Country Perspective’s Worst Country Artist Rankings [Summer Update]

Earlier this year Country Perspective launched the first ever Worst Country Artist Tournament on the blog and it was a smashing success. There was tons of engagement from you the readers, who seemed to enjoy it quite a bit yourselves. We had some upsets, some good discussions and a run-in from Blake Shelton fans. At the end of it all Sam Hunt was crowned the winner of the tournament and declared Country Perspective’s 2016 Worst Country Artist. The second annual tournament won’t be until next year, but until then I thought we could keep the fun going by having some occasional bracketology updates if you will.

Every few months or so I’ll rank the 32 artists who would make the tournament if it was held at this moment, along with who’s in and who’s out. The methodology for choosing the tournament is the same, but with a few added considerations. Your feedback in regards to seeding and the results of the tournament this year are also factored in, along with a little bit greater emphasis on what the artist has done as of late. So if an artist has released a bad album or single lately, it’s going to affect their standing. Same as if they would release something good. So without further ado here would be the current field and seeding as of this moment, with their previous seeding in the tournament in parenthesis.

  1. Sam Hunt
  2. Thomas Rhett
  3. Cole Swindell (#6)
  4. Old Dominion (#5)
  5. Florida Georgia Line (#4)
  6. Kane Brown (#9)
  7. Luke Bryan (#3)
  8. Chase Rice (#10)
  9. Keith Urban (NR)
  10. LoCash (#13)
  11. Dustin Lynch (#14)
  12. Blake Shelton (#15)
  13. Granger Smith (#27)
  14. Kelsea Ballerini (#8)
  15. Brett Eldredge (NR)
  16. Randy Houser (NR)
  17. Chris Lane (#25)
  18. Rascal Flatts (#21)
  19. Jake Owen (NR)
  20. Jason Aldean (#11)
  21. Chase Bryant (NR)
  22. Canaan Smith (NR)
  23. RaeLynn (#16)
  24. Dan + Shay (#12)
  25. Brantley Gilbert (#7)
  26. Jana Kramer (NR)
  27. Joe Nichols (NR)
  28. Kenny Chesney (#19)
  29. Dierks Bentley (NR)
  30. Tyler Farr (#23)
  31. Steven Tyler (#32)
  32. Tucker Beathard (NR)

Out From Last Year: Hunter Hayes, Danielle Bradbery, The Cadillac Three, Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry (disqualified), Michael Ray, Justin Moore, Easton Corbin, Darius Rucker, Billy Currington

First Four Out: Justin Moore, Michael Ray, Clare Dunn, Drew Baldridge

Next Four Out: David Nail, Cassadee Pope, Eli Young Band, Gary Allan


  • The top two seeds are the only ones that remain the same, despite Thomas Rhett making a great case to be #1. The only reason I barely give Hunt the top spot still is because he’s the reigning champion, currently has a bad single at radio and still the most hated amongst you the readers.
  • Cole Swindell and Old Dominion have now moved into the top four seeds, replacing Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line respectively. Swindell knocked off Bryan in the tournament and has released two bad singles this year, along with a bad album. Old Dominion’s “Snapback” is one of the worst songs of the year. Bryan just released his first not completely terrible single in a good while and the hate has seemed to fade a little for him as a result. Florida Georgia Line released the mediocre “H.O.L.Y.” Their new album is expected in August and if it’s terrible, then they could re-take Old Dominion.
  • Kane Brown and Chase Rice both move up in the standings after really strong showings in the tournament. Brown has released two terrible singles and an EP this year, while Rice has released two bad singles himself. You told me Rice was underseeded in the tournament, so here you go.
  • There are multiple new artists that enter the standings, but none higher than Keith Urban. He didn’t even make the tournament, but now he’s a #9 seed after releasing one of the worst country albums of 2016 with Ripcord. And if he releases the Pitbull song off the album to country radio, he could rise higher.
  • LoCash is under-the-radar bad, but they still crack the top ten with releasing yet another horrible single. Dustin Lynch moves up since he’s made it clear he has no interest in being a country artist or releasing quality music. Blake Shelton was upset in the first round by Justin Moore in the tournament thanks to Shelton’s obnoxious fans voting in droves. So he moves up in the seedings, aided by his mediocre singles and album.
  • Granger Smith’s big jump might surprise many of you, as he’s easy to forget. But keep in mind he’s had two bad singles recently and a terrible album in Remington released earlier this year. Kelsea Ballerini is reluctantly dropped in the standings, with “Peter Pan” not being terrible.
  • Brett Eldredge and Randy Houser enter the fold. Eldredge releases nothing but vanilla singles, while Houser released a ridiculous 18 songs long album earlier this year. Not to mention both artists seem checked out and content to churn out mediocrity.
  • Chris Lane moves up based off hate for one song that made many of you vote him deeper than I expected in the tournament. I still feel once “Fix” has had its 15 minutes, Lane will disappear. Jake Owen debuts since he seems content to churn out generic pop country. Jason Aldean takes a big drop down to #20 because he’s released one mediocre single this year and didn’t fare that well in the tournament. With a new album later in the year though, this could definitely change.
  • Both Canaan Smith and Chase Bryan debut right around where they should stall on the airplay chart after being on it for 55 weeks. RaeLynn only drops because she hasn’t released anything new this year, although I hear her new single is not bad. Dan + Shay drop despite releasing a bad album. The lead single is decent though and their peers have released worse music.
  • The biggest tumble is Brantley Gilbert, who hasn’t really done much in 2016. The only single was not outright terrible and you the readers made it clear I overseeded him in the tournament. So he drops like a rock. Jana Kramer enters the standings since she’s decided to go back to releasing terrible singles, while Joe Nichols enters because he’s clearly stopped trying with his music.
  • Kenny Chesney falls, but his new album coming soon could change this. Dierks Bentley unfortunately has done enough in 2016 to get himself into the top 32. Two horrendous singles and a sub par album are hard to ignore and it sucks to see him fall this damn low in quality. Rounding out the top 32, Tyler Farr just barely hangs in thanks to the bombing of his latest single. Steven Tyler moves up a spot by virtue of releasing one of the worst songs this year, but since it didn’t make any impact the gain is minimal. There’s always his upcoming album that could help his case. Finally, Tucker Beathard gains the last spot based on having the worst vocal performance I’ve heard in a song this year. He probably won’t last though, as “Rock On” will go recurrent soon after a mediocre run on the charts.

30 thoughts on “Country Perspective’s Worst Country Artist Rankings [Summer Update]

  1. Raymond June 27, 2016 / 11:57 am

    Sam Hunt would still be at the top, for just coming off as a total tool.

    Thomas Rhett is equally bad, and one word nepotism.

    Cole Swindell well his latest single I like (sorry just works for me) so I respectfully disagree with the high ranking.

    Old Dominion is well the worse.

    Luke and FGL aren’t the worse and both have likable enough personalities. Kane Brown on the other hand, just why!? Why are his sales so big, what’s the appeal.

    Chase Rice, well he is as unlikable as his music and he just no!

    Keith Urban is well so loved, and I don’t get it. He is a good singer who wastes his talents completely.

    LoCash last two singles are major guilty pleasures of mine. Sorry I kind of like the act!

    Dustin Lynch “Seein Red” for Dustin is an overproduced pop mess.

    Blake Shelton gets no acknowledgement crom me.

    Granger Smith and Kelsea Ballerini are other artist I kind of like. Granger’s latest is a song I like for some reason.

    Brett Eldredge and Randy Houser waste their talents and Randy’s latest just stalled out in the 40s.

    Chris Lane has a decent amount of charisma and that’s it.

    Rascal Flatts has had enough good songs for me that I will ignore their newer stuff.

    Jake Owen just does nothing for me.

    Jason Aldean latest album will probably be mediocre. So eh on his inclusion. I thought he’d be higher since “Lights Come On” got a 0 here.

    Chase Bryant, Canaan Smith irrelevant artist and Chase’s new song sounds like a slightly better Drew Baldridge song.

    Raelynn will release a new song in July called “Love Triangle” that is apparently really deep and stuff. Hopefully she can finally prove me wrong.

    Dan + Shay bland. Brantley Gilbert is an artist who I wanna like but his vocals are just one I can’t fully get behind.

    Jana Kramer is one I definitely disagree with as outside of “Said No One Ever” Jana really has no other terrible singles.

    Joe Nichols is an artist who just I wanna like but his lyrics leave a lot to be desired.

    Kenny Chesney really has not had a bad single since “Pirate Flag” . So I don’t see him as that bad.

    The bottom 4 I agree with despite how much it pains me to see Dierks that low.

    I really hope some of these acts can start releasing good music since the majority of these acts have the talent too.


  2. southtexaspistolero June 27, 2016 / 12:28 pm

    I might be a bit too snarky and suggest that Kelsea Ballerini has quite a bit of nerve singing a song chastising a would-be lover for his immaturity, when she has been putting out such immature music herself. I know that’s not exactly fair, that every song should be taken on its own merits. But then I have been thinking a lot the last few days of how the standard for female artists on country radio has fallen as well, since everyone’s so up in arms about the female artists. From Lee Ann Womack and the Dixie Chicks to…where we are now. And I think about songwriter Leslie Satcher, and how great the songs on her 2000 debut album were, how they got so little airplay even in her home state of Texas, and how she’d be ignored even more now than she was then…and it’s just really aggravating.

    (You can sample that album here:


  3. diamondheart90 June 27, 2016 / 12:56 pm

    Great list here, Josh!

    Are you going to write a piece on the best current artists? Both mainstream and non-mainstream?

    I am agree with Raymond. It is kind of sad to see Dierks and Jana on this list. Both artists have released some good stuff in the past

    I am hoping the phase “every dog has its day” rings true for these two artists. These two have so potential!

    As for Drew Baldridge. I went to college with him. We even had a class together and I talk to him in class. We sat right next to each other. We both grew up in small southern Illinois towns. Both about 20 minutes from each other. He is a legit guy. The music he is releasing now is not the music I remember him performing in the college’s cafeteria.

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    • Josh Schott June 27, 2016 / 2:14 pm

      Thanks! I’ll think about a best of list. It would be interesting to put together.

      Interesting to hear that about Baldridge. He seems like a good guy on a personal level. Sounds like he’s had to compromise being on a major label.


      • diamondheart90 June 27, 2016 / 2:35 pm

        Yes, I would like to see that. Would shine a light on good artists who are not getting attention.

        Josh, I believe that is what is going on with many major label artists. Ashley Monroe’s debut album was fantastic! I gave The Blade a listen yesterday and half of the album was really good and half just did not hit me. In my opinion, I believe many label exectives control these artists and their music. I hope I am wrong. Kellie Pickler and Sunny Sweeney are other great examples.

        Read the article below published just today. The fact that Eric Church is saying country music is starting to become commerical and water down. Well…. it says a lot.

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        • Josh Schott June 27, 2016 / 3:24 pm

          I agree completely on Monroe and The Blade. Like A Rose was great and one of my favorites of 2013. You are correct that these label executives are the ones controlling a lot of the music being released by major label artists. Very few get complete creative control (Kacey Musgraves, Chris Stapleton).

          Amen to that Church interview. He’s been nothing but a breath of fresh air lately. His single choices have been great and Mr. Misunderstood is a fantastic album. We need more voices like Church speaking up in this manner. He’s the kind of the leader the genre needs right now.


        • diamondheart90 June 27, 2016 / 9:05 pm

          Enough said.


  4. petemarshall724 June 27, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    Jason Aldean last 4 singles sounds the same to me very vanilla.

    FGL music last 2 song not great but’s it’s listenable.

    Kenny Chesney music is good.

    Dan + Shay new song “from the ground up” is a very good song.

    Old Dominion is terrible including Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett is horrible.

    Keith Urban should be down on the poll.

    Chase Bryant is okay

    Dierks and Randy Houser, and Blake Shelton was very disappointing.

    Guilty Pleasure I really enjoy Kane Brown’s music.

    Luke Bryan has his ups and downs.

    Zac Brown Band had one bad song.


  5. Nadia Lockheart June 27, 2016 / 1:38 pm

    Oh, I’ll play!

    This is based partly on my own bias as well as factoring in net commercial appeal and trendlines (i.e. the entertainer getting better or worse overall as of late). So, here goes:


    1: Sam Hunt (Yeah, undoubtedly the absolute worst when you factor in net influence and success.)

    2: Thomas Rhett (Again, solid agreement with the top two.)

    3: Old Dominion (It is hard to gauge an entertainer’s overall material off of a single album alone. But like Sam Hunt, they RALLY douched it up on their two breakout hits and now have released a lamest exercise in constructing a song based off of hit classic song titles. Yeah: VERY ORIGINAL!)

    4: Chris Lane (As long as “Fix” is quixotically breaking out into the Top Ten, damn right I’m going to rank him THIS high. Not to mention the rest of his EP is no less awful, so underlines the likely travesty we’re in for when his full-length debut arrives.)

    5: Kelsea Ballerini (Part of me didn’t want to rank her quite this high because, after all, she has demonstrated she can be a solid songwriter at moments on her “The First Time” debut when they are recognized as pop songs. But it cannot be overlooked that she is blatantly marketing herself as a COUNTRY artist, and that she has been buoyed to fame (sort of) by two intelligence-massacring lead singles. The fact she has diminished expectations for women in the genre makes her deserving of this dubious peak)

    6: Luke Bryan (His new #1 hit “Huntin, Fishin’ & Lovin’ Every Day” may be his most tolerable single in a while, but its cliched, written-by-committee lyricism undercutting his authenticity as an artist underscores what’s wrong with him as a whole ever since his sophomore album. Everything he does smacks as crass marketing at best, to outright flaming failures at worst. And given he’s the incumbent Entertainer of the Year, damn right he’s ranking this high.)

    7: Jake Owen (After his Song of the Year-worthy “What We Ain’t Got” and what looked to be a promising interview where he expressed his disenchantment with bro-country cliches, Owen’s hypocrisy is why he is landing this high despite being somewhat irrelevant as of late along with the terrible “Real Life” and mediocre “American Country Love Song”.)

    8: LoCash (This duo has proven they can write and record solid tracks a la “Best Seat in the House” and “Independent Trucker”. They nonetheless squander that good will by relying on some of the worst production in all of country radio presently and also continuing to write absolute dumpster fires alongside the occasional gem. As long as they are riding breakout success off of the worse, they will be called out.)

    9: Cole Swindell (He has declined significantly compared to where he would be a year ago due to releasing a sophomore album that’s more boring than abjectly bad. So that’s definitely an improvement…………I guess?)

    10: Keith Urban (What have they done to you, man? I’m sure my overall positive take on you preceding “Ripcord” has undoubtedly influenced this ranking still and that you’re among the most likeable personalities in the genre. But wow, wasn’t expecting you to rank this high on any respective listing.)

    11: Florida Georgia Line (This duo has improved as of late with “Confession” and a not-good-but-agreeable Adult Contemporary song “H.O.L.Y.”. Add previews of “May We All” and the title track to their forthcoming album I have heard, and I am filled with cautious optimism they will continue to mature with this third album. Still, we have been disappointed once before with the “Dirt” —> “Sun Daze” whiplash…)

    12: Blake Shelton (“If I’m Honest” is marginally better than his three other “The Voice”-era full length albums, and signals reminders of his talent and likeability with songs like “Friends” and “Savior’s Shadow”. Too bad, overall, he continues to sell himself woefully short and lean on either outright forgettable or puerile songs for radio.)

    13: Easton Corbin (His overall irrelevance this past year is really the only reason he isn’t ranked higher. Because “About To Get Real” genuinely pissed me off listening to in seeing who was originally hyped as George Strait’s worthy successor sell himself out to the lowest common denominator. So let this protest vote serve as a cautionary tale to Mo Pitney and William Michael Morgan as what to NOT do if they feel the need to play the game somewhat if it means building their fanbases.)

    14: Chase Rice (In essence, he should be ranking much higher due to his douchey personality alone. But it just doesn’t feel like he has made any notable impact at a large scale lately. He remains oddly irrelevant as long as you don’t follow his Twitter frequently.)

    15: Brett Eldredge (Look, I get that he’s very likeable and I see potential in him. And “Illinois” does have a few moments that signal promise. But as long as he is solely relying on dime-a-dozen forgettable ditties about how a girl makes him horny, I need to call him out on that.)

    16: Dustin Lynch (Despite three #1 hits in a row, still can’t help but seem like a non-event)

    17: Kane Brown (For now, he’s this low. But if he explodes onto the airwaves, expect a huge rise next time we meet.)

    18: Dan + Shay (It’s more a case of what they’re doing here rather than how bad they are. They are pretty likeable in spite of having no country authenticity.)

    19: Jason Aldean (He continues to churn out quality album tracks that pad his albums, which is why he gets goodwill from me compared to other A-listers. Still, it’s most unfortunate that he continues to lean stubbornly on lame to ghastly singles to anchor his albums. “Lights Come On” would be more on the lame but not outright awful side.)

    20: Canaan Smith (Awful album, but irrelevant as hell.)

    21: RaeLynn (Again…………………awful EP, but irrelevant as hell.)

    22: Michael Ray (Shows some signs of promise in the production department, but has relied on lame to awful singles to date. Irrelevant, anyway/)

    23: Randy Houser (A relevant entertainer who has nonetheless disappointed me significantly with his latest album “Fired Up”. It isn’t quite as bad as some are making it out to be, but it’s interchangeable blandness is unacceptable for someone of his potential.)

    24: Jana Kramer (The talent is there. It’s just that she seems to struggle with song selection.)

    25: Clare Dunn (Distinctive voice that’s being wasted on questionable song choices like the awful “Tuxedo”. For the time being, she’s featured.)

    26: Drew Baldridge (Remains irrelevant, but charts nonetheless due to an awful debut effort.)

    27: Eli Young Band (Mostly irrelevant now, but yet they’re still trying…)

    28: Eric Paslay (Granted it’s only one bad song, but Paslay has hinted “Dressed In Black” will be more along the lines of that song as opposed to “She Don’t Love You”. Thus, he’s getting yellow-flagged.)

    29: Blackjack Billy (Because they’re STILL trying to shove “The Booze Cruise” down our throats…)

    30: Cowboy Troy (I just really, REALL wanted to make sure he was called out at some point! 😉 )



    • Josh Schott June 27, 2016 / 2:17 pm

      Great analysis! I didn’t expect you to go so high with Lane and Owen. Especially Lane since I remember during the tournament you were surprised he made it so far. I think Dustin Lynch could be higher on both our lists if his new album is as terrible as I think it will be based on the lead single “Seein’ Red.” I see Brantley Gilbert didn’t make your list either. Take it that it’s because he hasn’t really done much lately?

      Ha at Cowboy Troy. Like I said before, I’m surprised he’s still making music even.


      • Nadia Lockheart June 28, 2016 / 3:15 am

        I get why Chris Lane didn’t advance very far. At the time, “Fix” was much lower on the chart and he was still a non-event to most.

        Dustin Lynch just doesn’t inspire that much of a passionate response. He’s essentially a placeholder B-lister act. And at the very least he has proven he can cut a solid song with “Your Daddy’s Boots”.

        Brantley Gilbert really hasn’t pissed me off this past year. His past two singles have ranged from forgettable but nearly passable (“Stone Cold Sober”) to half-decent (“One Hell Of An Amen”). And, I liked (if not loved) about 40% of “Just As I Am”. So, I think it sounds about right he’s been spared……………….at least for now.

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    • Josh Schott June 27, 2016 / 2:20 pm

      Also apologies for the spam filter trying to eat your comments. I thought I had fixed this problem.


      • Nadia Lockheart June 28, 2016 / 3:23 am

        Oh, no worries! ^__^

        I just wasn’t sure what happened, so I back-clicked, copied and pasted my full reply again, and tried probably about half a dozen times! (red face) -__-

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  6. seak05 June 27, 2016 / 2:20 pm

    I know Dierks is the mainstream male artist critics can actually like, but based on his 2016 work, he should probably be top 10 on this list.


    • Nadia Lockheart June 28, 2016 / 3:26 am

      Eh, he still has “Can’t Be Replaced”, “Why Do I Feel” and “Roses And A Time Machine” to prove even at his worst, he’s still better than many of those listed when they’re giving it 75%.


  7. Jason June 27, 2016 / 3:42 pm

    Surprised Clare Dunn isn’t on the list. Something about “Tuxedo” is grating enough to give me a headache every time I hear it. Maybe it’s Dunn’s droning monotone, or the wall of noise on the chorus, or maybe my brain is just shutting off after hearing lines like:

    “Oh, my man— he got them real strong hands”

    “Cause His feet are on the ground”

    “He knows the difference between wrong and right” (I would hope so)

    And of course, the well written, creative, ingenious ending:
    “Tux – tux – tuxedo
    Tux – tux – tuxedo
    Don’t need no
    Don’t need no
    He don’t need no
    Tux – tux – tuxedo
    Tux – tux – tuxedo
    Don’t need no
    Don’t need no
    He don’t need no


    • Josh Schott June 27, 2016 / 5:04 pm

      Tuxedo is really awful, but it has barely made an impact in sales or airplay. She hasn’t made much of an impact with any of her music, so that’s enough to keep her off the top 32 for now.


      • Raymond June 27, 2016 / 6:27 pm

        That’s probably the same reason why you don’t have Lauren Alaina (although she is one of my favorites) as her music is more pop than country, but Lauren has never had any hits.

        Actually Josh, what is your overall opinion on Lauren Alaina?


        • Josh Schott June 27, 2016 / 9:17 pm

          She’s talented, but another victim of the major label system. Someone like busbee shouldn’t be associated with her music or any country act, despite the undeniable catchiness of some of his songs. It’s hard to pay attention to her when I know she’s being held back.


        • Raymond June 27, 2016 / 10:00 pm

          Yeah, I wish Lauren would return to her producer for her debut album (a really solid pop country album, personal highlight “Dirt Road Prayer” highly recommend that album). I understand the appeal in busbee, but someone of Lauren’s talents shouldn’t cut herself that short.

          With all that being said, her new single “Road Less Travelled” is a really great song if you remove genre lines minus the overblown production. Very well written and greatly performed.

          Lauren is one of the newcomers I am rooting for as it’d be a shame if Lauren was never a prescence for country music.

          But no, check out Lauren’s debut album as it’s really solid.


  8. GrandmaP June 27, 2016 / 6:30 pm

    Lo Cash is nothing more than bar band. They deserve being on the list. Then again, there are a lot of bar bands that are better than 1/3 of those in the top 32. Just my opinion.

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    • Josh Schott June 27, 2016 / 9:14 pm

      This is the best description I’ve ever heard for LoCash.


    • Josh Schott June 28, 2016 / 12:00 pm

      As much I dislike Keith, he really hasn’t pissed me off lately. In fact I enjoyed his last single and his last album was decent. So he avoids the top 32 for now.


  9. OlaR June 28, 2016 / 7:58 am

    A fine list of the worst country acts.
    I miss Drew Baldridge. The guy & his album are the perfect example for all the things going wrong in country music.
    Chase Bryant is too low. Just listen to his new single.
    Keith Urban & Dierks Bentley are too low. The sell-out boys.
    Cole Swindell is too high. His current album is boring. His next album will be a “make it or break it” album. Flat voice, no personality, forgettable songs. The Swindell position goes to Chase Rice in my opinion.
    Kelsea Ballerini on 14 & Chris Lane on 17. Come on…KB is Disney-country-pop. Chris Lane is toxic.

    A short list of the worst canadian country acts:
    1 – Dallas Smith
    2 – Cold Creek Country
    3 – River Towns Saints
    4 – Tim Hicks (his new single is the worst canadian country single of the year…so far)
    5 – Abrams
    6 – Petric
    7 – JoJo Mason


    • Nadia Lockheart June 28, 2016 / 12:27 pm

      Dallas Smith infuriates me. And the thing is, his debut album was significantly more tolerable than anything he has released since. At least tracks like “What Kinda Love” and “If It Gets You Where You Wanna Go” had some heart to them. But from “Tippin’ Point” onward, his output has been atrocious with some of the worst production in all of music and voice manipulation that makes it to where I’m not even aware it’s Dallas Smith sometimes.

      Brett Kissel has really been pissing me off too. He dons the cowboy look and all, yet his songs are mired by drum loops and bro-country cliches. Granted he at least incorporates pedal steel into his songs unlike Dallas Smith as a whole, but he’s barely any better.


  10. petemarshall724 June 28, 2016 / 12:33 pm

    What do you guys think about High Valley? and Easton Corbin’s new single? and Jerrod Neimann and Lee Brice new single?


    • OlaR June 28, 2016 / 1:05 pm

      Prefer the early work of High Valley (“On The Combine”).

      Easton Corbin recorded “Are You With Me” in 2012. Lost Frequencies scored a worldwide hit & now Easton Corbin released his single version. “Are You With Me” sounds good, but i don’t think it will be the massive hit EC needs to revitalize his slowing career.

      Niemann & Brice…dreck.

      Brett Kissel found the right mix on his last album. His next album will have less steel & more drum loops. Dallas Smith is the one-man version of FGL. Abrams & Petric are the canadian clones of FGL.
      Dallas Smith owns the “Steelhead Music” label. The home of Petric.


      • Nadia Lockheart June 28, 2016 / 1:38 pm

        So I just decided to hear out Cold Creek County out of curiosity…

        ………………OUCH! That was painful! I think they’re even worse than Dallas Smith as a whole, if their debut album is any indication! Their gang vocal effects REALLY get on my nerves. They basically sound like they’re deliberately trying to co-opt the Florida Georgia Line/Joey Moi formula of success but with even more obnoxious muscle-flexing and Colt Ford-esque rap interludes at times. Ugghhh! -__-


  11. Amanda June 28, 2016 / 12:35 pm

    Agree with the list, Josh. However, if Thomas Rhett keeps it up, he will be number one in no time. Vacation is truly the worst thing I have ever heard. I’d rather listen to Real Men Love Jesus on repeat. Ugh. 😦


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