Breelan Angel Releases Music Video for “Rhinestone World”

Breelan Angel
Photo Credit: Todd Purifoy

Breelan Angel struck my attention a few weeks back with her tell it like it is new single “Rhinestone World.” Not only did it catch my attention because it challenged the issues female country artists face in today’s industry, but also coming from such a young, unknown artist. I thought it took a lot of courage for Angel to release a song like this when many artists at her level wouldn’t dare release such a “risky” song. If you didn’t see my review of “Rhinestone World” be sure to read it. Now Angel has released a music video for the song, which was filmed in Boerne, Texas at the Sisterdale Saloon.

The video is directed by Tony Gates and produced by Todd Purifoy and in it Angel channels some legendary female country artists who were part of the inspiration behind the song. Most country fans will be quick to spot her Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn “alter egos” throughout the video. But Angel doesn’t only dedicate this song to female country artists, but female artists in all genres.

“If there was ever a song I ultimately wanted to dedicate to women around the world, this is the song. The theme of this song is to be you no matter what anyone else is telling you to do,” Angel said about the single. “In the music business especially, there is a standard for what we should look like, act like, be like and some are okay with that, while most women I meet, are not. This song is solely inspired by the women who have gone against the grain and did exactly what they wanted to do. Women like Loretta, Dolly, and Tammy will forever be some of the most memorable women in the history of country music and, for me, “Rhinestone World” is a tribute to them and women all over who follow their gut and heart when chasing their dreams.”

“Rhinestone World” is one of seven songs from Breelan Angel’s 2015 EP Diamond In A Rhinestone World, which you can check out at any of the major music outlets. For any other information on Angel, go to

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  1. OlaR March 1, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    Love, love Breelan Angel. “She Made Your Bed”, “Halfway To Wasted”, “One More Song” are my favourite tracks. Breelan should be a Opry star, but she might be too country for the opry.

    Checkout/Artist: Roo Arcus
    Country singer from Australia. His last album “Cowboys And Sunsets” is great. The single ‘Let’s Get Out Of Here’ went straight to No.1 on the “Country Tracks Chart” last year. One artist to discover for the fans of real country music.

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