Country Perspective’s Best Music Reviewed in January

This is the monthly recap post of all the great music we reviewed on the blog in case you missed it or just came across our humble, little blog. So check this music out if you haven’t already.



Natalie Hemby – Puxico

Natalie Hemby delivers a really solid debut record in Puxico. I think she does well exploring the album’s main theme of small town living, which can be easy to fall into traps when writing about. She keeps a real attitude towards it, acknowledging both the real problems of them and the sentimental feelings we can hold about them too. The instrumentation is pretty good and in some cases really adding something to the song. I’m hopeful we get to hear more from her in the future, as I think Hemby is capable of delivering even better music than what she gives us on Puxico.

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Dale Watson & Ray Benson – Dale & Ray

Dale & Ray is an album I instantly grew to love. Both Dale Watson and Ray Benson sound as great as ever, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It’s no surprise these two deliver such a thoroughly great country album, as it’s what they’ve been doing their whole careers. This is also further proof of why we need more collaboration albums like this one because when you put together two highly talented artists like Watson and Benson you get something you’ll certainly remember. Dale & Ray is a really fun album and something any country fan should love and appreciate. 


The Band of Heathens – Duende 

Overall I find Duende to be a great album. It features rock solid instrumentation, which is a real strong suit of The Band of Heathens. The second half of this album in particular is really enjoyable and is the band shining at their best. The whole album has a great variety of both fun and thoughtful songs. There’s a real smoothness about everything this band does and this really resonates with the listener. Once again The Band of Heathens deliver great music and make Duende an album definitely worth your time.


Blackie and The Rodeo Kings – Kings and Kings

Overall, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings make the most of their talented guests, playing to each of their respective strengths and sounds, to create an authentic sounding roots album. Kings and Kings is the perfect example of why Americana is such a tough genre to define because a variety of sounds and styles all work under that umbrella. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings provide music fans with an album that epitomizes the genre, with great collaborations from the most respected singers of country and Americana music.



One thought on “Country Perspective’s Best Music Reviewed in January

  1. OlaR January 31, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    Out of the albums above: Blackie & The Rodeo Kings.

    My Picks: Jeannie Seely – Written In Stone & Asleigh Dallas – Lighthouse (both a 10/10)

    Songs Of The Month:
    Wade Proctor – “Texas Tonight”
    Ashleigh Dallas – “Lighthouse”
    Jerrett Zoch & The OSR Band – “Still Not Over You”
    Aleyce Simmonds – “Whiskey Talking”

    New Month – New Music:
    Tania Kernaghan – All Australian Girl – Album – 02/17
    James Blundell – Campfire – Album 02/03
    Lari White – Old Friends/New Loves – 2 EPs – 02/10
    Old Crow Medicine Show – Best Of – Album – 02/10
    Little Big Town – The Breaker – Album – 02/24
    Aaron Watson – Vaquero – Album – 02/24
    Alison Krauss – Windy City – Album – 02/17 or 03/03 (both dates are listed)
    Christie Lamb – Loaded – Album – 02/24
    Hayley Jensen – Past Tense & Present Peace – EP – 02/03
    + Reba McEntire, Brett Young…


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