Review – Erik Dylan’s “Pink Flamingos”

Erik Dylan Pink Flamingos

When you see and listen to your favorite artists, it’s easy to take for granted the amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into getting where they’re at in their career. Being a musician for a living isn’t easy at all and there’s no guarantees. Every gig can be make or break. Many pack up all of their stuff and head to Nashville to pursue their dreams. This is what Erik Dylan did, as the fourth generation farmer from Kansas decided years ago to head to Music City and make a career in music. After taking odd jobs and playing as many gigs as he could, one night he was discovered by Kip Moore. The country rocker introduced him to writers Brett and Dylan James, which lead to Dylan getting a publishing deal with Brett James and Warner Chappell. Dylan has went on to write over 400 songs, including helping write Moore’s “Comeback Kid” on Moore’s latest album Wild Ones. Paying his dues, Dylan is now set to release his own music, as he’s just released new single “Pink Flamingos.” It’s the first single off a new album coming later this year and if it’s an indication what’s to come on it, color me intrigued.

“Pink Flamingos” is rock-tinged country song about a woman named Becky dating a man who her neighbors recognize as trouble right away. Everyone else who lives in the trailer park except Becky has noticed the man has been checking out Becky’s daughter in her Sunday school dress, immediately establishing this guy as a major creep. One day when Becky is at work, the man does something to her daughter that’s over the line and I’m glad the song goes no further than this. So the neighbors take this matter into their own hands by shooting the pervert dead and burying him in the yard under the pink flamingos. As far anyone asks, the guy left town and they plead the fifth. So it’s a justified murder-revenge ballad with some dark humor in the hook, “pushing up pink flamingos.” It’s a really cleverly written song with a surprisingly detailed story. Dylan is one of those vocalists that when you hear him you know he was meant for country music. I also love the delivery of the line from him when he sings, “Nobody ever liked that son of a bitch.”

Overall “Pink Flamingos” is a fantastic song that fits Dylan like a glove and makes me want to hear more from him. It’s pretty appropriate that Kip Moore is the one who discovered Dylan, considering both Dylan and Moore both fall somewhere between rock and country in their sound. The instrumentation is underrated on “Pink Flamingos,” as it’s kept simple with guitars and light drums, allowing the song to tell its story. For those who enjoy well-written murder ballads like myself, you’ll really enjoy this song. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for his new album Heart of a Flatland Boy expected this fall. Erik Dylan proves with “Pink Flamingos” he’s one to watch in 2016.

Grade: 9/10

2 thoughts on “Review – Erik Dylan’s “Pink Flamingos”

  1. Zackary Kephart May 13, 2016 / 4:11 pm

    I had no idea who this guy was a couple of weeks ago. I had a request to play his one song, “Ashes” on my radio station and after that I checked out this song. It’s pretty damn great! His vocals match the rocking production greatly. Great review!

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  2. OlaR May 14, 2016 / 2:51 pm

    I prefer “Experts On Sin”. I must be the last guy on earth…but i paid for the “Google Play”-download. I like his voice & the “country”-production on “Experts…”. “Pink Flamingos” is good, too.


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