GIF – Tyler Farr Losing His Mind

So the other night I finally got around to tinkering making gifs, as it’s something I’ve always wanted to dabble in. And the first one I had to try my hand at making a gif out of was the insane music video for Tyler Farr’s “Withdrawals.” There are a lot of ridiculous moments in the video, but the one above I felt captured the creepiness of the video perfectly. No wonder this song bombed at country radio. How can you not be creeped out by it? Farr looks like a damn psychopath. I guess this is what happens when Farr can’t throw beer cans at his ex-girlfriend’s window at night after she dumped him.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments and if you would be interested in seeing more gifs in the future.

Throwback Thursday – That Time Luke Bryan Drove His Truck Into a Pond

Remember last September when Luke Bryan tweeted this out? He drove his “big, black, jacked-up truck” into a pond. How do you drive your truck into a pond? By forgetting to put it in park (face palm). For a guy who sings about trucks in literally all of his songs, you would think he would know how to drive one.