Sturgill Simpson’s “Sugar Daddy” Will Be Theme Song for New HBO Series ‘Vinyl’


New Sturgill Simpson music is coming sooner than we imagined. And it’s coming via a television show. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, the new HBO series Vinyl, announced their soundtrack and plans for music on the show. The theme song is recorded by none other than Sturgill Simpson. The name of the track is “Sugar Daddy” and as the theme for the show, it will be heard weekly by its millions of viewers. It’s a huge opportunity for Simpson to gain an even bigger fan base. Music supervisor Randall Poster elaborated on why Simpson’s song was chosen as the theme in the interview:

As far as Simpson’s theme song, Poster says “we cast a wide net” to find the right tone. “It had to serve a larger purpose than something that was just episodic,” he says. “It’s not that it serves as a narrative. Sturgill just captured this spirit of rock and roll. It feels classic and contemporary.” 

What undoubtedly helped make this happen was the fact that Atlantic Records and Warner Brothers Records are helping release all of the music on the show. Simpson just recently signing Atlantic is what gave way for this opportunity. Another thing that helped Simpson was the show intends to help use this as a vehicle to introduce newer artists. Atlantic Records Group President of Film & Television Kevin Weaver says, “This is a vehicle for us to showcase new artists, no question.”

You’ll be able to hear Simpson’s track and the rest of first volume of the soundtrack for the show when it’s released on February 14 and it will be officially titled Vinyl: Music From the HBO Original Series – Volume 1. It will be released both physically and digitally. After this is released, every Friday there will be a digital EP with music for the upcoming show that Sunday. On the Friday preceding the season finale, a second volume of the soundtrack will be released both physically and digitally. And yes of course there will be releases in vinyl, as it’s only appropriate for a show called Vinyl. The only details involving this are that there will be both 7″ and 12″ releases on vinyl.

Here is the track listing, courtesy of Billboard:

1. Ty Taylor – “The World Is Yours”
2. David Johansen – “Personality Crisis”
3. Kaleo – “No Good”
4. Sturgill Simpson – “Sugar Daddy” (Theme from Vinyl)
5. Ruth Brown – “Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean”
6. Otis Redding – “Mr. Pitiful”
7. Dee Dee Warwick – “Suspicious Minds”
8. Mott the Hoople – “All The Way From Memphis”
9. David Johansen – “Stranded In The Jungle”
10. Chris Kenner – “I Like It Like That”
11. Ty Taylor – “Cha Cha Twist”
12. The Jimmy Castor Bunch – “It’s Just Begun”
13. Soda Machine – “Want Ads”
14. The Meters – “Hand Clapping Song”
15. Soda Machine – “Slippin’ Into Darkness”
16. Edgar Winter – “Frankenstein”
17. Nasty Bits – “Rotten Apple”
18. Foghat – “I Just Want To Make Love To You”


——-Update 2/11/16———–

You can now hear Sturgill Simpson’s “Sugar Daddy.” Check it out below!

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