyne’s vocals are smooth as silk and suit this song well. The Oh Chays harmonizing with him in the chorus gives it an extra “oomph,” grabbing the viewer’s attention. Ballantyne or whoever made the call to put these three together on this song made an excellent choice. I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing them sing together again.

Everything in this song works together flawlessly. The easy-going beat and attitude of the song is infectious. The piano and harmonica really make the instrumentation stand out. After a few listens the lyrics are easy to remember and to sing along with, making it a great song to hear live. Really the more I listen to this song, I more I enjoy it. It’s simple and fun. This is a song that’s impossible to hate. If Ballantyne continues to put out songs like this it will certainly help accomplish the goal of his HitAMonth project. And giving a lesser known duo like The Oh Chays a chance to be noticed even more is highly commendable. I highly recommend checking out “Someone You Should Know,” as well as Ballantyne’s project. You won’t find much country/folk fusion songs like this one. This is a song you should know.

Grade: 9/10

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  1. Derek Hudgin April 27, 2015 / 9:31 am

    This was an enjoyable song! Thanks for the share!

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