Throwback Thursday – That Time Luke Bryan Drove His Truck Into a Pond

Remember last September when Luke Bryan tweeted this out? He drove his “big, black, jacked-up truck” into a pond. How do you drive your truck into a pond? By forgetting to put it in park (face palm). For a guy who sings about trucks in literally all of his songs, you would think he would know how to drive one.

Throwback Thursday – Alan Jackson Makes a Statement to the CMA

In 1999 George Jones was nominated for CMA Single of the Year for his new hit song, “Choices.” It was wildly popular and was considered a comeback for Jones, who had been pushed aside in favor of a new wave of artists. The CMA asked him to perform a shortened version of the song on the show, but he refused. This was months removed from when he was involved in a near-fatal car crash. I don’t blame him for feeling disrespected by this notion from the CMA.

Many were frustrated with the CMA making this request and keeping the legend away from the show, including Alan Jackson. Jackson decided to let his feelings be heard when he stopped halfway through his performance of “Pop a Top” and began playing “Choices.” The crowd gave a standing ovation. After the song, Jackson quietly walked off stage and out of the building. George Jones was brought to tears by Jackson’s decision as he watched the performance from home. It was one of the true badass moments in country music history.

RIP George Jones