Review – Frankie Ballard’s “It All Started With A Beer”

Frankie Ballard It All Started With A Beer

I feel like we haven’t heard from Frankie Ballard in ages. It probably has to do with the fact that’s he has been pretty quiet throughout 2015. The only single he’s released this year has been “Young & Crazy.” As Derek said in his review of the song, it does more right than wrong and it was a pretty decent song. It’s certainly better than a lot of singles at country radio. It performed well on the airplay chart, as it reached #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. So despite being under-the-radar, Ballard has done well. But he’s now back with a new single, “It All Started With A Beer.” Hints started dropping about it weeks back in Country Aircheck Weekly and now it’s starting to go for airplay at radio. And once again Ballard gives us something more than the rest in mainstream country music.

Right away an acoustic guitar sets the tone of the song. It’s mid-tempo and has a hazy feeling, but in a good feeling. This fits the theme well, as the song is about a man recalling how he met his wife in a bar. He remembers exactly what they were drinking and how he picked up the tab, as a girl like her made him want to do this despite not having much money. Their relationship all started with a beer and now they’ve been together for years, going through all kinds of highs and lows together. This song depends a lot on the nostalgia factor when it comes to the listener. For some they will immediately connect with it, while others may find the song a little bit lacking. I was kind of hoping the lyrics would go just a little deeper (song written by Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Jeremy Stover), but as is they’re good enough and grow on you a little bit as you listen to it more. The instrumentation is well done, as a combination of steel guitar and acoustic guitar make for a great and decidedly country sound.

While I thought “Young & Crazy” was decent, I think “It All Started With A Beer” is a little better even. Love ballads suit Frankie Ballard well and I think this single shows he should do more. Really it’s a glimpse that perhaps he can go deeper overall with his music. This is the first single off of his new, upcoming album and I have to say this is a pretty solid start. I’m assuming it’s going to come out sometime in 2016, but so far there has been no official word from him or Warner Music Nashville. I think “It All Started With A Beer” will do great at radio and many listeners will be able to connect with it, ensuring it will reach #1 most likely. I give it a light recommendation to check it out. Frankie Ballard continues to head in the right direction with this single.

Grade: 7/10

9 thoughts on “Review – Frankie Ballard’s “It All Started With A Beer”

  1. lorenzofloris96 November 30, 2015 / 2:58 pm

    right on Josh, it’s a great song. It really sounds like something that belongs to country radio. Unfortunately Frankie stated that this is going to be the most country sounding song on the album. I hope the album will still be good


  2. Zack November 30, 2015 / 4:02 pm

    Yeah, this is pretty solid. My only complaint is that, like you said, the lyrics could have been developed a lot more (for example, what were some of those highs and lows you were talking about Frankie?)

    Still, this is solid, and a step in the right direction for Frankie. Aside from “A Buncha Girls” and “Helluva Life”, I’ve honestly enjoyed all of his singles thus far (yes even “Sunshine and Whiskey”, but then again I had questionable taste last year…..)

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