Review – Scott Brantley’s “Good Thing Going”

Scott Brantley Good Thing Going

Breaking onto country radio can be hard. In fact its extremely difficult in today’s world with a never-ending amount of artists competing for attention everywhere. So many artists try to break in by copying current trends and artists. This usually never works. Being genuine and true to yourself is what will catch people’s attentions (or if you can somehow get involved with the payola machine On The Verge). Scott Brantley is an artist who is sticking to what he is as he embarks on his career. He uses the term “country-country” to describe his music and cites artists such as Merle Haggard and Keith Whitley as musical influences. Striking a balance though between traditional country and appealing to radio is a balancing act. But Brantley seems to find it with his newest single “Good Thing Going.”

The song starts with the sound of an electric guitar and some reverb. Brantley then begins to sing about his woman and him are different, comparing themselves to salt and pepper. The song is essentially a love ballad about how even though a couple may be a little different, they can still go together well. As Brantley sings, they have a good thing going so there’s no need to worry about differences. Brantley wrote this song with his brother David and Trent Jeffcoat, so I’m guessing this song could be anecdotal to his own life. Regardless it’s the kind of breezy love ballad that I think many listeners can enjoy and connect with. While the theme is simplistic, it’s universal and quite frankly love can be this simple.

While I think “Good Thing Going” is a solid song, I think Scott Brantley is capable of producing even better music than this. His voice has room to grown more and tackle bigger songs. He certainly has the country sound that I think can appeal to a lot of people. And of course I understand with a first single like this you’re trying to appeal to a broad group of people. Most of the time this comes off as generic and pandering, but I think that this song avoids these pitfalls for the most part. While “Good Thing Going” is nothing flashy or ground-breaking, it’s a simple song that helps get Scott Brantley off on the right foot and shows that he wants to bring a mostly traditional sound to a country radio landscape that continues to need more of this.

Grade: 7/10