Review – Wheeler Walker Jr.’s “Pussy King”


Every once in a while you get an artist who comes around and completely changes the game. The genre is never the same after their arrival. In 2016 country music got this artist and his name is Wheeler Walker Jr. His debut album Redneck Shit was one of the most memorable albums of the year, landing at #30 on our top albums of 2016 list. It was also one of the raunchiest, most debauchery-filled and most honest albums I’ve heard in recent memory in country music. Thanks to fellow Kentuckian Sturgill Simpson, Dave Cobb produced the debut and of course brought out the best in Wheeler. Now Walker is back with a new single “Pussy King,” the lead from his new upcoming album Ol’ Wheeler set for release on June 2. And as you can see from the title, Wheeler is singing about something he’s quite familiar with from his debut record. The song opens with Wheeler proclaiming, “Wheeler Walker Jr. motherfucker…I’m back.” The instrumentation is decidedly more blues influenced, with the prominent harmonica and rocking guitars. The song also has soulful backing vocals, that gives the song a more powerful sound than any of the songs on his debut record. The song itself is of course about Wheeler having sex with women all over the place in many different ways. There are multiple hilarious lines, including my favorite: “Catholic virgin who thinks anal doesn’t count.” Wheeler’s new single “Pussy King” sees Wheeler stick to this tried and true self, while also elevating his sound. Can’t wait to hear what the album has in-store.

Grade: 8/10


Recommend? – Yes (although not for the faint of heart and you probably shouldn’t listen to this at work without headphones)


Written by Wheeler Walker Jr.