Review – Andrew Pope’s “Stormchaser”

Andrew Pope Stormchaser

Throughout 2015 Country Perspective came across a lot of young and promising country artists. It’s always exciting to come across an unknown artist who is making a name for themselves and shows a lot of potential. I expect 2016 to be no different, as already rising country artists are making their presence known. One of them is Andrew Pope. Out of Geraldine, Alabama, he signed to MillTown Records in 2012 and released his debut album later that year. And you know it’s pretty eye-catching when a country icon like Bobby Bare calls you “the future of country music.” When you see this kind of endorsement, it’s certainly intriguing. So I gave a listen to Pope’s brand new single “Stormchaser.” While I won’t go as far to call Pope the future of country music, I could tell within the first 30 seconds of this song that Pope is one talented artist.

“Stormchaser” opens with some soft, pedal steel guitar before Pope begins to sing. The song is about a man who caught his woman in bed with another man. The pain from this is coming on for him and compares it to a storm rolling in. He sees the clouds rolling in and expects to be struck by lightning. But instead of being down about it, he’s embracing it with open arms, as he says he’s addicted “to the sound” of the storm coming in. He’s used to it, as he aptly describes himself as a stormchaser. The pain of heartbreak has become such a normal thing to him. The songwriting is really simple, yet really effective. By comparing heartbreak to a thunderstorm, it gives the listener a pretty clear idea and allows them to easily connect with it. That soft pedal steel guitar that begins the song lingers throughout and flows well with the theme of the song.

This song and Pope’s voice is very much in the same vein of Chris Stapleton and even a little bit like fellow Alabama country artist Jamey Johnson. Pope’s voice is just naturally made to sing about country music. It’s warm, inviting and feels so familiar even upon your very first listen. “Stormchaser” is the type of song you would hear on country radio right now if country music had “evolved” properly. Of course with the success of Stapleton, maybe we’ll be hearing more songs like this on it. This would certainly be great news for Andrew Pope, who shows a lot of promise with this song. It definitely makes me want to hear more from this promising young artist and someone who you need to hear for yourself. “Stormchaser” is a solid, traditionally based heartbreak ballad that any true country fan can listen to and enjoy.

Grade: 9/10