Review – RaeLynn’s “Love Triangle”


When it comes to RaeLynn and her music, I haven’t exactly been kind. It was for good reason though because the music was downright awful (and sexist in one case). I’ve probably been one of her harshest critics. But as I’ve said before I criticize because I care and I welcome any artist to turn it around and deliver something that will make me eat crow. I honestly never thought RaeLynn would do this though because I’ve been completely skeptical of her talent. Well she proves me wrong with “Love Triangle.” This was the song she should have always led off her career with because this song gives her credibility and shows an unseen side the world needed to see. It’s a reflective ballad based on RaeLynn’s own upbringing about being a child raised by divorced parents. She goes through the same old routine every week of splitting time between parents, going to the same old place and being caught up in all of the entanglements of her parents’ divorce. It’s a deeply personal song and RaeLynn does a great job of letting this shine through. In a world where divorce is common, I imagine many listeners will be able to connect with this song. The production is subdued and really lets the lyrics do the heavy lifting, which is the right call. Strong piano play and a little more steel guitar that shows up too briefly could have helped the song stand out even more though. RaeLynn is still a limited vocalist and a better vocalist would raise the final grade admittedly, but this is her best vocal performance yet. Overall RaeLynn shows and proves more with “Love Triangle” than she has proven and shown with every song she released before it. I gladly eat crow and praise RaeLynn for releasing such a mature single, which I hope is the sign of more better music to come from her.

Grade: 7/10

Recommend? – Yes

Written by RaeLynn, Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins