Review – Lady Antebellum’s “You Look Good”


Lady Antebellum was one of the biggest acts in country music in the late 2000s, racking up multiple hits. But when they chose to go on hiatus in October 2015 radio had seemingly left them behind in favor of younger, more pop friendly acts. So it was a smart move of the group to take a break and really give people a chance to miss the trio. In 2016 both Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott released their own solo projects, each seeing a varying degree of success. Kelley earned a Grammy nomination for “The Driver” and Scott got a #1 hit on Christian radio for “Thy Will.” The trio is now reformed and my hope upon their return was that they took the great things about their solo projects and incorporated it into their new music. Their return single is “You Look Good” and man they did not go the way I was hoping. Instead this feels more like a continuation of the dreadful 747 era. I’m not sure where to begin with this mess. I guess with the obvious: the horns. There are a lot of horns incorporated into this song, which as I’ve said before I’m perfectly fine with horns in country songs. While it’s probably the best part of the song, they’re just sort of there and jammed into the blatant pop rock production when they could have incorporated in an interesting way. And for a song that seems to be striving for higher energy, it fails too. After a couple of listens you realize this song is almost just as lifeless as most songs at country radio right now. Then we get to the lyrics, which are just hilariously thin and vapid. I mean look at these chorus lines: And baby you look good all day, all night/You look good, so fresh, so fine/You look good, got everybody watching you like cameras in Hollywood/Baby you look good/Aw baby you look good. This also another country sex song that fails to create a sexy vibe with its lyrics and production. You would think the producer of this song busbee would know how to execute this coming from pop. Just listen to Bruno Mars’ latest album. I digress. But all in all I find “You Look Good’ to be a major disappointment and based off this I am not looking forward to their new album Heart Break.

Grade: 1/10


Recommend? – No Way!


Written by Hillary Lindsey, Ryan Hurd and busbee