Review – Hillary Scott & The Scott Family’s “Thy Will”

Hillary Scott Thy Will

One of the most popular acts of the mid to late 2000s was undoubtedly Lady Antebellum. They really blew up on everyone’s radars with their smash, crossover hit “Need You Now.” The group followed this up with a few more hits before the bro country era came around. Ever since then the only real hit the group achieved was “Bartender” and it heavily appealed to trends. Wisely, the group decided last year to go on hiatus for a while. A break was exactly what this group needed because clearly their brand of music didn’t fit current trends. Then it was announced Charles Kelley was forging a solo career and earlier this year released his solo debut album, which turned out to be an average album with a few nice songs. Now another member of Lady Antebellum is trying their hand at a solo career, lead singer Hillary Scott. The powerful front woman of Lady A has always been a good vocalist, but I’ve yet to hear a song since “Need You Now” that really showed off her strength. As a solo artist we should really get a chance to hear her at her best without the pressures of conforming to radio. Her new album will be Christian-based, showing off a side we really haven’t seen a lot from Scott. The lead single was just released and it’s titled “Thy Will.”

One thing that stands out right away about “Thy Will”: it’s much, much different from anything off of Lady Antebellum’s most recent album 747. The production isn’t overdone and the lyrics aren’t immature. It’s quite the opposite. The song is piano-based and serves as the main instrumentation throughout. Scott’s voice is clear as a bell and is allowed to be front and center. This is the Hillary Scott I’ve been waiting to hear. The song itself is about heartbreak, as Scott is clearly in pain from something that happened in her life. Scott hasn’t revealed what exactly she’s referring to and won’t answer what it is when asked. Scott turns to God in this time of pain, as she wonders why she’s feeling so much pain and worries about what is ahead in her life. Scott though realizes that she’s talking to God and that he has good plans in store and that she must be patient, as this heartbreak is all part of it. The song represents a significant spiritual moment for Scott, an epiphany for her pain. The production does a good job of bringing out the emotion of the song, as the song rises as the tone of the song lifts. In the beginning its somber, with only a lone piano. By the end it has reached bliss, represented by a soaring orchestra of instruments.

Overall “Thy Will” is a solid, coming to God song that fits Hillary Scott’s dynamic voice well. It gets back to the production of songs like “Need You Now” and “Love Don’t Live Here” that made Lady Antebellum so big and highlighted Scott’s big voice. The only complaint I have with this song is it can feel a little bit generic at times. It’s beautifully arranged, but can definitely feel too clean to some listeners and leave them wanting more “meat” to the song. Nevertheless this song has me interested in the album, as Scott exploring her spiritual and family side could make for some great music. Scott including her family on the album tells me how person this is to her, so I don’t expect any trend chasing. I doubt “Thy Will” gets big at country radio, but Christian-radio will definitely pick it up. If you’re a fan of Lady Antebellum or Christian-influenced music, I recommend checking this out. “Thy Will” is something you will enjoy.

Grade: 7/10