Review – Sara Syms’ “Way Back Home”

Sara Syms Way Back Home

What should I do with my life? This is a question I think all of us ponder at some point. We all wonder what are true passions are, but getting there is always interesting. Americana/folk artist Sara Syms is no different. Hailing from Chicago, she was involved with international figure skating, performed in children’s choirs that were renowned world-wide, spent years honing the piano and fiddle and toured with several bands across the country. She did all of this before deciding that her true passion in life is writing, recording and performing her own music. Syms last year released an album titled Fade To Blue, which was a semifinalist in the International Songwriting Contest. This year she is set to release another new album, called Way Back Home, which is set to be released this September. Just recently the title track and lead single was released.

After listening to this, Syms without a doubt made the right choice to become a singer-songwriter. The song starts off with the plucking of an acoustic guitar and the beat of a drum. These are the main instrumentation of the song and it works really well. As I always say less is more and this is the case once again. This allows Syms voice to shine, front and center as it should. She has a beautiful voice with great control and you can tell she has years of experience in music. It shows in her voice, even though she hasn’t been a singer-songwriter that long. The song is about having a burning love for someone, losing it and then longing for that sense of being home with someone again. Without that love, it’s just an empty house. At least this is how I interpret this song. It’s really an exploratory song that’s open to multiple interpretations. I enjoy this type of songwriting as it makes the listener think about the lyrics and engage with the music.

I wasn’t aware of Sara Syms before hearing this song and I’m glad I came across her. She’s a talented artist that deserves to be heard by many. Syms undoubtedly has a knack for songwriting and performing. If this is an indicator of her new album Way Back Home, then I’m definitely on-board and interested in hearing it. Her music is easy to connect with. I think the down-to-earth tone is what draws me in and I’m sure is appealing to many other listeners too. Then of course you can’t forget her voice, which is fantastic. I definitely recommend checking out “Way Back Home” and keeping an eye out for her new album this fall.

Grade: 8/10

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