Review – Candi Carpenter’s “Burn The Bed”


Candi Carpenter is an artist I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz from my fellow country insiders and numerous readers of the blog. So I imagine this is a review many of you might have been anticipating. Carpenter has certainly taken an interesting path up to this point in her career. She started out at a young age touring the midwest with her family’s gospel band. Country legend Jack Greene eventually took her on as a protegé and duet partner, allowing her to write and tour with legends like Bill Anderson and Loretta Lynn. But then she hit a snag, having to fight her way out of a bad situation at a management company and then getting out of a poisonous marriage. After having to work numerous jobs she landed her ideal management deal and is now signed with Sony Music Nashville, releasing her first single late last year, “Burn The Bed.” And you’ll find right away that Carpenter’s bad marriage certainly had to be the fuel behind this song. It’s about a woman finding her husband in their bed with another woman. She immediately runs through every detail in her head of this situation she’s found, like wondering how long this has been happening and why he would do this to her. And it’s not a situation she wants to fix, but get rid of as the hook of the song says, “I don’t want to wash the sheets, I want to burn the bed.” The production and instrumentation is kept mostly parse, with the occasional fluttering steel guitar. This really allows the lyrics to be front and center, which is great. Carpenter makes a fantastic first impression with this song and I definitely want to hear more from her. It would be fortunate to hear a great song like this played regularly on country radio, but regardless Candi Carpenter is an artist you need to keep an eye on.

Grade: 8/10


Recommend? – Yes

Written by Candi Carpenter, Jerilyn Sawyer and Alden Witt