Top Ten Country Songs – June 2014

(Only songs released in the month of June are eligible)

Back in May I said it would be unlikely for June to top it. And to my surprise June end up being even better than May. What made June even better was the amount of variety that came out in country music, while May was good on the strength of two artists (Sturgill Simpson and Matt Woods). June is clearly the month of the ladies, as four different female artists had songs make the list. Also I want to point out a rule I failed to mention on the May post. An artist is limited to only three songs making the list, which allows for more variety and less monotony. So without further ado let’s breakdown Country Perspective’s Top Ten Country Songs of June 2014.

First Aid Kit’s new album Stay Gold was the top country album in June (and one of the best all year), so naturally a song from it takes the top spot along with three of the top five. “Cedar Lane” stood out as the best on Stay Gold and the month of June because I found it to be the most dynamic, complex and most put together song. Lee Ann Womack’s “The Way I’m Livin'” is a close second place and was the song I thought would be the runaway best song of June until I heard First Aid Kit. Womack though is still one of the few to get a 10/10 rating on Country Perspective. Third is First Aid Kit’s “Heaven Knows,” which is just an upbeat song you can’t stop listening to. Next is Rich O’Toole’s “I Thank God,” from his great new album Jaded. The raw emotion and passion by O’Toole is definitely felt here. Rounding out the top five is yet again First Aid Kit with “My Silver Lining.”

Sixth is Kacey Musgraves’ “The Trailer Song,” which is one of the funniest songs in 2014. Who hasn’t had a nosy neighbor or person in their life they just want to tell off? This is followed by two more O’Toole songs, “Uncle Hank” and “Jaded.” I’m afraid O’Toole’s new album is being overlooked, but it shouldn’t be because it’s one of the top ten country albums released in 2014. “Uncle Hank” is a fun drinking song and “Jaded” takes a good look at difficult breakups and relationships. Next is a song from the most shocking country album of 2014, Lucy Hale’s “My Little Black Wedding Dress” from Road Between. This was the best song from a surprisingly solid album. Rounding out Country Perspective’s Top Ten Country Songs of June 2014 is another song from Hale’s album, “Feels Like Home.”

There were a few songs that missed the cut that I enjoyed and I could have easily stretched this list to the top 15. June was a great month for country music. But I think July is going to be even better because there are four potentially great albums coming out in early July. You will be seeing reviews for all four quite soon. Feel free to weigh in on the comments and let me know if there were any other great songs that deserve mentioning.