Album Review – Patrick Sweany’s ‘Daytime Turned To Nighttime’


From Massillon, Ohio comes musician Patrick Sweany. The reason I only say musician and indicate no genre is because Sweany’s sound spans over multiple genres. His music is a combination of country, Americana, blues, folk, classic 50s rock and bluegrass. He takes all of these different sounds and combines them to make truly authentic music. Sweany got his start by playing clubs and coffee shops around Kent, Ohio. Fast-forward to present day where up to this point he’s released six critically acclaimed records. Two of them were produced by Black Keys lead guitarist and vocalist Dan Auerbach. It’s not a big surprise considering The Black Keys are out of nearby Akron. Sweany has opened for The Black Keys, The Tedeschi Trucks Band and several others. Today he has released his brand new album Daytime Turned To Nighttime.

“First of the Week” opens up Daytime Turned To Nighttime. The song is about a man who works all the time and is constantly on the road. He does however get Sundays off and it’s something he looks forward to. The well-placed guitar lyrics throughout the song give it a nice sound. The more upbeat “Tiger Pride” is next. It features lots of string instrumentation throughout it and gives the song a rustic feeling. The easy-going “Here To Stay” follows. It’s a song about a man realizing his time isn’t long. The steel guitar and piano drive the sound of this song and fit the attitude of the song perfectly.

Sweany slows it down with “Sweethearts Together.” It’s a love song that allows Sweany’s distinctive voice to shine and really tell a story. The instrumentation is kept quiet, which gives the song a more romantic and dreamy feeling, which is needed in a song like this one. “Back Home” is a rocking hillbilly country rock song and one of my favorites on the album. It has infectious guitar licks that really make song catchy and fun. Sweany’s voice absolutely soars on this song and is completely unleashed. While this song sounds great on the album, I imagine it will sound even better live. The dark and gritty “Afraid of You” sees Sweany singing about being in tumultuous relationship and questioning everything about it. He really does a great job capturing the psychology of being in a troublesome relationship and articulating it through the music. The instrumentation, particularly in the bridge, really elevates the lyrics to another level. This is definitely one of the gems of Daytime Turned To Nighttime.

Like the opening song on the album “First of the Week,” Sweany sings of being on the road and being away from his woman. This is another song where you can really hear how great Sweany’s voice is. “Nothing Happened At All” is a solid bluesy heartbreak tune. And “Mansfield Street” sees Sweany getting in touch with his soulful side. Daytime Turned To Nighttime ends with “Long Way Down.” It’s a warm feeling song that is essentially about life. Really it’s a song that captures the essence of this entire album and Sweany’s sound.

Patrick Sweany delivers a solid album full of a variety of songs with Daytime Turned To Nighttime. The careful thought behind each lyric and instrument is palpable, making any listener appreciative of the talent of Sweany. While I wanted maybe just a little more in the songwriting department, the album is pretty good in all phases. He’s truly an artist in every sense of the word. Sweany takes the inspiration of his favorite artists, mixes it with his own style and creates music that is unique. Daytime Turned To Nighttime is another good step in the successful career of Patrick Sweany.

Grade: 8/10