Review – Brett Eldredge’s “Lose My Mind”

Brett Eldredge Lose My Mind

The career of Brett Eldredge has certainly been interesting so far. When it comes to condemning the worst of country music, Eldredge is given a pass. This is due to the fact that he isn’t among the worst abusers of fads in the genre, despite the fact that he made two blatant bro country songs in “Don’t Ya” and “Beat of the Music.” Part of what makes these songs a little more palatable too is that Eldredge has great vocals and is very charismatic. Not to mention the fact that he is capable of making great songs such as “Raymond.” As far as my opinion of him, I’ve never been impressed nor offended by him. He’s just kind of been there for me. Well he’s now got another attempt to catch my eye, as he just came out with his new single “Lose My Mind,” the first from his new upcoming album.

Does he catch my eye? No. In fact I think this is his worst single yet and there’s a lot going on here I want to address. First off this song is super short, coming in just over the 2:30 mark. And for the most of the song it’s just the chorus repeated over and over. It’s maddening. The song itself is about a man losing his mind over a woman and… that’s pretty much it. Eldredge sings about some woman making him crazy and how he can’t stop think about her. This is all set to a very pop, radio-friendly beat that will ensure it goes #1. There’s also a palpable undertone of the R&B sound that is infiltrating the genre right now. The rhythmic claps throughout the song annoy me too. Everything about this song is just a train wreck for me.

I don’t want to talk about the song though. I want to also talk about the music video for it, which is even worse. It’s not only bad, but it’s disturbing and creeps me out. Eldredge spends almost the entirety of the song in a straight jacket, apparently because he’s so crazy for this woman. The woman in the video of course is a hot nurse. So I see Eldredge and his team are doing the same thing A Thousand Horses did with their music video for “Smoke.” They both stuck a hot girl in the video to distract listeners from the fact that both songs are painfully boring. But hey at least “Smoke” sounds a little country. “Lose My Mind” is hardly country at all. Back to Eldredge, who is not only in a straight jacket, but has the creepiest set of crazy eyes I’ve ever seen. Seriously it freaks me out. I feel like I’m watching a horror movie trailer, yet the feeling they seem to be going for is sexy and romantic. Swing and a miss!

As I said above this song is destined to be a #1 hit. This is another “country” song where the label will sell it on the fact that the artist is hunky and funky. The rest of the mainstream audience will eat it up because it’s catchy and fun to their ears. “This isn’t bro country, so it has to be good!” Nope. This song is certainly not the worst single released this year, but it’s pretty close to the bottom of the barrel. “Lose My Mind” has a boring, done-to-death subject and instrumentation that makes it even less interesting. And no more passes to Eldredge please. He’s just as much as part of the problem in mainstream country music as Rhett and the others cashing in on the R&B trend.

Grade: 2/10

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  1. Raymond May 3, 2015 / 11:34 am

    Eh actually this might be the worst release of the year so far and if give this a strait up 0/10 which now this grade now has me questioning your Kelsea Ballerini Love Me Like You Mean It Grade of 0/10 which this isn’t even the fanboy in me saying it. With Kelseas review you said she was a decent singer here I’m not seeing any slight positives. Both do have the pop R&B type production but here’s why Kelsea has for me the higher grade she doesn’t get lost in the production with this song her voice never really gets drowned out where as a Brett especially in the chorus I can’t even make out what he’s saying

    Now to this song yeah it’s a train wreck all the way thru the lyrics are as dismissal as they are cringe inducing the production just drowns everything out in the production Brett’s voice isn’t even decent it’s just strait up awful. Now to the video I watched it once and it gives me nightmares still Brett looks like a psycho. The nurse is just a sex object there’s nothing close to redeemable here. 0/10 and you know what I’m gonna say it right now this is worse than Crash & Burn that’s catchy this is just nothing.

    Well I forgot to say if you look on Amazon somewhere there is the track listing for Gloriana’s New Album.

    Also Josh what’d you think of Maddie & Tae After The Storm Blows Thru I’m still wondering what you thought of it.


  2. Zack May 3, 2015 / 4:02 pm

    He had so much promise in the beginning, Raymond was one of my favorite songs of 2010. I never minded Don’t Ya (mostly because I was oblivious to what was going on with country radio at the time) and was happy it got him a hit, but then his album dropped and I was sorely dissapointed. Sure there were tracks like One Mississippi, Signs and Go On Without Me but the rest was just pure filler. I met the guy twice, once while Raymond was climbing and another time shortly after it had peaked. I told him how much I loved the song and to keep pushing more serious material like that. Went over real big didn’t it?

    Now for this song, I am utterly disgusted by it. It’s not country in the slightest (shocker, right?) and tells such a bland story. I’m not going to watch the video, I’ll take your word Josh. I personally give this song a 0. There’s worse sure, but that doesn’t excuse this


  3. Pete Marshall May 3, 2015 / 11:01 pm

    I want to give this song a listen. Wow is this song that bad I don’t have an opinion yet.


  4. Pete Marshall May 3, 2015 / 11:37 pm

    I just listen this song and I will give this song a 1/10. the music video is very band and made no sense to this song. I like Brett but this song doesn’t do any justice. -1


  5. SRM May 4, 2015 / 8:32 am

    I think, all in all, this song is pretty harmless. It’s a forgettable ditty that at least features some powerful vocals, and it could’ve been a lot worse. I’m not convinced that this will fly up the charts, Eldredge is in a precarious place right now, the same one Kip Moore found himself in after the “Up All Night” era was over.

    So I’m not ready to throw Eldredge under the bus completely, but I’m definitely on standby should it need to happen.


    • Raymond May 4, 2015 / 9:43 am

      Oh no it’s gonna fly up the charts unless the digital aspect bombs which I don’t imagine happening Brett is way too radio friendly where as Kip with Young Love wasn’t that radio friendly which lead to his career on a nosedive Brett’s here to stay and well I’m done with him honestly this song doesn’t have a good singing it feels processed and cookie cutter.


    • Scotty J May 4, 2015 / 11:22 am

      ‘Precarious place right now’

      Not sure what you mean by that considering he is coming off of three straight number ones. This will most likely be the fourth as it is right in line with the current hyper trend.

      But this song is so ridiculous. It’s short, repetitive and in no way country. In other words perfect for country radio circa 2015.


  6. NoahHibiscusEaton May 4, 2015 / 4:00 pm

    I’ve said this before at least a dozen times, and I’ll say it again.

    “Crazy” is easily the most overused word in radio country/”country” since he beginning of the decade (“Buzz” being the second most overused word). Pretty much every single frickin’ bro-country song mentions the word “crazy”.

    And what I find most amusing about this hyper-trend is that, above all else, “crazy” is an euphemism. I seriously laugh and roll my eyes when I read many interviews from male country A and B-list entertainers who say that they “tell it like it is” and are straight-shooters…………yet don’t have the guts to say in song that they’re horny or have erections over hotties. (tsk tsk! 😉 ) Instead, they revert to the euphemism “crazy” over and over again.

    Because let’s face it: we KNOW what all these singers REALLY mean when they say “crazy” at least nine-tenths of the time………….but hey: we can’t alienate families and more socially conservative demographics, so we’ll just say……………….I know……………..CRAZY! Yeah, that works well enough!” 😉


    So when Brett Eldredge confesses how “crazy” he is over a female subject in this song and in the song’s title even reflects how she makes him “lose his mind”………………….yeah, that’s a clear giveaway this song is about nothing more than a horny guy who’s struggling to keep it in his pants.

    Just like virtually every other A. B and C-list male entertainer in radio country/”country” presently! -__-


    My Flash Player is currently malfunctioning so I can’t stream what I’m sure is an even lamer music video accompanying this single…………..but I’m absolutely sure it’ll only underscore my points exactly about this single.

    This gets 1/10 from me and absolutely no recommendation.


    And what’s most tragic about this atrocity is that it underscores how helpless Brett Eldredge is as a marionette to label executives. Anyone who has researched Eldredge in broader detail is aware he initially presented to Atlantic Nashville much stronger material including “Shade”, “What Am I Gonna Dream About Now”, “Adios Old Friend” or the song he cut for Gary Allan, “I Think I’ve Had Enough”……….but they intervened and wouldn’t allow him to release most of the cuts and favored, instead, safe fodder that radio would eat up.

    Eldredge at least succeeded in getting “One Mississippi” and “Signs” on the album, but even there it felt like Eldredge caved in to peer pressure and re-recorded both songs to where they felt more polished with less emotional payoff (still good songs regardless, just search out the earlier cuts for more poignant versions). They just didn’t feel quite as impactful. And a cursory glimpse at the track listing of “Bring You Back” exposes the main problem with that album……………there were too many cooks in the kitchen. And usually when that happens, you wind up with the lack of a distinctive flavor.

    That obviously influenced its songwriting as well. Now, I give Eldredge props for releasing “Raymond” as his debut single. As overproduced as it was, too, it was still somewhat gutsy to tackle the subject of Alzheimer’s on a debut release: namely about the narrator meeting an elderly woman named Katherine Davis while working a minimum wage job at Ashbury Hills: who calls him “Raymond” because he looks just like her son who died in 1971 but still believes it’s 1943………..and to make her happy, decides to run with it and keep her company. At least he tried to inject some substance into the mainstream then.

    Unfortunately, it only became a minor chart hit…………and “It Ain’t Gonna Be Love” misfired altogether…………..and probably after some forceful arm-wrangling behind the scenes, we got “Don’t Ya”: a breezier brand of bro-country song that opens with the cringe-worthy line: “Girl, you cut those jeans just right…” complete with a bachelor party music video……………..and OF COURSE it became his breakout major hit! -__-

    Brett Eldredge’s debut may have been more tolerable than Cole Swindell or Chase Rice’s…………….but he’s still a marionette. And it remains to be seen when he’ll finally be able to have the clout to release the kind of songs like those I detailed above. But it’s sadly looking like it won’t happen anytime soon! -__-

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    • Josh Schott May 4, 2015 / 4:10 pm

      Well said as always Noah.


  7. Cobra May 8, 2015 / 7:11 am

    Honestly, this is the second most disturbing music video I’ve ever seen (first place still goes to Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,”).
    This is honestly just creepy and wrong on so many levels. And it is not helped by the fact that the song sucks.

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