The Current Pulse of Texas Country Radio [October 31]


Each week we take a look the Texas Regional Radio Report chart and grade the top 30 songs. The grading format I use each week is every song will receive one of the following scores: +5, +4, +3, +2, +1, 0, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5. These will then be tallied up for an overall score, or pulse of the current top thirty country songs, with the highest possible score being a +150 and the lowest possible score being a -150. How do I determine the score for the song? The review grade it received on the site or myself will determine this. If it hasn’t been reviewed yet, then I will make the call. The grade it has received or I would give it determines its Pulse score. The grading key: 10 [+5], 9 [+4], 8 [+3], 7 [+2], 6 [+1], 5 [0], 4 [-1], 3 [-2], 2 [-3], 1 [-4], 0 [-5].

The goal of this exercise is to evaluate the current state of Texas country radio and determine if it’s improving or getting worse. Let’s take a look at this week’s top thirty…

  1. Micky & The Motorcars – “Sister Lost Soul” +2
  2. Flatland Cavalry – “One I Want” +3
  3. Jerrett Zoch and The OSR Band – “Everything I Need” 0
  4. Reckless Kelly – “How Can You Love Him (You Don’t Even Like Him)” +2
  5. Whiskey Myers – “Lightning Bugs and Rain” +2
  6. Green River Ordinance – “Simple Life” -1
  7. Jesse Raub Jr. – “She Can Forgive” +3
  8. Jon Wolfe – “Boots on a Dance Floor” -2
  9. Roger Creager – “Wanna Wanna Bar” -3
  10. Zane Williams – “Bringin’ Country Back” -1
  11. Casey Donahew Band – “Kiss Me” -3
  12. Curtis Grimes – “From Where I’m Standing” 0
  13. Sam Riggs – “High On A Country Song” -3
  14. Jamie Richards – “Second Hand Smoke” +1
  15. Josh Ward – “Broken Heart” +3
  16. William Clark Green – “Old Fashioned” -2
  17. Jake Worthington – “How Do You Honky Tonk” +1
  18. Troy Cartwright – “Busted” +3
  19. Cody Jinks – “I’m Not The Devil” +4 [Best Song]
  20. Pat Waters – “Like A Radio” 0
  21. Kevin Fowler – “Texas Forever” 0
  22. Deryl Dodd – “The Ride” +2
  23. Case Hardin – “Sign of a Fool” +3
  24. Kyle Park – “Rednecks With Paychecks” -4 [Worst Song]
  25. Kaleb McIntire – “Find Another Baby” -2
  26. Brandon Jenkins – “Shadow of a Broken Heart” 0
  27. TJ Broscoff – “Should’ve Been Mine” -1
  28. Luke Robinson – “She Drinks Alone” +1
  29. Sean McConnell – “Holy Days” +2
  30. Mike Ryan – “New Hometown” 0

The Current Pulse of Texas Country Radio: +12

The pulse debuts this week. 

Songs That Dropped Out of the Top 30 This Week:

  • N/A

Songs That Entered The Top 30 This Week:

  • N/A

Biggest Gainers This Week:

  • N/A

Biggest Losers This Week:

  • N/A

Songs I See Leaving The Top 30 Soon:

  • Kyle Park – “Rednecks With Paychecks”

On The Hot Seat:

  • Sean McConnell – “Holy Days”

Next Four Songs I See Entering Top 30:

  • Dalton Domino – “July”
  • Kimberly Dunn – “Traffic”
  • Reverend’s Daughter – “Caroline”
  • Turnpike Troubadours – “Come As You Are”


Notes: What do you think? I told you I would be replacing the Past Pulse with something similar. It made too much sense to finally give the Texas chart the pulse treatment. The Past Pulse was originally created to serve as a comparison to the current mainstream radio chart, but quickly proved to be a hilarious exercise. Of course the Past Pulse was going to blow away the current one. So basically the Past Pulse grew to be a nostalgia trip down memory lane and quickly lost its original purpose. I also tried the Pulse of Americana, but neither iterations of that wasn’t going to work because it wasn’t an even comparison (one chart was for album sales and the other was airplay, but didn’t list specific songs). This is the perfect comparison with the mainstream chart and I think will perfectly serve the original purpose I had with the Past Pulse.

Now for the original chart, this is about where I expected it. As you can see its not all roses and sunshine with Texas radio either. But it’s positive and that’s something that has only happened once on the mainstream chart pulse. There is one big issue I immediately have with it though: where are the women artists?! There’s not a single female artist in the entire top 30. This is an absolute joke. I may give mainstream radio a lot of shit for trotting out the same female artists every year, but at least they play some women on the radio. Of course this is further proof once again that all women in country music are having issues getting a fair shake, whether if it’s in Nashville or in Texas. Hopefully Texas Radio improves on this front soon.


As always be sure to weigh in on this week’s Pulse in the comments below. 

13 thoughts on “The Current Pulse of Texas Country Radio [October 31]

  1. KQ November 4, 2016 / 11:35 am

    I like this. It’s a cool idea. Its sad to say goodbye to the past palse, but this is a cool replacement. Also it’s nice to see a postive pulse…

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  2. Daniel November 4, 2016 / 1:09 pm

    I like it!

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  3. Amanda November 4, 2016 / 2:25 pm

    This is a pretty cool idea, Josh. I’m not that familiar with the Texas country music scene but I may have to check some of it out.

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  4. OlaR November 4, 2016 / 3:07 pm

    “…where are the women artists?!”
    Good question. A couple of month ago Bri Bagwell went to #1 with “Half As Good”. Great song. (Album: When A Heart Breaks) & Breelan Angel reached the Top 30 (Top 20 ?).

    This week: Kimberly Dunn is #33, Francie Krienitz (#48), Genevieve Allen (#50), Jay Dirks feat. Kristen Morgan Dirks (#54), Kirk Baxley feat. Kylie Frey (#58), Julia Hatfield (#78), Leslie Cours Mather (#81) & Holly Tucker (#98).
    Jay Dirks – “Our Hearts Bleed Blue”: Kristen Morgan Dirks is the duet partner on the Ep. Her name is not on the Texas Regional Radio Top 100-list.

    Have to listen to a handful of more Top 30 tracks.
    But here’s the Good-Bad-Ugly-List so far:
    +4: Jesse Raub Jr. (“She Can Forgive”), Jamie Richards (“Second Hand Smoke”), Josh Ward (“Broken Heart”) & Cody Jinks (“I’m Not The Devil”)
    +3: Luke Robinson (“She Drinks Alone”), Case Hardin (“Sign Of A Fool”) & Sean McConnell (“Holy Days”)
    -1 or lower: Sam Riggs, Kyle Park & Whiskey Myers.

    My Country Tracks Of The WeeK:
    #1 – Jamie Richards – “She’s Cold As That Beer She’s Drinkin'”
    #2 – Jesse Raub Jr. – “She’ll Put The Hurt On You”
    #3 – J.T. Hodges – “After Midnight”
    #4 – Tenille Arts – “Dash Light”
    #5 – Aleyce Simmonds – “It Finds Us Anyway”
    #6 – Aleyce Simmonds – “Only A Moment”
    #7 – Rebecca Lee Nye – “Drive”
    #8 – Midland – “Electric Rodeo”
    #9 – Hugh Prestwood – “The Song Remembers When”
    #10 – Mark Wills feat. Beverley Mahood – “You’re My Home”

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  5. krys November 4, 2016 / 4:02 pm

    I love this! Trying to expand my music collection, getting away from Nashville seems like a good place to start

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  6. Justin W Adams November 4, 2016 / 6:39 pm

    I wasn’t aware that there were charts. Is this an actual genre? Does Texas country get played across the country or is it just statewide? Sorry for the ignorance


  7. seak05 November 4, 2016 / 6:56 pm

    For those of us not from Texas, can you explain Texas Country radio? Or is this not just a Texas thing? I’ve seen the chart in the magazines, but not sure what it represents specifically.


      • Jess November 5, 2016 / 8:38 pm

        I find it funny in the music directory all but 1 of the contacts are from Nashville

        This site has little content…. Is it possible for any artist from TX to make the chart, whether they focus on mainstream or regional markets? if that’s the case shouldn’t we be seeing Miranda Lambert or Maren Morris here as well??

        I do however like this chart, two big thumbs up from me!


        • Josh Schott November 5, 2016 / 8:57 pm

          Well it’s Texas based and essentially an alternative to Nashville. Lambert and Morris do not pursue airplay for this chart, so you won’t see them on here. Any artist who pursues airplay in this regional market can get airplay and appear on the chart.


  8. petemarshall724 November 4, 2016 / 11:49 pm

    How about Billboard Canadian country music charts?


  9. Don November 6, 2016 / 8:38 am

    Excellent idea!

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