Review – Cole Swindell’s “Flatliner” (feat. Dierks Bentley)


I didn’t review Cole Swindell’s sophomore album You Should Be Here. If I had tried I probably would have fell asleep. The majority of the album was the most safe, banal and vanilla music I heard on an album in 2016. This isn’t necessarily bad, but might be worse than outright bad music because this is easily forgettable. Yet this was also still an improvement. The key word though is majority because Swindell’s new single is one of the exceptions, “Flatliner.” Of course the song opens with the obligatory sound of flatlining on an electrocardiogram, which sums up the pulse of many songs on the album. This gives way to obnoxiously loud, pop rock country production. It’s annoying, but for once Swindell’s song has a little energy. The song itself is about a woman who makes a man flatline from her exterior beauty, or tl;dr it’s another song about a hot girl according to a bro. Swindell delivers this painfully thin theme with the same old mediocre vocals. Of course this just isn’t enough, as Dierks Bentley joins in on the song. His own latest album Black wasn’t enough to help destroy his credibility apparently. No, he has to join Swindell in uttering lines such as “Dang girl, I’m done. I ain’t never seen no one, poppin’ it like a cold one, droppin’ down like oh oh.”At this line I’m done with this damn song. Congrats to Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley for releasing the first moronic bro song of 2017. What’s even worse about this song is the more you play the worse it gets. The combination of the sub par production, painfully shallow lyrics and the annoying vocal delivery from both Swindell and Bentley makes “Flatliner” a creatively dead song with very little merits about it.

Grade: 1/10

Recommend? – Hell No

Written by Cole Swindell, Jaron Boyer and Matt Bronleewe