Country Perspective’s 2015 Worst Song of the Year Nominees

Sam Hunt Destroying Country Music

One of the biggest stories in country music this year has been the palpable influence of R&B and EDM on the genre. This has not just impacted mainstream country music, but independent country music and Texas Country to certain degrees too. The result? Some of the most godawful music I’ve ever heard in my life. Derek and myself have had the misfortune to listen to and review some pretty terrible music. Bro country may pretty much be dead, but it’s been replaced by something even worse. To give you an idea of how bad it is, “John Cougar John Deere John 3:16” and “High Class” didn’t even make the nominees list. And it’s straight bro country.

When determining the worst song of the year winner, we will take into consideration a few key aspects: stupidity of the lyrics, terribleness of the production and instrumentation, how did it affect the artist’s career (last year’s winner “Donkey” sunk Jerrod Niemann’s career), did the artist sell out and of course how uncreative it is. In other words, this song has to be legendarily bad. Last year we only had five nominees for this award, as we found it easy to pinpoint the top candidates. This year though it’s more than doubled in nominees, as there were just so many bad songs.

Derek and I will ultimately make the call on who wins, but you the readers will have a voice in this too. Be sure tell us who you think should win this dishonorable award, as your feedback will most certainly be considered. Without further ado, here are the 15 songs we fill are worthy of being considered Country Perspective’s 2015 Worst Song of the Year award winner.

Kelsea Ballerini – “Dibs”

Pop country artist Kelsea Ballerini made her arrival onto mainstream country music this year and the music hasn’t been very damn good. While her lead single “Love Me Like You Mean It” was bad enough, she managed to top it in awfulness with her second single “Dibs.” Not only is the spoken word delivery grating to the ears, but the lyrics are garbage.

Thomas Rhett Crash and Burn

Thomas Rhett – “Crash & Burn”

I’m going to get to why this song ultimately doesn’t work: Rhett himself. You give this song to Bruno Mars, take out the awkward production, replace it with Mars-like production and you have yourself a mega pop hit. I would also enjoy the hell out of it. Rhett’s version of this song is terrible because Rhett does not have the charisma and soul of Mars to pull the song off. You need a high energy singer with great chops to make this song great and Rhett simply doesn’t have that. I feel like the instrumentation swallows his voice on this song. You notice everything else on this song before Rhett’s voice. This is by design of course because the catchy beat is what will pull in gullible casual listeners. They don’t care about the fact that this song isn’t country in any way possible.

Cole Swindell Let Me See Ya Girl

Cole Swindell – “Let Me See Ya Girl”

The lyrics are a complete train wreck, cliché and stuff we’ve already heard from Swindell before numerous times. Tailgate? Check. Hot girl shaking her ass? Check. Moonlight? Check. Parking on a dirt road? Check. Name drop a southern state? Check. But wait to stay hip to the new modern themes of metropolitan/Sam Hunt trash he makes sure to mention a dance floor and a club. Clubs are apparently the new fields/river banks. The theme of the song is Swindell trying to have sex with a girl in a truck on a dirt road. How original! I was shocked to find out Dallas Davidson had no part in writing this song. This seems to fit the Davidson catalog perfectly. That’s the only surprise of this song.

Eli Young Band – “Turn It On”

Right away you can tell this is just another pop country, minus the country, party song that caters to radio. The opening lyrics indicate it’s a guy in a bar or club talking it up with a girl and of course trying to get lucky. It’s yet another hookup song. Also it’s under neon lights because that’s supposed to make this song hip and cool. The instrumentation in this song is your generic, adult-contemporary sound with the nothing special guitar lyrics. In other words, same shit different song. The chorus of this song is an annoying ear worm meant to get stuck in your head and drive you nuts. Not in a good way either.

RaeLynn – “For A Boy”

All I know is this is another song where RaeLynn suggests the girl should let the boy be in control and dictate the relationship. This type of song has not only been done to death by country music, but by RaeLynn herself. She can’t sing a song about anything else other than boys? Is it impossible for her to dig deep and sing something with depth? So far, based on her library of songs released, the answer to both is yes. The only thing I can say I liked about this song was the banjo, but it was pretty much buried throughout the song in favor of heavy pop influences and instrument machines. RaeLynn’s twang in her voice when she sings is still as thick as peanut butter and drags the quality of her music down even further. I mean it’s bad enough the lyrics are uninspiring and terrible, but her over-twanged voice just makes the song even worse.

Luke Bryan Kick The Dust Up

Luke Bryan – “Kick The Dust Up”

This isn’t as bad as “That’s My Kind of Night,” but I don’t think even this trio of writers could pen such a terrible song that could top it. “Kick The Dust Up” is still a horrendous song that only contributes more to the gaping black-hole of creativity on country radio right now. Bryan is still churning out the same exact music he was putting out in 2013. In two years time he hasn’t changed a thing. Why? He hasn’t changed because he knows the mainstream country music fans will gobble this turd up just like the previous ones. We can blame these assholes making bro country all we want, but if fans out there keep accepting this kind of trash as music then they’re just as much to blame for country music’s problems too.

Danielle Bradbery – “Friend Zone”

“Friend Zone” is just all-around terrible and quite frankly offensive. The first offense is the most token banjo ever being thrown in at the very start. In fact this token banjo play is looped throughout the song, brainwashing gullible mainstream country fans into thinking this song is country when it’s anything but country. The song is really a pop rock anthem that panders to country radio, in a desperate attempt to make Bradbery relevant. The theme of the song is about a girl lecturing a boy on not pursuing a girl properly and as a result he’s going to be stuck in the “friend zone.” While this is meant to come off as witty and playful, to my ears it comes off as bitchy, preachy and annoying. How is this song meant to be enjoyable?

Michael Ray – “Kiss You In The Morning”

They promised it was going away! This shit is old and no one is amused anymore. Bro country is like a damn cockroach. You think you’ve killed it but this bug continues to slither along. The chorus for this song is even worse. Wanna take a guess what the main theme is? If your answer is kissing, you’re correct. It doesn’t exactly take a Rhodes scholar to figure it out. But it’s not just kissing! It’s about kissing all over the place. From the moonlight to a red light to neon light to the morning, there’s kissing. How creative! Even Richard Dawson thinks this is overkill in the kissing department. You know what’s sad though? Those aren’t even the worst parts of the song. No, the worst part and also most laughable comes after the first chorus. It’s when Ray utters the line: “Oh you little outlaw.” Hahahahahaha! Wait I’m not done yet. Hahahaha!

Old Dominion

Old Dominion – “Break Up With Him”

It starts out with the spoken word, pseudo rap bullshit that Sam Hunt started to use in all of his songs and is now spreading like wildfire through country music (hello Jake Owen and Keith Urban). It’s annoying and adds nothing to the music. Why people get amusement out of this is beyond my comprehension. The song itself is about a man who’s drunk and calls up a girl he likes. Then he proceeds to tell her that she needs to break up with her current boyfriend and hook up with him. Say what? Basically this guy is whining and advocating for a girl to break up with her boyfriend, who is never mentioned to have done anything wrong throughout the song. This guy is such a whiny douche that he thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to break up a relationship, which by all indications is going fine, for his own gain. Could you find a clearer definition of an asshole than this guy?

Luke Bryan – “Strip It Down”

This is basically Bryan’s version of Jason Aldean’s “Burnin’ It Down.” For a song that’s supposed to be sexy, Bryan sure sounds serious. And who the hell finds this crap to be sexy? All I picture is a 40 year-old Bryan lurching at a 16 year-old girl across the bar thinking she’s 18. The definition of creepy! Also this isn’t country at all.

ZBB Jekyll + Hyde

Zac Brown Band – “Beautiful Drug”

Then Jekyll + Hyde finally arrived to our mailboxes and we ripped off the plastic wrap as quick as we could for an album we all anticipated to be great. The first track on the album? The song Zac Brown predicted to be a crossover hit, “Beautiful Drug.” And then it happened. The moment Zac Brown Band took the metaphorical knife and stabbed it in our backs. Of course we didn’t recognize it yet, as the faith was still there, despite it being reduced. My ears didn’t know what to think. The rest of the album was rocky too. It took several listens for the anger and realization to sit in: Zac Brown Band cut an EDM song and blatantly led the album off with it. Betrayal and disappointment immediately came to mind.


Sam Hunt – “Break Up In A Small Town”

Is this a country song? Fuck no. “But hey he’s singing about a small town! That counts right?” No, it does not gullible bro country fan. I’m sick and tired of hearing about small towns in “country” songs. “Break Up In A Small Town” features spoken word in the whole first minute of the song. When Hunt is “singing,” it’s borderline rapping (shitty rapping I may add). There are also synths and electric beats that are laden throughout this song too. I just can’t anymore. Fuck this song.

Florida Georgia Line – “Sippin’ On Fire”

These two had a relatively quiet year, but they still managed to put out a terrible enough single to make the list. It’s a shame “Sun Daze” was released officially in 2014, otherwise it might have won. But “Sippin’ On Fire” is pretty bad too.

“Sippin’ On Fire” is about drinking Fireball, but that’s name-dropped in every Florida Georgia Line song. At this point it’s just getting boring. I guess this song is supposed to be a slower song, but to me it’s just another bad song.

Jason Aldean – “Gonna Know We Were Here”

Aldean breaks out the sexual innuendos on “Gonna Know We Were Here.” There’s a lyric that mentions “make a few marks, leave a few stains.” This doubles as a reference to driving around in a car and sex because I’m pretty sure cars don’t leave stains. Ugh. This song feels like a trashy Brantley Gilbert song, which really sums up this entire album. Aldean becomes Gilbert and behind the overproduced instrumentation are shallow and boring lyrics.

And finally a song we didn’t review, but we certainly would have been remiss to leave off the nominees list…

Haley Georgia – “Ridiculous”

Remember this pile of shit of a song? It was so damn bad that Derek and myself refused to review it. Haley Georgia makes RaeLynn sound better by comparison, which is truly impression. While it never made the impression her camp had hopes of making on radio and mainstream country, it’s hard to forget a horrendous song like this one. And despite not getting a review, it could end up easily winning our 2015 Worst Song of the Year award.

That’s your nominees! Tell us who you think should win below. 

20 thoughts on “Country Perspective’s 2015 Worst Song of the Year Nominees

  1. Zack December 8, 2015 / 11:14 am

    “Breakup In A Small Town”

    No contest, not even with “Ridiculous”

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  2. jb December 8, 2015 / 11:18 am

    Choosing just one of these is an impossible decision, but I’m going with “Dibs,” which insults the intelligence of everyone involved, but only slightly more than “Break Up With Him.”

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  3. Amanda December 8, 2015 / 11:25 am

    Great nominees for worst song of the year, Josh. There were some pretty shitty mainstream sings this year. Here’s my list for worst song of 2015:

    -Let Me See Ya Girl
    -For a Boy
    -Kick the Dust Up
    -Strip it Down
    -Home Alone Tonight
    -Friend Zone
    -Break Up With Him
    -Real Men Love Jesus
    -Gonna Wanna Tonight

    And of course, a few DIShonorable mentions:

    -Love Me Like You Mean It
    -Kiss You In The Morning
    -Sippin’ On Fire
    -Anything Goes
    -Break Up in a Small Town
    -Beautiful Drug

    Side notes: I really feel as if it’s a three-way tie for me: Break Up With Him (I absolutely detest this song), Friend Zone (yuck 😦 ), and Real Men Love Jesus (I feel a rant brewing for this song. I can’t believe I paused Gary Allan to listen to this steaming pile of sexist shit. Basically, this is the male equivalent to that fucking awful Raelynn song, God Made Girls, which is another song that I hate with every piece of me. [Damn, I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to rant about God Made Girls!] I slightly hate God Made Girls more, but this is almost as terrible. And besides, when does Michael Ray get to decide what a real man is? Absolutely sickening.

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  4. Amanda December 8, 2015 / 12:09 pm

    I have to say my vote is definitely in for Break Up With Him. The shittiest misogynistic douchefest to ever exist.


  5. lorenzofloris96 December 8, 2015 / 1:22 pm

    I strongly agree with all of these except for Dibs (yeah it’s an idiotic and annoying song but way better than the rest of these songs) and Sippin on Fire (i hate it but it’s still better than Anything Goes and Sun Daze). Also, i think Just Getting Started by country music raper Jason Aldean deserves to be added to this list.


  6. lorenzofloris96 December 8, 2015 / 1:25 pm

    I think Luke Bryan and his shitty sexual innuendo Kick the Dust Up deserve to win the award for worst song of 2015


  7. NoahHibiscusEaton December 8, 2015 / 3:14 pm

    I would definitely add for consideration (noting you also say songs, not singles:


    Brett Michaels: “Girls On Bars”
    David Fanning: “Doin’ Country Right”
    Waterloo Revival: “Bad For You”
    Abi Ann: “Truck Candy”
    Canaan Smith: “Stuck” and “Two Lane Road”
    Luke Bryan: “Move”
    Uncle Ezra Ray: “BYHB”
    Thomas Rhett: “South Side”, “Anthem” and “Vacation”
    RaeLynn: “Better Do It” and “Boyfriend”
    Olivia Lane: “You Part 2”
    Jana Kramer: “Said No One Ever”
    Scotty McCreery: “Southern Belle”
    Eli Young Band: “Drink You Up”
    Chris Lane: “Fix”
    Dallas Smith: “Kids With Cars”
    Billy Currington: “Soundtrack”
    Easton Corbin: “Yup” & “Damn Girl”
    Tyler Farr: “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.”
    Chris Janson: “Save A Little Sugar”
    Old Dominion: (Almost Any Track, But Especially “Beer Can In A Truck Bed”, “Wrong Turns” & “Said Nobody”)


    “Ridiculous” would definitely top my list, but I’ll have to think a while longer about the rest of the order.

    I don’t consider “Sippin’ On Fire” and “Gonna Know We Were Here” among the worst (and both were released in 2014 anyway). As long as we’re being honest, “Break Up In A Small Town” also is a 2014 release as far as songs are concerned (though certainly atrocious).


    • Josh Schott December 8, 2015 / 3:32 pm

      Those later ones you say were released in 2014 were all released in 2015 as singles, therefore eligible for the list.


      • NoahHibiscusEaton December 8, 2015 / 3:46 pm

        I just wasn’t sure because you titled the list as “songs” instead of “singles”.


        • Josh Schott December 8, 2015 / 3:51 pm

          Ah gotcha. I can see why this is confusing. Basically any song or single released this year is eligible. Some songs we didn’t put on this because we’re pretty certain they will be singles next year that will be eligible, like Thomas Rhett’s “Vacation.”


  8. Lisandro Berry-Gaviria December 8, 2015 / 3:20 pm

    I agree with Zack; I’d throw my vote to “Break Up In A Small Town.” Not only is it quite possibly the most blatantly non-country song ever released as a single by a “country” artist (with bad lyrics and overprocessed vocals to boot), but it’s looking to become yet another sizable hit for Hunt…whereas other awful songs this year (“Ridiculous,” “For A Boy”) bombed commerically.


  9. NoahHibiscusEaton December 8, 2015 / 4:32 pm

    Okay, here’s two lists I’ve thought up: one for radio singles, the other for songs in general.


    *****Ten Worst Country/”Country” Singles of 2015*****

    1) Haley Georgia: “Ridiculous” (Sure, it flopped big time. Still, this is particularly bad in that it heinously leaves an impression on you. It is for that reason why Haley walks away with the asbestos-laced nuclear waste cake.)

    2) Sam Hunt: “Break Up In A Small Town” (The single most damaging single release of 2015 on musical, lyrical and production fronts combined. Its ability to impact the Top Ten this coming week is terrible news.)

    3: Old Dominion: “Break Up With Him” (The single most offensively douchey single of 2015. It falls below Sam Hunt only because the production is uneventfully bland.)

    4: Bret Michaels: “Girls On Bars” (Another stone cold flop. Still, it had this infectiously toxic cult curiosity driving it that leaves it deserving of a thrashing in the year-end countdown anyway.)

    5: Chris Lane: “Fix” (It’s only now beginning to highly impact radio via On The Verge, but it isn’t escaping my sight for 2015. Between the Old Dominion-esque sleaze factor, comparing list to Walter White highs and the shamelessly lightweight pop production, this is a new low to closely watch with fright.)

    6: Dallas Smith: “Kids With Cars” (Even with Joey Moi helming his entire country recording career thus far, his earlier efforts and “Lifted” showed signs of relative promise. Not here. The rap-like delivery in the verses is painful listening to, and the production is arguably Moi’s single most cacophonously cluttered heap of eardrum whiplash yet. Stop “Wasting My Time”, Dallas!)

    7: Danielle Bradbery: “Friend Zone” (What makes this track especially toxic are lyrics that make apologies to Men’s Right Activist rhetoric. From a woman. Forget the atrocious production and personality-deprived vocals: there are some disturbing insinuations in the songwriting.)

    8: Zac Brown Band: “Beautiful Drug” (Another single that’s holding its own at country radio and spells terrible news for the format’s future if it reaches the Top Ten because it will likened to a referendum on allowing more synthetic production antithetical to country music and shallow lyricism lacking narrative.)

    9: David Fanning: “Doin’ Country Right” (You know it’s an especially brutal year for mainstream “country” music when this single wound up tanking to #9 on the year-end worst countdown. Especially seeing how stuttering vocal production is the only thing memorable about it for the very worst reasons.)

    10: Abi Ann: “Truck Candy” (This would definitely be in my Top Three if, somehow, it didn’t seem like it HAD to be a novelty song-esque joke on us. Still, it’s painful listening to in any context.)



    *****Ten Worst Country/”Country” Album Tracks of 2015*****

    1: Old Dominion: “Beer Can In A Truck Bed”
    2: Chris Janson: “Save A Little Sugar”
    3: Thomas Rhett: “South Side”
    4: RaeLynn: “Better Do It”
    5: Luke Bryan: “Move”
    6: Jana Kramer: “Said No One Ever”
    7: Old Dominion: “Said Nobody”
    8: Old Dominion: “Wrong Turns”
    9: Canaan Smith: “Stuck”
    10: Easton Corbin: “Damm Girl”


    Tyler Farr: “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.” & “Why We Live Here”
    Canaan Smith: “Two Lane Road”, “Mad Love” & “Good Kinda Bad”
    RaeLynn: “Boyfriend”
    Billy Currington: “Soundtrack”
    Thomas Rhett: (The Entire Album Minus “The Day You Stop Looking Back” and “Playing With Fire”)
    Old Dominion: (The Entire Album Minus “Nowhere Fast”)
    Luke Bryan: “Kill The Lights”
    Easton Corbin: “Guys & Girls”
    Kelsea Ballerini: “Yeah Boy”


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    • NoahHibiscusEaton December 8, 2015 / 4:45 pm

      Oh, right………….my Dishonorable Mentions for the singles category:


      Thomas Rhett: “Crash & Burn” (Here’s the thing: I initially was determined to thrash this as the very worst single because it shamelessly plagiarizes Sam Cooke. But then, when I thought “Die A Happy Man” shamelessly rips off “Thinking Out Loud” and countless other songs appropriating R&B, my attitude shifted to just choosing the worst based on how the song makes me feel in a riled-up sense. And though I still resent this song, there are nonetheless ten I resented more.)

      Olivia Lane: “You Part 2”

      Waterloo Revival: “Bad For You”

      Kelsea Ballerini: “Dibs”

      Uncle Ezra Ray: “BYHB” (the only reason it was spared of the list is because it never actually got a radio release.)

      Eli Young Band: “Turn It On”

      Luke Bryan: “Kick The Dust Up” & “Home Alone Tonight”

      RaeLynn: “For A Boy”



  10. Kevin Davis December 8, 2015 / 7:19 pm

    Yeah, I agree with others above: “Break Up in a Small Town” is my vote for worst song of the year. Perhaps some of the lesser known songs are worse (e.g., I’ve never heard the Haley Georgia song, nor do I plan on doing so), but the damaging effect of “Break Up in a Small Town” on country radio is too significant.


  11. Jason December 8, 2015 / 8:24 pm

    How can anybody pick one worst song? I can name at least 10:

    Break Up In A Small Town- Basically killed country radio.

    Break Up With Him- Petty and detestable lyrics with an even worse music video. At least the instrumentation is decent.

    Home Alone Tonight- See Break Up With Him, minus the good instrumentation (it’s more like a wall of white noise) and a featured artist who sounds completely disinterested.

    Ridiculous- Rule #1 of songwriting; don’t give your song an ironic title. Rule #2; don’t do whatever they tried to do here. Rule #3; it helps if the singer can actually sing. Rule 4; Autotune cannot save every voice.

    House Party- From the record scratches to the seizure inducing music video, you’d swear this was some lost song from a few decades ago.

    Let Me See Ya Girl- Commits the most handouts crime of all; it’s so bland and forgettable I had to listen to the song again to actually remember what song I was reading about.

    Yup- I’m surprised this song doesn’t get talked about more. For a song like this, it’s so lifeless.

    Just Add Water- Another Easton Corbin song, this one not a single. It’s as laughable as it sounds. Imagine a Kenny Chesney song mixed with a startling amount of forced rhymes and ridiculous lyrics.

    We Went- Who greenlit this? It can’t even keep continuity through a 3 minute runtime, it makes no sense why anyone does anything, and let’s remember that Houser is 40, trying to rap about running from cops with his girl.

    High Class- I really hope “I’m going all out, at least for tonight” means that Eric Paslay isn’t putting any more crap like this on whatever album/EP may be coming out. What really pisses me off is the awesome instrumentation in the first few seconds that draws you in, only for fake drums to drown out Paslay’s voice for the next 4 minutes. Also, whoever wrote the line “Caddle up this Lac” must never write a song again.

    Said No One Ever- What is this. No, seriously, think about this. Some suit sitting at a desk listened to this and thought “This is perfect. Ship it. Ship it now.” Jana Kramer tries to be… I don’t know what she tries to be, but her nasally voice makes her whiny, adding to the unpleasantness of this already dreadful song.

    I Am Invincible- For trying to emulate Fight Song and somehow being even more generic and forgettable. It’s the musical equivalent of eating dry cereal.

    Kick The Dust Up- Let’s take the stupid pamphlet that comes in album cases, get a paper shredder, and tear it up up. Then, get in your car, and back it on up over the disk. Then, fill your cup up, get drunk, and forget you ever listened to this song.

    Move- Move all you want, just not to this song. It’s basically a wall of noise with Luke Bryan desperately trying to get to the front. However, you won’t want him to get to the front, as the lyrics are basically the same as Country Girl Shake It For Me, but with Luke sounding completely bored and almost embarrassed to be singing.

    Kill The Lights- I don’t even know what genre this is supposed to be. It’s like some hybrid that tries to pull off every genre, but it doesn’t do any of them well.

    Vacation- And now we switch from Luke to Thomas. This song tries to be… “Thrift Shop” (he’s in a Walgreens beach chair)… Yet he has enough money to throw a party… But what exactly are we doing in this party?

    South Side- People on the left… Shake your south side. I bet someone thought this was clever. Who wrote this? It must be Dallas Davidson…
    Oh my god it was Chris Stapleton. I feel ill.

    I Feel Good ft. Lunchmoney Lewis- I actually like Lunchmoney Lewis. Too bad he had to get involved in whatever this vapid nonsense is.

    Ain’t Worth The Whiskey- I know this song was released in 2014, but it got popular (at least on Billboard) in January 2015. As somebody who pays more attention to lyrics than anything else, this song makes my blood boil. Cole Swindell’s complete willingness to act like a child and the hint of bitterness in his voice makes me think that Swindell was the reason this relationship failed, and that he doesn’t have the self awareness to realize it. The music video is even worse, with some parts that just should’ve never even been recorded (including a part where Cole Swindell… gropes a woman. Classy, ain’t it?).

    The worst? Well, I’m not sure if Ain’t Worth The Whiskey would qualify, but in case it doesn’t, I’ll give it to Ridiculous for just being a complete trainwreck.

    Here’s to hoping next year is a whole lot better, at least for radio.

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    • NoahHibiscusEaton December 9, 2015 / 1:14 pm

      Can’t believe I forgot “High Class”. The buck stops with me there! -__-

      If I could go back and edit my list above, it would come in at #8 in certainty. That’s what happens when you’re reflecting on so many bad songs since January: you’re bound to forget one or two! =P


      • Jason December 9, 2015 / 4:02 pm

        I forgot Chris Lanes whole EP. I’m not quite sure who looked at that and said “This is country music”, but whoever they were, it’s pretty clear they were high on… something.
        I tried listening to that all the way through. I lost it at the line “I wanna rev you up and listen to you purr”.


  12. jess December 8, 2015 / 9:22 pm

    Breakup in a small town hands down worst song ever.

    Fuck Sam (C)unt. sorrynotsorry.


  13. petemarshall724 December 8, 2015 / 11:35 pm

    Jake Owen “Real Life”
    Tyler Farr “COUNTRY”
    Jennifer Nettles “Sugar”
    Eli Young band “HOney I’m good”


  14. Joel Beaver December 9, 2015 / 10:56 am

    Sippin’ On Fire has to be the worst.


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