Death to Bland Music (or Why I’m Not Reviewing Chris Young’s New Album)

Chris Young I'm Boring You To Sleep

After a long Thanksgiving holiday, I was ready to return to writing with a fresh mind and eagerness. Before tackling all of our year end award lists, I wanted to review the new album from Chris Young, I’m Comin’ Over. The lead single of the same name was a solid song and I had faith that this would be a solid album. Young has always stood out somewhat to me in mainstream country because of his smooth and flawless vocals. He no doubt has the talent to sing what he wants and be very good at it. So I put the album on and listened. And about five songs in I’m already drifting off and barely paying attention to the music. The buzz I heard before even listening to this album was that it’s bland and boring. And guess what? You were right consensus!

When I listen to music, 99% of the time after listening to it I will have an opinion. But this falls under the 1%. As soon as one song ended, I forgot about it. Each song sounds the exact same: some pop country sound with your run of the mill lyrics and an above average vocal performance from Young. It’s as if Chris Young gathered some of the best PR and advertising executives into a room and asked them to write the safest, cleanest and most wide-appealing lyrics. There is no edge, danger or chances taken throughout the album. This album is nothing but filler music that plays in the background of a commercial. You can’t get any cookie-cutter than Chris Young’s I’m Comin’ Over. The duets aren’t even interesting. It’s not surprising on “Think of You,” as Cassadee Pope has done nothing but churn out the safest, most boring filler since she went country. And this is disheartening because she proved on The Voice she has a great voice. She belongs in pop and has never been a good fit in country music. The other collaboration though is surprising, as Young is joined by the great Vince Gill on “Sober Saturday Night.” Well maybe we shouldn’t blame Gill, as he isn’t really involved in the vocals and is more involved on the instrument side. Still Young managed to make a song with Vince freaking Gill sound boring. Both impressive and depressing.

This is almost worse than making a truly terrible album. Criticize Florida Georgia Line all you want (seriously you should), but I at least have some feeling after hearing their music, even if it is rage and apathy. Sam Hunt’s Montevallo at least made me think, “Man, this sucks.” Chris Young’s I’m Comin’ Over is a nap-inducing yawner that I won’t ever remember. Young might as well have not even released an album. If you’re an artist who can walk into a studio, make this kind of forgettable music and walk out satisfied, I seriously question your creative eye and thoughts. If you enjoy listening to this type of music, you probably also enjoy reading the dictionary, watching paint dry and counting blades of grass.

The world has too much damn good music to be wasting time on albums like Chris Young’s I’m Comin’ Over. For any other artist out here reading this, I plead to you with this advice: when making an album, please make music that will at the very least elicit a reaction. Make something with a pulse that will hold the listeners’ attention. Don’t waste our time like Chris Young did. Even if it is bad because at least people will talk about it. I want all bland albums to die. If you have to experiment with 18th century Hungarian monk songs to make your music sound interesting, just do it. I’ll at least applaud you for thinking outside the box and taking a chance. I do not recommend listening to or purchasing Chris Young’s I’m Comin’ Over unless you want to take a nice nap. Listen to anything else because it has to be more lively than this album.

8 thoughts on “Death to Bland Music (or Why I’m Not Reviewing Chris Young’s New Album)

  1. Pat T December 1, 2015 / 1:27 pm

    All I can say is you must have been still under the influence of the turkey from Thanksgiving. I love the album and especially the duet “Think Of You” with Cassadee and the song “Sober Saturday Night” with Vince. “I’m Comin’ Over” has spent 3 weeks at the top of the Billboard chart… I totally agree that Chris’ vocals are amazing on this album but I feel that Chris pours his heart and soul into these songs and the lyrics which he wrote. It would be a dull world if everyone had the same opinion so I will give you that. 😉

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    • NoahHibiscusEaton December 1, 2015 / 4:02 pm

      Good for you. Just as I’m happy for anyone who truly derives joy out of counting blades of grass, watching paint dry and reading the dictionary! =)


  2. Danik Gillespie December 1, 2015 / 3:12 pm

    I’m actually loving the album. I think both artists put lots of emotion into “Think of You”. Meanwhile, I actually think that “Sober Saturday Night” is the best song on the album. I also think that he stuck with one theme throughout the album which was really cool. I would give it an 8/10. But that’s just me…!

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  3. NoahHibiscusEaton December 1, 2015 / 3:59 pm

    Chris Young is the Daughtry of mainstream country music.

    Much like Chris Daughtry, he is easily one of the best male vocalists around in the mainstream, but squanders a gift of a voice on the most banal and tepid material imaginable.

    Then, when either one does try to go off on a left-of-field limb, it ends in utter embarrassment. Much like Daughtry’s “Battleships” was a sonic face-palm, so was half of Young’s “A.M.” between bro-country pandering tracks like the title track, “Nothin’ But The Cooler Left”, “We’re Goin’ To Find It” and “Hold You To It”.

    Otherwise, both artists safely paint it by numbers, right down the middle. “I’m Comin’ Over” was bland and boring to the first degree much like any of Daughtry’s lead singles. The rest of the album is the exact same story, with “I Know A Guy” the sole track able to stand out on the strength of the writing alone.

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    • Derek Hudgin December 1, 2015 / 5:17 pm

      And as a fan of both Young and Daughtry’s early works, I completely agree with this, as frustrating as it is. I couldn’t stand the bipolar nature of ‘A.M.’ as a whole, but loved the subdued country tracks of “Text Me Texas” “Who I Am With You” and “Hold You To It”.

      ‘I’m Comin Over’ was soooooooo boring. I honestly couldn’t believe how little the songs varied from own another. I get that “Tomorrow” was a smash hit for Young, but there has to be more to chase than just recreating your biggest commercial success.


  4. Derek Hudgin December 1, 2015 / 5:18 pm

    This post on why you won’t review Young’s album is more interesting than a full album review would have been.

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  5. Raymond December 1, 2015 / 5:37 pm

    This album was honestly boring. I somewhat liked the duet Think Of You, now before I get bombarded with jeers. Let me explain. I did think that Chris Young and Cassadee Pope their voices meshed well together. The lyrics were rather bland. The production was bland. But I do usually like the male-female duets in country music I mean there are a couple I can do without (Home Alone Tonight) but I did like Think Of You enough to where it was more of a 0. Now I’m not going to defend Cassadee Pope country music career, her debut album was very forgetful and her current song is also. Really I don’t get the appeal she has a strong singing voice but her production does her no favors.


  6. Zack December 1, 2015 / 8:24 pm

    Yeah, there isn’t much to say here. It was just a dull and lifeless album. I make it a rule to listen to every album at least 3 times to fully formulate my thoughts, and I did the same with this one. After 3 listens I still hardly remember a thing about this album.

    Light 4/10 for me.

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