Review — Thee Sacred Souls’ “Give Us Justice”

I’ve made it known how little I think of most message/political songs that are released nowadays. Typically it’s a great message, but the artist fails to make it a great song too. There’s certainly no shortage of pressing topics in this country to write about, but the most important lately of course has been the fight against racism and police brutality. Mickey Guyton has already delivered a great song on this topic and you can now add San Diego-based soul group Thee Sacred Souls with their new song “Give Us Justice.”

Set to a warm melody and lush harmonies, the song goes into great details of the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. Josh Lane, lead vocalist of the group and the writer of the song, ponders aloud how he could have easily been in their shoes and could have been murdered for the color of his skin. He also sends the reminder to all that peace will not happen until justice is served. It’s simple and straightforward, yet powerful and pierces right into the heart of this issue. It’s equally excellent in terms of song and message.

“Give Us Justice” is the type of song we need to hear right now. And I’ll admit I came across Thee Sacred Souls thanks to seeing a recommendation from Durand Jones & The Indications (another great band). I’m glad I saw the recommendation and I’m glad to know of such a fantastic band because this song clearly shows they’re a band that deserves your attention.

Grade: 10/10

(From the label Daptone Records: 100% of the proceeds of this song will go to promoting the freedoms, rights, and wellbeing of black people, spread across various organizations which they will continue to research over time, starting with The Movement for Black Lives)