Country Perspective’s 2016 Worst Country Artist Tournament: The Frightful 4

The voting for the Egregious 8 of Country Perspective’s 2016 Worst Country Artist Tournament is now over and we’re even closer to crowing who’s the worst of all. The voting wasn’t quite as tight as I expected to be, but it was still pretty close for the most part in three of the polls. So who are the Frightful Four?

Frightful Four Country Perspective's 2016 Worst Country Artist Tournament


We start in the Pop Artists Region Final where #1 seed Sam Hunt easily beat #9 seed Kane Brown. Hunt netted nearly 66% of the vote, while Brown just got over 34%. It was the only true blowout in this round of voting, as Brown never really got close to toppling Hunt. Brown had a pretty good run in the tournament considering he’s just starting out and hasn’t even fully realized his awfulness yet. I’m sure we’ll see him back next year. As for Hunt, it has been his tournament to lose and he’s living up to the #1 seed he deservedly got. I fully expected him to make it here. Of course his next opponent will be his toughest yet…

That is of course the winner of the match-up in the We’re A Group & We Suck Region Final, where #4 seed Florida Georgia Line took on #5 seed Old Dominion. I expected this one to be the closet and while the early stages lived up to my expectations, the gap widened later in voting. In what I would call a surprise, Florida Georgia Line takes down Old Dominion, with Florida Georgia Line gaining over 58% of the vote and Old Dominion getting just over 41% of the vote. I was fully expecting Old Dominion to just edge out Florida Georgia Line, as their horribleness as been more on display and prevalent lately. But in the end Florida Georgia Line’s impact seemed to be the deciding factor. Personally I would have chosen Old Dominion, but it’s not up to me of course.

In the Good ‘Ol Bros Region Final #2 seed Thomas Rhett won comfortably over the Cinderella of the tournament, #10 seed Chase Rice. Rhett got over 58% of the vote to Rice’s nearly 42% of the vote. Just like Hunt, I expected Rhett to make it all the way here before finally meeting a true challenge. Rice put up a good fight and had the biggest surprise run of the tournament. Ultimately what prevented him from going any further was impact. I thought this would knock him out a round sooner, but it didn’t cost him until now. Rice’s next album will determine his status for next year’s tournament.

Finally in the Georgia Region we had the closest match-up in the Egregious Eight and the lone upset. Frankenstein’s monster took down his creator! #6 seed Cole Swindell upset #3 seed Luke Bryan, with Swindell edging out Bryan 52.94% to 47.06%. That’s a difference of just 12 votes. I’m not real surprised, as I viewed this as a big tossup amongst the voters. I knew it would be a really tough choice. In the end, enough people I believe took Bryan’s early material into consideration and went with Swindell based on the fact that he’s never released a good single. Really he’s never had one good song and is a poor, milquetoast facsimile of Bryan who actually shows charisma when he sings. With Bryan’s loss, he’s the first top seed to exit the tournament and preventing an all top seed semifinal.

We now move on to the Frightful Four of the tournament! The four truly terrible artists as determined by you the fans will square off to determine the championship match. In the first semifinal match-up, we have #1 seed Sam Hunt taking on the #4 seed Florida Georgia Line. Up to this point Hunt has taken down Steven Tyler, RaeLynn and Kane Brown. Meanwhile Florida Georgia Line has beaten The Cadillac Three, LoCash and Old Dominion. I personally predict Hunt will narrowly win this match-up, but then again the hate for Florida Georgia Line is still so strong that they have a fighting chance here. In the second semifinal match-up, we have #2 seed Thomas Rhett taking on the #6 seed Cole Swindell. Rhett has beaten Michael Ray, Justin Moore and Chase Rice. Swindell has had one of the most impressive runs of the tournament, taking down Granger Smith, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. Before this tournament began he’s one of the few I could see taking down and with the momentum he has, I can see him pulling off another upset. But Rhett has ripped off multiple artists and continues to rise up the charts, something you’ve all reminded me a lot.

Remember you can only vote once, as much as you want to vote for both. I can’t wait to see how the Frightful Four plays out! Thank you all to everyone who has voted and participated so far. We’re getting down to the truly worst and hope all of you will continue to participate. The polls for this round will open…tonight at 6:30 PM ET! Spread the word to all you know and be sure to vote! May the worst win!