Review – Cole Swindell’s “Let Me See Ya Girl” Is Just Awful

Cole Swindell Let Me See Ya Girl

Cole Swindell just won’t stop. I knew this Luke Bryan merchandise peddler was trouble the moment he arrived into country music with his stupid baseball cap and toothy grin. I remember vividly when I saw the cover for his debut album without a clue of who he was at that point and uttered to myself, “This guy is a Luke Bryan ripoff. I can feel it.” Lo and behold I nailed it. And this was well before I came up with the idea to start Country Perspective. Ever since then he has been swindling country music and radio with his terrible music. If you were to say he was the worst artist in country music in the last five years, I wouldn’t blame you. Swindell is the bottom of the barrel in musical talent. When I saw his next single was “Let Me See Ya Girl,” I rolled my eyes and knew exactly what it would sound like.

Once again I’m right. Then again it’s not too hard to predict Cole Swindell’s music because he’s utterly predictable. This song is straight up, 100% bro country garbage. The song starts off with some of the most generic electric guitar riffs I’ve ever heard. Car commercials have more interesting guitar play than this crap. Swindell begins to sing and sounds like he does in every song, except I’m pretty sure there’s some auto-tune involved this time. You could completely auto-tune Swindell’s voice and it still wouldn’t cover up the fact that he’s a black hole of charisma. Knock Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line all you want (I do), but at least they have some charisma in their vocal delivery. At least they sound like they give a shit about the…well shit coming out of their mouths. Swindell’s voice is about as exciting to listen to as it is to watch paint dry.

The lyrics are a complete train wreck, cliché and stuff we’ve already heard from Swindell before numerous times. Tailgate? Check. Hot girl shaking her ass? Check. Moonlight? Check. Parking on a dirt road? Check. Name drop a southern state? Check. But wait to stay hip to the new modern themes of metropolitan/Sam Hunt trash he makes sure to mention a dance floor and a club. Clubs are apparently the new fields/river banks. The theme of the song is Swindell trying to have sex with a girl in a truck on a dirt road. How original! I was shocked to find out Dallas Davidson had no part in writing this song. This seems to fit the Davidson catalog perfectly. That’s the only surprise of this song. The writers of the song are Swindell, Michael Carter and Jody Stevens. The majority of Carter’s work has been with Bryan and Swindell, but he also helped write Thomas Rhett’s “Get Me Some of That.” As for Stevens, read this article on how he produced Swindell’s “Chillin’ It.” These two are Dallas Davidson clones. Gross.

“Let Me See Ya Girl” is another boring and bland bro country song that the world didn’t need to hear. Swindell continues to be the most generic “country” singer I’ve ever heard. I’m so used to this terrible music that I can’t even get that angry anymore. I spend more time yawning and laughing. By the way the funniest part of the song is when Swindell utters in the bridge, “bring the beat back.” I can just picture Swindell wearing his baseball cap backwards and trying so hard to sound cool and sexy saying it. But Swindell can never be cool or sexy. He’s a merchandise peddler pretending to be a country artist. Avoid “Let Me See Ya Girl” at all costs. In fact avoid Swindell’s music at all costs.

Grade: 0/10