The Hodgepodge: Open Thread Q&A


Due to being swamped with stuff this week, I didn’t have time to write an opener in the Hodgepodge. I had a topic in mind, but I needed to have more time to really flesh it out. So no opener this week. However since this is the case I thought it would be a good time to have an open thread Q&A in the comments. That means you can ask me any music related questions. Perhaps you want my thoughts on a certain artist or an upcoming release. Or you want to know my favorite country song from the 90s. Whatever you have on your mind throw it at me. I’ll take any questions about the site too. I promise next week I will have a normal opener. So be sure to ask me questions in the comments below!

Upcoming/Recent Country Music Releases

  • Gary Allan’s “Hangover Tonight” is now out and will impact radios on March 2. I’ll have my review on it sometime next week.
  • Drake White, a new country artist that is signed to Dot Records (along with Maddie & Tae), just released his debut single “It Feels Good.” It’s an interesting song and we’ll have a review on it soon too.
  • Gwen Sebastian just released a new single titled “Throw It Back.” I haven’t got a chance to really listen to this one yet. I think Sebastian has good potential and could be a solid female country artist on the radio for years to come.
  • Ashley Monroe’s “On To Something Good” is now available everywhere for purchase and streaming after being a Spotify exclusive for a couple of weeks. This is one of the more pop sounding offerings from Monroe. This will be reviewed soon too.

Throwback Thursday Song

Zac Brown Band – “Natural Disaster” – This is arguably the best song Zac Brown Band never released as a single. It’s catchy, it’s country and the instrumentation is fantastic. Many people don’t bother to check out the album cuts by Zac Brown Band, but that’s a big mistake. In fact when I see people complain about this band making too many beach songs, I laugh and ask them if they’ve ever bothered listening beyond their singles. Nine times out ten they say no. Anyway if you haven’t heard this song, give it a listen.

My Non-Country Song of the Week

Favored Nations – “The Setup” – This pop infused EDM song is fun and a great song for work outs. It’s also the conclusion song on Grand Theft Auto V‘s campaign. It’s how I found this song, along with several others. They do a great job with their radio station on their games. Their country music station plays Waylon, Cash and Haggard. Not a single bro-country song in site. Keep having an awesome taste in music, Rockstar Games!

Tweet of the Week

Some great Twitter advice.

An iTunes Review on Sturgill Simpson That Will Make You Face Palm

Dumb Sturgill Reviewer

This was left under Simpson’s latest album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. I got nothing to say except take a look at the bottom left hand corner of the review. That says it all.

That’s it for the Hodgepodge this week! Be sure to sound off in the comments!