Video: Irish Country Artist Megan O’Neill’s “Coming Home”

Megan O'Neill
Photo Credit: Connor Clinch, Whitney Dean & Steve Schwartz

I’ve said on the site numerous times that great country music can come from anywhere in the world. Time and time again I come across artists from places you don’t expect and once again that is the case. Meet Megan O’Neill. She is originally from County Kildare, Ireland (her current home is London) and has been featured on ABC’s hit show Nashville. Her song “Don’t You” was featured on the season finale of Nashville. O’Neill is a longtime singer-songwriter who has been honing her craft for years and was previously a University College Dublin Choral Scholar. In early 2014 she signed with Milestone Management and earlier this year released her debut EP in May, titled Coming Home. She just recently released a music video for the EP’s title track. It’s a mid-tempo track that really does a great job featuring O’Neill’s big voice. Be sure to check it out and weigh in about it in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Video: Irish Country Artist Megan O’Neill’s “Coming Home”

  1. EZlikeSunAM August 10, 2015 / 11:34 am

    Good, but very pop.


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